Feb 21, 2014; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Texas A&M Aggies quarterback Johnny Manziel speaks to the media in a press conference during the 2014 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

2014 NFL Mock Draft: Community Style

Most mock drafts are conducted by a singular person.  NFL Mocks wanted to change that by making their next 2014 NFL mock draft a collective effort.  The following set of first round selections was played out in a live atmosphere in which a group of five staff writers acted as general managers, picking and trading for their assigned teams as if it were for real.  The picks will be displayed below and explained by each writer as to why they made them.  Hope you enjoy!


Participants:  Erik Lambert, Sayre Bedinger, Joe Wedra, Geoff Zlobinsky and MacKenzie Pantoja

Time limit:  3 minutes

Communication:  Facebook

Trades:  Can be discussed at any time.  Players and future picks are fair game.

Picks:  Once a pick is in, it cannot be withdrawn


1. Houston Texans: Johnny Manziel, QB, Texas A&M

Sayre Says:  We felt that Manziel has the highest value of any QB in the draft, and at our highest position of need, that was too great a need to pass on. We didn’t expect to be in this situation, but football wise and business wise, this is a great move for us. Manziel is a playmaker and adds a dynamic to our offense that can help us back to the playoffs in 2014.

2. Atlanta Falcons (f/STL): Jadeveon Clowney, DE, South Carolina

Trade:  6th pick, 2nd in ’14 and 4th in ’15 to Rams/3rd rounder to Falcons

Sayre Says:  In order to make this selection, we struck a deal with the Rams that we absolutely felt we had to make. Clowney is the highest rated player on our board, and when we found out the Texans weren’t taking him, it was an easy move. His athletic ability, explosiveness, and potential warranted the number one spot on our board and probably others, but he fits a huge area of need for us and can help us get back to championship form.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars: Khalil Mack, LB, Buffalo

Geoff Says: Mack is regarded by some as the top prospect in the NFL Draft, including NFL Network’s, Mike Mayock. Unlike Jadeveon Clowney, Mack’s personality has never come into question, making his selection a much safer option. While the Jaguars have a hole at quarterback, the Mack was clearly the better prospect and a much safer selection, which is what a rebuilding team is looking for. The Jaguars can/will look to fill their hole at quarterback in the coming rounds.

4. Minnesota Vikings (f/CLE): Teddy Bridgewater, QB, Louisville

Trade:  8th pick, 3rd in ’14 and 6th in ’15 to Browns

Geoff Says: It’s no secret, the Vikings needed a quarterback badly. Adrian Peterson is, arguably, the best back in football, but when a team doesn’t respect your ability to put the ball behind them when they stack the box, Adrian Peterson’s impact is greatly affected. Bridgewater gives the Vikings a quarterback that they can develop, along with players like Cordarrelle Patterson and Kyle Rudolph,  and will allow them to compete in a tough NFC North from Day 1.

5. Oakland Raiders: Blake Bortles, QB, UCF

Joe Says:  I was thrilled when I found that Blake Bortles was going to be available when I selected. The Raiders could have used Sammy Watkins–a pick that I thought I was going to have to make. With all the talent that will be available in later rounds at receiver, I had to take my franchise QB when I could. This was an easy pick.

6. St. Louis Rams (f/ATL): Greg Robinson, OT, Auburn

MacKenzie Says:  The Rams needed an offensive tackle with Jake Long’s injury. Frankly, I would have taken Robinson even if I hadn’t traded down, and to get the player we wanted with additional draft picks is nice. I probably should have tried to get more for the pick, but I am happy for Robinson. I call Robinson “the Bear of Jordan Hare” because of his bear-like frame and monstrous physical skill set. The potential is unbelievable, physically he’s the second coming of Jason Peters

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Sammy Watkins, WR, Clemson

MacKenzie Says:  Do I need to explain why I picked Sammy Watkins at 7? Mike Williams basically died last year and I’d love to see Watkins next to Vincent Jackson. Never really had to hesitate here.

8. Cleveland Browns (f/MIN): Derek Carr, QB, Fresno State

Erik says:  When the Cleveland Browns were rumored to have interest in Derek Carr, I didn’t pay much notice because I figured it was a smokescreen.  What really caught my attention was when that rumor spread to the Raiders as well.  I started to understand that Carr might actually be a legit target.  So to be able to move back four spaces, get a 3rd round pick and a 6th in 2015 and still get the quarterback they want is a job well done.  The fact is Carr has a lot of doubters since he’s not experienced in a pro-style offense and has a rather thin frame.  I see a kid who has probably the best arm in the draft, showed he’s accurate at the Senior Bowl and demonstrated explosiveness in his lower body at the scouting combine.  The kid, physically, is the real deal.  It’s a question of whether Cleveland puts him on the field before he’s ready.

