Oct 26, 2013; College Park, MD, USA; Clemson Tigers wide receiver Sammy Watkins (2) tackled following his catch by Maryland Terrapins defensive back William Likely (4) at Byrd Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Are the St. Louis Rams Gunning For Sammy Watkins?


Sam Bradford is set to return for the St. Louis Rams, hopefully with more weapons waiting for him.  Could Sammy Watkins be one them?

Kenny Britt signing grants Jeff Fisher the big target need for Rams

St. Louis entered the 2014 off-season with clear objectives in mind.  Among the most pressing was upgrading their offensive firepower, particularly in the passing game.  If head coach Jeff Fisher was ever going to get a definitive answer on the Sam Bradford question, then he has to make sure the Rams offense was heavy on talent.  A key position they wanted to fill was a big wide receiver, one of those types who can go up and get the football in contested situations from defenders.  Initially rumors persisted they might be in play for 6’5″ Texas A&M star Mike Evans in the draft.  That theory took a sizable hit when the team came to terms with former Titans receiver Kenny Britt.  Despite his falling out with his old team the 6’3″ 25-year old from Rutgers has flashed obvious talent through a troubled early career.  By reuniting with the coach who drafted him in Fisher, the hope is that Britt can realize the potential that made him so enticing in the first place.

Watkins and Tavon Austin would dazzle defenses with their speed

With him adding the size element for the St. Louis Rams offense, they really only have one slot left to fill before they’re ready to take on the 2014 season.  Britt certainly has his advantages but in reality he’s not a go-to receiver, at least not yet.  Go-to receivers are the guys who can make big catches regardless of the situation, whether it’s 1st and 10 following the opening kickoff for 4th and goal with 13 seconds left in the game.  They are the guys the quarterback always looks to first, the players who make the big catches when the chips are down.  That is why it is hard not to see the Rams have serious interest in Sammy Watkins now.  The Clemson star is easily the best receiver in this draft class.  Everything about his game from the vision to the agility, toughness and hands are all in place.  However what separates him from the field is his combination of size (6’1″) and speed.  One can imagine what it would be like for the Rams if they put Watkins on the outside with Tavon Austin in the slot.  Throw Britt and his big body on the other end and suddenly Sam Bradford has a host of talented weapons for defenses to struggle with.

Part of building a successful offense is the willingness to do it in stages.  The first step might be complete for the St. Louis Rams by adding Kenny Britt.  If the course holds true, Sammy Watkins could be next.

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  • UhhDuhh

    The only thing I can see out of this pickup is Fisher and Snead are trying to light a fire under Quick, Givens and Pettis to improve significantly.

    • Erik Lambert

      Well until those three show they can be a go-to receiver, they are nothing more than good-but-not-great options. In that division, you need difference-makers. Watkins would be a difference-maker.

      • Gary Stewart

        erik i love watkins too, but i want the ball when we dont have it i want mack for defense and if we do get the ball robinson to help us run it. if i was the gm and could not trade down i would take clowney or mack at #2 they cant both be gone and dix or gilbert at 13 then look to the offensive side of the ball in rounds 2-5 and secondary in 5-7. if we are able to trade down and it is with atl they wont take a qb but i dont think they trade up to #2 unless clowney is still there.
        so that means the texans took a qb and at 6 you have 1 of 5 elite position players left watkins mack robinson matthews or barr and any will be fine with me knowing we got extra picks for the trade down

        • UhhDuhh

          On the flipside, I want to score when we have the ball. The Rams were 30th in total offense last year.

          • Gary Stewart

            uhh duhh i get your point , but we were not as inept before bradford went down and the defense was poor early and as a result the team played from behind i would love to see the rams in the lead and williams sending the gang after the qb.

          • UhhDuhh

            True. Bradford was actually doing well against the Carolina D before he went down. I hope we can get drives long enough to at least get field goals. 5 FG’s = two touchdowns. Yeah, and I remember how the Saints D pummeled Warner and Favre when Williams was at the helm their SB year. The DB’s will have to be solid for the front seven to be aggressive but I’m sure Williams will get every ounce he can out of them.

          • Gary Stewart

            i am leaning towards khalil mack, then haha dix, a corner in round 2 then we will average about 5 points a game on defense that also helps the offense!! then let the rams offense have the next 9 picks and ill still be happy GO RAMS!!

          • UhhDuhh

            If they opt to not take Watkins and Houston goes QB, I would have no problem with Clowney or trade down with Atlanta and get Mack/Dennard and Dix. Not a fan of Evans- we already have Cook and they run the same. If they decide defense is priority, then they have to make sure they build to the level of the ’85 Bears, ’00 Ravens, ’02 Bucs or ’13 Seahawks D where the offense doesn’t have to do much.

      • UhhDuhh

        I agree Watkins would be a difference maker so I don’t see why they signed Britt other than to get the aforementioned to study harder. According to Jim Thomas of the Post-Dispatch, Ram higher ups mentioned at the owners’ meetings that they were not looking to pick a WR high but that could all be smoke-screening.