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2014 NFL Mock Draft: Complete First Round


1. Houston Texans

Blake Bortles

Quarterback, UCF

I’m going to keep Bortles at this spot in my 2014 NFL Mock Draft. According to multiple reports, Bortles impressed in the interview portion of his evaluations – something that might seal the deal for the Houston front office.

2. St. Louis Rams (from Washington)

Greg Robinson

Tackle, Auburn

The Rams could take anyone with this pick, but Robinson appears to be the best pick here. Sam Bradford needs to stay upright; without offensive production, this team goes nowhere.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars

Teddy Bridgewater

Quarterback, Louisville

I’m going to shake things up here. I understand Bridgewater’s stock is “falling” (how…I don’t know), but he is the best pocket-passer in this class. It’s not the exciting pick, but it’s one that makes sense. I trust that Jacksonville will make the pick that will help their team win.

4. Cleveland Browns

Johnny Manziel

Quarterback, Texas A&M

I’m going to stick with my “three QBs in four picks” prediction and say that the Browns are thrilled with this pick. They need one of the “big three” and I find it hard to believe that this team passes on a potential franchise-changing difference-maker.

5. Oakland Raiders

Sammy Watkins

Wide Receiver, Clemson

They won’t draft Derek Carr here, and Robinson is already off the board. Watkins is a player that can turn this offensive attack around for good.

6. Atlanta Falcons

Jadeveon Clowney

Defensive Weapon, South Carolina

And the Falcons come running up to the podium…

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Jake Matthews

Tackle, Texas A&M

“Keep Mike Glennon healthy. Keep Doug Martin on his feet.”

That should be Tampa Bay’s offseason motto. Matthews is an incredible talent – don’t be surprised if he’s already off the board here. If he does fall, I don’t expect him to get past #7.

8. Minnesota Vikings

Derek Carr

Quarterback, Fresno State

I’ve made this pick from the beginning and I won’t back down. The Vikings need a quarterback. It’s just that simple. What are they going to do, draft a defensive tackle?

9. Buffalo Bills

Khalil Mack

Outside Linebacker, Buffalo

The perfect pick? Maybe not, but how can you pass up on a talent like this? Mack won’t fall outside of the top-10, and I expect the Bills to be the team that grabs him.

10. Detroit Lions

Justin Gilbert

CB, Oklahoma State

The Lions need major help on the defensive side of the ball, primarily in the secondary. I wouldn’t be shocked to see Detroit take multiple corners in the draft. Gilbert can come in and start right away.

11. Tennessee Titans

Mike Evans

Wide Receiver, Texas A&M

Evans at 11 is certainly an option that is often overlooked. Don’t be surprised if the team makes this pick in a month. The defense does need help, but it’s possible that Evans is a future pro-bowler. This offense can’t pass that up.

12. New York Giants

Eric Ebron

Tight End, North Carolina

The Giants need a tight end and Ebron is the man for the job. While some think drafting a tight end this early isn’t wise, Ebron’s tape doesn’t lie. He’ll be a player that makes highlight reel plays and starts right away. While there are plenty of options for the G-Men here, Ebron is the one that can translate to wins immediately.

13. St. Louis Rams

Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix

Safety, Alabama

Clinton-Dix is the perfect fit here; I would imagine you would find it hard to find a mock draft that doesn’t have his name here. The Rams desperately need help in the secondary and “Ha-Ha” is a versatile player that can make a difference right away.

14. Chicago Bears

Aaron Donald

Defensive Tackle, Pittsburgh

Donald had a fantastic senior season, putting his name on the map and at the top of many “Big Boards”. The Bears have already done a lot to bolster the defense, but drafting Donald would bring nice youth to this squad.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers

Anthony Barr

Linebacker, UCLA

If Barr falls here, the Steelers will have a hard time passing. The Pittsburgh defense needs to get back to old form. What better way to energize the defensive side of the ball than drafting a true impact player? Barr brings a lot to the table – he would fit well in the black and gold.

16. Dallas Cowboys

Taylor Lewan

Offensive Tackle, Michigan

If Lewan falls, why wouldn’t the Cowboys take him? The tackle spot is one that needs to be improved and Lewan has the potential to be a pro-bowler in a few seasons. He brings a hard-nosed mentality to an offense and despite the need on the defensive side of the ball, Lewan is a player who Dallas should and will target.