9. Buffalo Bills: Jake Matthews, OT, Texas A&M

Erik says:  This really was a no brainer for the Buffalo Bills.  They had one of the worst offensive lines in the league last season, giving up 48 sacks.  E.J. Manuel can’t realize his full potential until that number is brought down significantly.  Jake Matthews rates as the best pass protecting tackle in this draft.  He is polished, experienced, strong, versatile and still has room to get even better.  The best part is he has the athleticism to play on the left or right sides.  Since Cordy Glenn played well enough to keep his job on the left side, Matthews could step right in on the opposite end and suddenly Manuel has two bookend tackles under the age of 25.  That is how great offenses of the future are built.

10. Cincinnati Bengals (f/DET): Taylor Lewan, OT, Michigan

 Trade:  24th pick, 2nd in ’14 and 3rd in ’15 to Lions

MacKenzie Says:  Honestly, I was indifferent to the idea of trading up, but the Lions were fairly desperate to move down. The 24th pick, the 55th pick, and a 3rd rounder in 2015 for the 10th pick? I’d make that trade any day of the week. I considered going cornerback, but I still have faith in Dre’ Kirkpatrick, and I saw Lewan sitting there, and I couldn’t say no. First of all, as to what I think of Lewan, he reminds me of Nate Solder. Solder has been very good thus far for the Patriots, and, at pick 10, it’s impossible to deny he’s good value. In some ways, left tackle isn’t a need for the Bengals, because Andrew Whitworth still played surprisingly well for the Bengals last year. But, when it comes to 335lbs tackles who have played plenty of guards and will turn 33 next season, the move to guard isn’t a question of if, but when. Make this pick, you’ve got Lewan at LT, Whitworth at LG, Kevin Zeitler at RG, Andre Smith at RT, and Kyle Cook being the one below average (but not terrible) starter at center. That’s an amazing offensive line.

11. Pittsburgh Steelers (f/TEN): Zack Martin, OT, Notre Dame

Trade:  15th pick, 3rd in ’15 and 6th in ’14 rounders to Titans

Joe Says:  With Pittsburgh, I traded up. Tackles were flying off the board and it made no sense to let a few more teams take the guys the Steelers need. We went with Zach Martin from Notre Dame, thinking that he can play all over and contribute right away.

12. New York Giants: Eric Ebron, TE, North Carolina

Geoff Says: Since the Jeremy Shockey days in New York, the Giants have been looking to secure a top tight end to play in their offense. Two years ago it was Martellus Bennett, last year it was Brandon Meyers. Ebron is the best tight end in the NFL draft, and he has nice size for the position, which coupled with his natural play making ability, makes him a very nice weapon for Eli Manning down the middle of the field.

13. St. Louis Rams: Mike Evans, WR, Texas A&M

MacKenzie Says:  I love Mike Evans. Honestly, I like him more than Watkins from what I’ve seen thus far. But that is because, by sheer coincidence, I’ve only seen Evans at his best. I’ve seen him against Alabama, Auburn, LSU in 2012, LTU in 2012, and Oklahoma in the 2013 Cotton Bowl. For the sake of balance, I’m not ready to write a scouting report on him until I know exactly what happened in his less outstanding games, like Missouri, but there’s not much he can do that would make me think he’s not worthy of this pick. I’m a sucker for a 6’5 hands catcher, and this guy would be an awesome fit next to Tavon Austin.

14. Green Bay Packers (f/CHI): Anthony Barr, LB, UCLA

 Trade:  21st pick, 3rd and 4th in ’14 and 7th in ’15 to Bears

MacKenzie Says:  I couldn’t believe Anthony Barr fell. Just stunned. I had no intention of trading up as the Packers coming into the draft. And honestly, I may have overpaid. The 21st pick, a 3rd rounder, a 4th rounder, and a 7th rounder next year for the 14th pick? Maybe a little too much. But if you think it’s too much, you’re looking at it the wrong way. I didn’t trade the 21st pick, a 3rd rounder, a 4th rounder, and a 2015 7th rounder for the 14th pick. I traded those picks for Anthony Barr. And for Anthony Barr, I didn’t overpay.

15. Tennessee Titans (f/PIT): Justin Gilbert, CB, Oklahoma State

Sayre Says:  Athletically, Gilbert is as impressive as they come. His physical skills and ability to contribute on special teams as a return man intrigued us and we feel like he can start as a rookie. He fills a void if Alterraun Verner leaves, and further satisfies a need for secondary depth if he stays.

