Dec 22, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub (8) is sacked during the third quarter by Denver Broncos outside linebacker Danny Trevathan (59) at Reliant Stadium. The Broncos defeated the Texans 37-13. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Are the Oakland Raiders Repeating the Matt Flynn Mistake?

Fans have heard this story before.  The Oakland Raiders trade a late draft pick for a starting quarterback.  Is this Matt Flynn all over again?

Matt Schaub history with Houston Texans are the Raiders’ gamble

Bad memories still linger for Oakland fans regarding the Flynn blunder.  A year ago the team shipped a fifth round pick to Seattle for the former backup who played well in spots for Green Bay.  Injuries and inconsistency marked his time there and just six months later he was cut and back with the Packers.  Ironically he helped them reach the playoffs while the Raiders were left without a draft pick or a starting quarterback.  Fast forward to 2014 and the same script is playing out.  Oakland has shipped a sixth round pick to the Houston Texans for the rights to quarterback Matt Schaub.  Even the first name is the same.  After the horrific season he endured a year ago in which he threw 10 touchdowns and 14 interceptions including a rash of pick-sixes it’s fair to wonder exactly what the Raiders are thinking.  The answer is simple.  The team is banking on the 32-year old rebounding from that campaign and re-discovering the form that made him a two-time Pro Bowler with the Texans.  After all, Schaub has thrown for over 4,000 yards three times in his career.  Proof is there that he can elevate his game enough to help his team win.

Reggie McKenzie and Dennis Allen trying to win in 2014

The question at hand is whether the Oakland Raiders have the coaches and the talent to help him.  Schaub wasn’t exactly working with little in Houston.  He had some outstanding players on offense and a proven head coach in Gary Kubiak yet he still crashed and burned.  Does GM Reggie McKenzie trust the defensive-minded Dennis Allen can get the most out of Schaub?  The real source of the gamble seems to rest on the knowledge of offensive-coordinator Greg Olson.  In many ways Schaub represents his preferred type of quarterback:  big and mobile with a decent arm who can see the field.  Olson has had success in the past with players like Marc Bulger and Josh Freeman but the key to this move is in the clear message it sends.  By betting on a veteran quarterback and not showing the tell of taking a promising rookie in the first round, it’s obvious that McKenzie and Allen can’t afford to wait on developing a youngster.  Their jobs are on the line after two-straight 4-12 seasons.  A veteran gives them the best likelihood of competing in the division and making the playoffs for the first time since 2002.

Whether the Oakland Raiders made the right call on Matt Schaub and didn’t just acquire another Matt Flynn remains to be seen.

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  • AF AF AF

    Flynn was a one hit wonder! Schuab has taken his team places. One bad year is perfectly fine, as long as he bouces back!

    • Scott N Liz Barnes

      I have a feeling he will suck. I think mark Sanchez would be a better pick

      • AF AF AF

        Sanchez as a qb is bad. His defence carried him the first two years. The defence let him be on the field, gave him great field position, sometimes even have him a lead. When the defence lost, he lost. When they dismantles the defence he started to show his true colors. He started to lose more and more games til he waa rhe butt of every joke! (No pun intended). Schuab atleast carried and wom games for them. Till last year he had great season and went 12-4 i think the previous year!

    • Erik Lambert

      He’s capable of it, but the question is have the Raiders put enough in place to ensure that happens? I imagine what they do in the draft will tell that story.

  • Carl Elftman

    Flynn was a backup quarterback and Schaub has been a starter. He can give the Raiders some time to develop another quarterback. For now it looks like a good trade.
    Does anyone remember who the Seahawks drafted with the sixth round andis he still playing?

    • Erik Lambert

      I’ve since made a correction. It was actually a fifth round pick for this year. So that trade has yet to play out.

  • Kevin Lurker

    What are the Raiders thinking? What is Erik thinking?
    Nothing positive here so it’s just a doom & gloom article.All scary & bad.
    Who would you have taken and why so?
    Schaub has more proven skills and experience. He was affordable for the organization and will allow them flexibility @#5 pick. He’s not being asked to save the franchise.

    • Don

      They haters!

    • Erik Lambert

      Me? I would’ve taken Schaub…after the Texans cut him. I believe if the Raiders had stayed patient they could’ve saved that pick and used the sizeable amount of cap space they still have left to get him in free agency. My issue with this move isn’t the player, it’s what they gave up for him. Considering where this team is at, they need ever pick they possibly can get their hands on.

      • Kevin Lurker

        Good point. Ultimately they got who they wanted by making sure.

        • Erik Lambert

          I get it. I just think they paid too much.

      • mccall316

        Schaub might have gotten a better deal from the Browns if he were cut. Also if you gamble on not trading from him and wait until June 1st, and don’t take a QB with the 5th pick, then what do you have for a QB? Mcgloin, Pryor, Edwards and probably a late round pick like Murray or Mettenberg. I don’t see the harm in grabbing Schaub now instead of taking the risk. Also say he struggles and Mcgloin outplays him later in the year. Well after the season you cut Schaub and there are very little repercussions when it comes to the cap. How often does a 6th round pick make the team? This is another move for the Raiders to win now yet build for the future. I would like to think Schaub can help MM and mentor him and whomever they may draft. Also this makes Pryor expendable if they can find a trade partner to get another late round. Reggie doesn’t have a 4th and 6th now so look for several moves to gain picks in later rounds.

        • Erik Lambert

          I think they would’ve had a legit shot at Jimmy Garoppolo, whom I see as first round material but I understand your point and why they did it. Merely saying if it were me, I would’ve waited and taken my chances.

    • Demarkus Tramail Swan


  • Travis Myers


  • James Holtslander

    There are no similarities aside from their names. I feel this is more like the Palmer deal than the Flynn catastrophe.
    It worries me a little but of the available free agents , this was who I would have picked. Tough as nails QB , accomplished , and in need of a fresh start. Though , if Johnny football is available at 5 and we pass, And then goes on to have a HOF career while we are searching for a starting QB again in two years………… I will be finding another team to follow.

    • Erik Lambert

      You’re point is valid but remember Palmer experienced his renaissance under a highly respected offensive coach in Bruce Arians. It’s the Dennis Allen show in Oakland. He’s a defensive guy. Schaub regressed in Houston despite having an offense I consider more talented than the one Oakland currently has.

      • Travis Myers

        Renaissance? 24 tds, 22 ints, 83.9 rating. Shakespearean!

        • Erik Lambert

          Sacked 41 times. No running game. Threw for over 4,000 yards and won ten games anyway. Yes, Renaissance.

        • Pridenpoise


  • J K

    Maybe the Raiders are still going to grab a QB with the #5 pick?
    That would be a cool move if we could still grab a stand out WR.

  • John Thomas Hurdle II

    I do know they have to win now. So bringing in Vets to win and have rookies learn is the best way to give them training. So I like what they are doing. Schaub will be much different than Flynn, he knows a lot more defenses than Flynn. Flynn was comfortable with GB offense. Matt is smart and that one bad year last year. This guy has the record in college for longest streak without an interception. Also people forget All QB’s have a off year. with all we added I think we might get back to 8-8. Cause of the lack of coaching. We need toughness AKA(HEART). The coaches can’t do it so they bring in Vets to lead. Allen will be next to go. Herm Edwards should be next coach. He is like Pete Carroll.

  • Don

    Friday on 95.7 The Game said the Raiders made a mistake for not picking up Mike Vick and that he was the best Free Agent available. The same guy that got fires as a HC twice. That’s why his an analyst.

  • Crusader10

    This is a little different. First off, it is a low draft pick so it is worth the gamble. Second, Schaub at least has a history.