17. Baltimore Ravens

Darqueze Dennard

Cornerback, Michigan State

The Ravens could go anywhere with this pick, but I’m confident that if Dennard is available, he’ll be a finalist for this pick. Dennard will add depth to the secondary and help the pass defense immensely – an area where John Harbaugh’s team needs big help.

18. New York Jets

O’Dell Beckham Jr.

Wide Receiver, LSU

The more tape I watch on Beckham, the more I am confident that he’ll be a first-round pick. The truth is in the tape on both sides – Beckham can play and the Jets need a weapon for Geno Smith. A match made in Heaven?

19. Miami Dolphins

C.J Mosley

Linebacker, Alabama

I like what the Dolphins depth chart has right now, but one thing that would help this team is another playmaker in the linebacking corps. Offensive tackle and wide receiver are other areas of need, but passing on Mosley here would be extremely tough.

20. Arizona Cardinals

Zack Martin

Offensive Tackle, Notre Dame

Martin will not get past 20 if he falls. The Cardinals need help on the outside and Martin fills that void. He will be able to play guard at the next level, but many believe that Martin will have a sturdy future at tackle.

21. Green Bay Packers

Calvin Pryor

Safety, Louisville

The Packers won’t be able to even start the 2014 season with just the safeties they have on the depth chart currently. Pryor can start right away at any role needed. This is a win-win. Pryor gets a great home in Green Bay, the Packers get much needed pass-defense help.

22. Philadelphia Eagles

Marquise Lee

Wide Receiver, USC

Lee has the potential to be a big name at the next level, but concerns about staying healthy will drop him later in the first round. Sure, the Eagles could go with a defensive back here, but there’s plenty of depth there in this draft. Lee is a must-draft at 22.

23. Kansas City Chiefs

Kelvin Benjamin

Wide Receiver, Florida State

Alex Smith won’t succeed without weapons – having a 6’5″ play-maker like Benjamin would be an incredible value this late in the second round. Benjamin is someone who could reasonably be taken inside the top-20 and the Chiefs shouldn’t pass on the Florida State alum if he’s there.

24. Cincinnati Bengals

Kony Ealy

Defensive End, Missouri

Another great value selection here… Why wouldn’t the Bengals make this pick? There are other premier players on the board, but value+need here = the perfect pick.

25. San Diego Chargers

Timmy Jernigan

Defensive Tackle, Florida State

This pick shouldn’t need much explanation. While Jernigan falling to 25 might not happen come draft day, the Chargers have to capitalize upon this opportunity if it comes up. Defensive tackle is a huge area of need and Jernigan is one of this classes elite prospects.

26. Cleveland Browns (from Indianapolis)

Xavier Su’a-Filo

Guard, UCLA

The Browns have a massive amount of picks this year, so this pick just makes sense. Guard isn’t a deep position while wide receiver and defensive prospects are everywhere in this class. The Browns will need to protect their new weapons in 2014. Su’a-Filo does just that.

27. New Orleans Saints

Dee Ford

Defensive End, Auburn

Ford had a big 2013 campaign and earned a spot in the first round with his dominant play. New Orleans is a team that could go anywhere, but they can grab a potential 10+ sack guy in Ford here.

28. Carolina Panthers

Morgan Moses

Tackle, Virginia

Every year somebody sneaks into the first round…This season, don’t be shocked if that guy is Moses. I understand that the Panthers need wide-outs, but have you seen the depth chart? Cam Newton needs to stay on his feet, folks.

29. New England Patriots

Louis Nix

Defensive Tackle, Notre Dame

I have said it before, I will say it again: Vince Wilfork 2.0. It really is that simple.

30. San Francisco 49ers

Brandin Cooks

Wide Receiver, Oregon State

Find me a reason why this doesn’t make sense. Okay, there might be a few, but Cooks in San Francisco would be a another 2014 match made in Heaven. Cooks has the ability to break every game open, and the 49ers need that threat. Colin Kaepernick will love this one.

31. Denver Broncos

Jimmy Garoppolo

Quarterback, Eastern Illinois

Surprise! Just check the comments section for the explanation of this pick. I’m sure I’ll get more than my fair share of hate.

32. Seattle Seahawks

Jarvis Landry

Wide Receiver, LSU

Despite his poor pro day, I think Landry will go very high in this draft. The Seahawks can use some more options for Russell Wilson – don’t be surprised if they double up at receiver this year.