16. Dallas Cowboys: Aaron Donald, DT, Pittsburgh

Sayre Says:  Donald was one of the highest rated defenders on our board, and we’re thrilled to get him here. He is smaller for a DT but packs a punch, and is a phenomenal athlete. We feel like he instantly upgrades our interior pass rush and defensive playmaking ability.

17. Baltimore Ravens: C.J. Mosley, LB, Alabama

Joe Says:  C.J Mosley was the easy selection here. The Ravens need help in the middle of the defense, and Mosley is from Alabama, a school GM Ozzie Newsome loves to look at when scouting players. Mosley will compete for a starting job in 2014.

18. New York Jets: Jason Verrett, CB, TCU

MacKenzie Says:  As soon as C.J. Mosley was picked, I tried to trade down. Couldn’t find anyone. I’m not a huge Marqise Lee fan, and, after that, the Jets are expected to cut Antonio Cromartie. Corner is definitely a defensible need. Honestly, I love Jason Verrett. I think he’s the best corner in this draft class. I want to make something clear: that speaks more to what I think of Verrett than Gilbert and Dennard. Jason Verrett has the best film of any corner I have ever scouted. People will question whether he is a good fit in a defense so reliant on man coverage, but Verrett is so much better in man than anybody realizes. Frankly, for argument purposes, let’s assume that the fact that Verrett is a 5’9 corner who will likely be taken in the first round is proof that he has the quickness and instincts to stay with anybody, which happens to be true. The problem is that, no matter how close he stays to his man, he, in theory, should be unable to deflect some passes. Say Calvin Johnson runs a hitch route against a 5’9 corner. Say that corner is glued to his back. No matter how close he is to Johnson, Johnson has longer arms, and he is closer to the football. In theory, the pass cannot be broken up. It is impossible to reach the ball before Johnson. Frankly, the 5’9 corner who can breakup this pass is a Pro Bowler. The only way it can be done is by slashing your arms through the arms of the wide receiver, with impeccable timing as to avoid a pass interference, while making sure you use those arms to wrap up and make sure that, in the event that he catches it anyway, you make the tackle and don’t allow any YAC. Jason Verrett is amazing at this, and that’s why he was so good in man coverage at the collegiate level. His film is as good as it gets. And hey, if he goes to the Jets, you can just make Dee Millner take the taller of the two receivers, e.g., Millner takes Marlon Brown while Verrett covers Torrey Smith. Verrett will be outstanding no matter what team he plays for.

19. Miami Dolphins: Cyrus Kouandjio, OT, Alabama

Geoff Says: Last year, the Dolphins offensive line wasn’t that great, but to make the situation worse, two of the most important players on the offensive line, Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin were suspended/left the team mid way through the year. Kouandjio fills a huge need for the Dolphins as they try to rebuild their offensive line to protect their young franchise quarterback.

20. Arizona Cardinals: Darqueze Dennard, CB, Michigan State

Erik says:  With all of the top tackles off the board my original plan was to go get that edge rusher the Arizona Cardinals need with John Abraham being 35-years old.  Yet when I saw Darqueze Dennard still on the board I felt it was a move that had to be made.  Having one outstanding corner on the roster makes a good defense.  Having two of them makes great ones.  Patrick Peterson is already established as one of the best in the game, and Dennard is arguably the best in this draft, especially in press coverage.  Coming out of MichiganState he is a natural leader with an outstanding work ethic who uses his length and toughness to glue himself to receivers all the way down field.  He’s also able to get his head around and play the football and never gives up on a play.   If the Cardinals can still find that pass rusher later on, this defense is going to be very interesting.

21. Chicago Bears (f/GB): Kony Ealy, DE, Missouri

Erik says:  One of the things I’ve learned about general managers is if they’re going to make a bold move, they have to be willing to take the heat.  I knew making a trade down to hand Anthony Barr to the Packers would not be very popular.  Here’s how I look at it.  The Chicago Bears defense is a mess.  They need more than seven picks in this draft to fix it.  I got a 3rd and 4th with an extra 7th next year to help with that process in what is a very deep class. On top of that, in hindsight, I returned the volley right back to the Packers by getting a high quality pass rusher of my own in Kony Ealy with the 21st pick.  Defensive end is probably the thinnest position on the Bears roster, especially if they let go of Julius Peppers.  Not to mention the availability of 4-3 ends in this draft are limited beyond the first two rounds.  So by getting extra picks and still managing to land a player they would’ve strongly considered at #14, I consider the trade worth it.

