Sep 22, 2013; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Cleveland Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer (6) throws during the second quarter against the Minnesota Vikings at Mall of America Field at H.H.H. Metrodome. Mandatory Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Can the Cleveland Browns Trust Brian Hoyer?

Brian Hoyer was an inspirational lift to the Cleveland Browns when they needed it most.  However, have recent franchise changes altered that magic he had?

Matt Schaub news marks first hurdle cleared for Hoyer

For a three-game period in 2013 it looked like things were starting to come together for Cleveland.  Thanks to an unlikely journeyman quarterback who was a former understudy of Tom Brady, the Browns won three-straight games and were contenders in the AFC North.  Then Brian Hoyer tore his ACL, abruptly ending his season and sending Cleveland into a tailspin.  It makes perfect sense that a number of fans are more than willing to give Hoyer another chance in 2014 given the success he had.  It also looks like that thought could be coming true what with Matt Schaub on his way to Oakland from the Texans via trade.  At present Hoyer is the only viable quarterback on the roster.  Naturally the Cleveland Browns still have the NFL draft to find their next starter but many remain convinced Hoyer will get the first crack.  He’s 28-years old, should heal nicely from the knee injury and knows the personnel of the offense and how to use them.  Give him better protection and a running game and he’ll do great, right?  If only it were that simple.

No Rob Chudzinski or Norv Turner creates different formula

Having good players in place for a quarterback is only part of the puzzle.  One key to the success Hoyer had with the Cleveland Browns in 2013 must lay at the feet of former head coach Rob Chudzinski and offensive coordinator Norv Turner.  Both came in as respected offensive minds noted for their ability to maximize the effectiveness of quarterbacks.  Chudzinski turned Cam Newton into Rookie of the Year and a Pro Bowler.  Turner guided Troy Aikman down a path to the Hall of Fame and then elevated Philip Rivers into a top tier passer.  That kind of coaching presence no longer exists for the Browns.  It is the Mike Pettine show in Cleveland now.  He is a noted defensive specialist.  Offensive coordinator belongs to Kyle Shanahan who has had success elsewhere but much of it came under the careful watch of his father, Mike Shanahan.  Can Hoyer be expected to have the same success he did a year ago coming off a torn ACL and not have nearly as much offensive coaching experience guiding his every step like Chudzinski and Turner did?

There is no question Brian Hoyer can find the sweet spot that made him a folk hero for the Cleveland Browns.  Still, the odds are a little further against him going into 2014.

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  • Andrew Matlack

    The guys seems to work his butt off. I feel they can trust him to give them everything he has got. Is that going to be enough? I don’t know. Hope so.

    • Erik Lambert

      Can’t deny his work ethic. Question is will a shift in systems help or hinder his progress.

  • Michael

    Hoyer was not a product of Chud and friends, his success was a product his time in New England. If Chud and Turner were so good why did everyone in the stadium know where Weeden was throwing towards (towards not to!).

    • Erik Lambert

      That is on Weeden, not them. They can’t control where he throws the ball every game. There are only so many time you can tell a guy to go through his progressions but he’ll still look for the same target.

  • Mike Kirkner

    Too many people are making Hoyer the savior, but if he was so good why did it take this long for him to be discovered? I like Brian but he is being set up to fail & I do believe the combination of Chud & Norm played a part as well as what he learned in New England but to totally dismiss Chud & Norms impact is a mistake.

    • John Duquette

      A guy named Tom Brady!!!

      • Erik Lambert

        Brady showed him how to carry himself and work, for sure. That doesn’t mean Hoyer has the same mind or skill set. You can’t dismiss the effect the coaches have. Look at Alex Smith and the difference between his years under Mike Nolan/Mike Singletary and Jim Harbaugh/Andy Reid. It makes a huge difference.

  • Gary

    Why wouldn’t you trust Hoyer?
    He showed that he could play and win last season. If the Browns offensive line can protect him, he will do just fine. Two things will make him successful again. A good offensive line, and receivers catching the ball.
    This will be the same no matter who the quarterback is. A quarterback won’t do it on his own. I don’t care who he is.

    • John Duquette

      Gary you certainly covered all the points and did it Well

      • Gary

        Thanks, John.
        Tired of reading about people writing the guy off and we haven’t got to see him play since last season. Instead you have the “rumors” about the Browns wanting Schaub or Grossman. Hoyer earned his chance to start next season. Yes, the Browns will sign another veteran for back up. But, I really don’t think it will be Schaub or Grossman.