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  • yes sir

    U out your mind if u think Denver pick a quarterback in the first round and you still got
    fuller and verett and Borland on the board in your mock draft lmao you lost it lmao

    • doubled1369

      Payton can’t play forever….. why not draft the heir apparent now? Give him a chance to learn from one of the best.

    • Joe Wedra

      I don’t think taking a QB should be out of the question. Peyton won’t be around for much longer. With the skills that Garoppolo has, I’d love to see him work under Peyton for a few seasons.

  • Allison Bell

    Benjamin?….NOOOO kc better not.

    • Joe Wedra

      Not a fan? WR is a huge area of need and Benjamin proved that he can play last season, in my mind.
      Where do you think the Chiefs should go?

      • Allison Bell

        Cooks or trade down for more picks and pick up defensive line or offensive line.

        • Joe Wedra

          Cooks is definitely an option. He’s a heck of a talent! Thanks for reading and for the comments!

  • CRUZdaddy

    And the raiders take Watkins over clowney/Mack why??? Please respond my article writer? We have four pretty good WR ALREADY, yeah there not Megatron or dez Bryant but why would we pass up on elite Dline players for a WR .. I GET that Watkins’s can be great but so can Allen Robinson, odell beckham jr,Jordan Mathews, Cody latimore, kelvin Benjamin, and my dark horse randy moss type of physic martavious Bryant who’s been over shadowed by his team mate. No one else in this draft runs a 4.3 40 and stands 6’4 215 .. So if I were gm it’d be wise to take clowney/ mack regardless with first pick if Watkins is available at 5 then let the jets and or lions fight us raiders to give us much needed picks! If the lions win the war then Evans/Barr with there pick . if jets win the war then best DT available or OT or go with Odell Beckham Jr who is just as good as Watkins but played on a run first team.. Its just logistics right. One WR will not make us better when we have a pretty good receiving group as it stands. #OneNation

    • Joe Wedra

      I think Todd McShay put it best when he said that the Raiders just can’t pass on Watkins.
      He is clearly the best WR in the draft. Mack/Clowney are good, but Oakland has already upgraded their front-7 this off-season in a major way. Watkins is just too good to pass. Moore, Streater, Holmes, James Jones… they don’t cut it for any QB. Watkins has to be the pick here.

      • CRUZdaddy

        But how sure are you that he’s going to be great.. Teams will double team him if he’s “great” they couldn’t do that in Clemson with Bryant on the other side.. I have no problem if raiders draft Watkins but the hype is to big for the man that had baby randy dandy on the other side. I’d take Evans ahead of Watkins any day.. Big powerful and elite hands and range.. You can’t fix height. And ran a 4.5 which is about as fast as Any corner out there and no one I repeat NO ONE can out jump Evans including Sherman himself. And that’s a fact sir.

        • Joe Wedra

          Well, that’s a debate for a different day. They won’t take Evans at 5, but with the major improvements to the front-7 in free agency, it only makes sense that they address this big need with a player of Watkins’ ability.

          • Julio Echeverria

            Joe, these are the same experts that are saying that the players we acquired in FA are old, over the hill, nothing left, so why not draft the most dominant defensive player in the draft to learn from proven winners who can be dropped after 1 year with no penalty? All we keep hearing is how we got older not younger in a division that features Manning. Well the Seahawks showed us how to beat Manning. And it wasn’t trying to outscore them.
            Not an attack buddy, but try and analyze each team individually without taking Todd McShays or any other talking head’s opinion. You’re too young to know, but ESPN and the NFL in particular are filled with “journalists” that hate the Raiders. Look at jaws, he still can’t get over the fact he lost ot the Raiders. I’m not even going to touch on what Al Davis did to the league. In short, when it came to the Raiders, you’re regurgitating what others are saying. Come see us (blogs and such), you’ll get a better understanding of what we need.
            Keep it up though. Cheers.

          • CRUZdaddy

            And its starts with a dominant defensive player.clowney , Mack or Anthony Barr across from sio Moore I can see it now

  • Jon feigenbaum

    If CJ Mosely is still on the board at 14 can the Bears really “pass” on him? He may be the best all around athlete on the board on “D”, and certainly is an impact player. His athletisisim

  • Viking Fan

    I like Derek Carr as a future Viking but only if we trade back up. I would go Kahlil Mack 100℅ if he is still available which he is.