22. Philadelphia Eagles: Calvin Pryor, S, Louisville

Geoff Says: Since Brian Dawkins left the team, what feels like decades ago, the Eagles have never been able to fill his huge shoes. While they have tried multiple different players out at the position and spent multiple draft picks trying to find the next great safety, nothing has worked. Pryor fills a huge need and brings a swagger back to the Eagles secondary that has been missing for a long time. The fans in Philadelphia will love Calvin Pryor for years and years to come.

23. Cleveland Browns (f/KC): Marqise Lee, WR, USC

Trade:  26th pick, 3rd rounder (from MIN) to Chiefs

Erik says:  It might seem counterproductive at first look.  I traded down in the top ten to get that third round pick from Minnesota only to give it right back before I could ever use it.  Honestly this was actually my plan all along.  I knew Derek Carr was going to be available at the bottom of the top ten, so I moved down to get those extra picks.  Then I waited at #26 to see if an opportunity presented to go back up the board for a quality talent.  When I saw Marqise Lee still there at #23, I pounced on the opportunity, sending that third round pick to Kansas City.  Lee is no joke, folks.  The USC standout is a big play waiting to happen, demonstrating a blend of speed, acceleration, agility and instinct.  His passion and thirst for the game will be infectious as well.  Putting him across from Josh Gordon was too easy, and I also keep all my original extra picks and still get that 6th rounder for 2015.  All in all a successful round in my opinion.

24. Detroit Lions (f/CIN): Odell Beckham Jr., WR, LSU

Joe Says:  I decided to trade back with the Bengals, picking up a 2nd rounder this year and a 3rd in 2015. I picked O’Dell Beckham Jr. with the pick we acquired from Cincinnati. The Lions need another weapon next to Calvin Johnson and I think Beckham can contribute immediately.

25. New Orleans Saints (f/SD): Dee Ford, DE/LB, Auburn

Trade:  27th pick, 3rd in ’14 and 5th in ’15

Geoff Says: While Dee Ford may not fill a huge need for the Saints right now, Ford was far and away the best player available and it was impossible to not select him. With Cameron Jordan on one side and Dee Ford on the other, the Saints could have a deadly defensive line next season.

26. Kansas City Chiefs (f/CLE): Brandin Cooks, WR, OregonState

Sayre Says:  To be able to trade down and still get Cooks, we were thrilled. He’s got speed to burn, and some of the most reliable hands in the draft. He will fit perfectly as the Y receiver along with Bowe, and we have hopes he can also play some slot if A.J. Jenkins develops as we expect.

27. San Diego Chargers: David Yankey, OG, Stanford

Joe Says:  The team had no other choice but to move down and grab a few extra picks for later. I felt that the talent San Diego was looking for was essentially gone, and the only thing to make the selection worth while was to pick up a few selections in the process. The Saints offered their first and third, including a 2015 5th to move up. This was a no-brainer. Dropped back to 27, I ended up selecting David Yankey from Stanford. He’ll sure up the interior of the O-Line in no time!

28. Carolina Panthers: Kelvin Benjamin, WR, Florida State

Sayre Says:  In a draft filled with receivers, we knew we’d be able to get a top tier talent with our first selection. Benjamin is still raw but he has the frame to be a dominant NFL receiver for years to come. As we  transition to the home stretch of Steve Smith’s career, we felt the need to bring in a young playmaker to pair with him and give us additional weapons for Cam Newton to get the ball to.

29. New England Patriots: Kyle Fuller, CB, Virginia Tech

MacKenzie Says:  First of all, if I’m the Patriots, I don’t touch Jace Amaro. He’s a good player, but if Gronkowski comes back healthy, Amaro is just an unwise redundancy. I can’t imagine him on the field with Gronkowski for one play. The Patriots have a tight end, but it wouldn’t kill them to go with a guy who is a little bit more like a flex end, like Aaron Hernandez was. The only potential starter flex end in this draft class is horrible human being Colt Lyerla, who isn’t in first round consideration. The main point of the story; the Patriots are in an impossible jam at tight end, since they really don’t know if they need one. I can’t stress this enough; Amaro is a complete waste of a pick if Gronk comes back healthy. I could have gone Louis Nix, but I can’t help but feel his iffy stamina will result in a guy who is a good player when on the field but not on the field enough to be a good player, e.g., Phil Taylor, Linval Joseph, and Dan Williams. I sincerely believe defensive tackle is their biggest need (even if Wilfork comes back healthy, Chris Jones is starting opposite him). I’m not a huge Hagemann fan, and Aaron Donald was off the board. I would have chosen David Yankey if he was available. Alas, I didn’t see a scenario in which I could draft a good player and fill a need, so I took the best player avaliable, Kyle Fuller. Fuller really only has one problem: he doesn’t have the long speed necessary to cover a fly route, and he usually will need help over the top in many coverage. Outside of that, the guy is incredible. Best run stopping corner ever to walk the face of the earth. You want to know how well he can defend the run? The guy had 14.5 TFL’s his sophomore year. I couldn’t do that in a video game. He’s so good at defending the run, VT moved him from corner to linebacker for the 2011 GT game. Seriously, an ACC team decided to play a guy 6’0 190 at linebacker for one game to improve its run defense. I have so many anecdotes about Kyle Fuller’s ridiculous tackling ability, take on skills, and instincts. It’s really hard to put the magnitude of Fuller’s run defense into words. The other thing is, he also has outstanding instincts in coverage. Awesome player.

30. San Francisco 49ers: Jordan Matthews, WR, Vanderbilt

Erik says:  Some fans might be sitting in the chairs wondering how the world the San Francisco 49ers didn’t move up from the 30th pick in this 2014 NFL mock draft.  They have a litany of picks after all and could’ve used them.  The truth is I had actually tried twice to move up.  The first time was a plan to jump to the 12-14 range to get Mike Evans but he was scooped up before I had a chance to offer the deal.  The second time was during a trade bid with the San Diego Chargers to seek out Brandin Cooks.  Unfortunately the New Orleans Saints were more aggressive.  I wasn’t too disappointed since the strength of this wide receiver class is well documented.  Jordan Matthews may not be a poster boy for speed but the Vanderbilt wide out  has what they want.  He’s gritty, tough, competitive, with excellent route running ability and a 6’3″ frame that will allow him to match up with those big, physical defensive backs in the NFC West.  Opportunities remain for them to go after players in later rounds.

31. Denver Broncos: Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, S, Alabama

Sayre Says:  At this juncture in the first round, we felt like we had a ton of options. Clinton-Dix was the top defender on our board and is the type of aggressive safety we feel like can pair with Rahim Moore and give our backfield some big play ability. He proved as much at Alabama, but the sky is the limit here and we’re reaping the benefits of a deep, talented crop of players. This is a steal.

32. Philadelphia Eagles (f/SEA): Ra’Shede Hageman, DT, Minnesota

Joe Says:  We traded out to pick up the Eagles second and fourth round selections, including a 2015 sixth rounder. We expect to move up in the second round with the extra picks we received from Philadelphia.

We hope you enjoyed or at least found the first 2014 NFL mock draft with multiple-writers interesting.  Plans are for doing later rounds in the days to come.  Please stay tuned and feel free to comment.  From Erik, Sayre, Joe, MacKenzie and Geoff we thank you!

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  • Wayne Davis

    I’d be happy if we got brig!!

  • Letterman007

    Did you ever think that Carr might also be a smoke screen? You all were head over heals that the Browns would trade up to get Manziel!! It all could be a smoke screen!!!

    • Erik Lambert

      Not sure if you’re complaining or not. I got one of the top four quarterbacks after a trade down and then use just one of those picks I got to land Marqise Lee. In essence I got the QB and #2 receiver while still stashing a pick for later, leaving the rest of the draft to do what you wanted in bolstering the roster with “best players available.”

      • Letterman007

        In my estimation none of the top four QBs are worth a top ten pick !! They all have too many holes in their game and I think they can pick up a QB with the same amount of ” what ifs ” later in the draft and pick up a real game breaker in Watkins at four and get a quarterback later !!

  • Ralph

    Worst mock I ever seen.

    • Erik Lambert

      Sorry to disappoint, Ralph.

    • MacKenzie Pantoja

      I wouldn’t call it a mock. It’s what we would do if it was up to us, not what we think will happen

      • ricdram

        Nice counter punches MP! Ouch !

    • SayreBedinger

      Give a reason or feel free to not comment!

  • CSconce

    Man if KC could get an extra (and early) 3rd round pick and walk away with Cooks (although Clinton-Dix and Ra’shede Hageman would be tempting there as well) I’d be loving life!!

    • Erik Lambert

      Yeah, Sayre played the board well on that one.

  • http://twitter.com/kumerle Kenneth Kumerle

    Packers are overpaying with the move to no. 14, thus not likely!

  • Old Frog

    Love the analysis on Verrett. Can’t wait to see another Frog have success at the next level.

    • Erik Lambert

      Kid can ball for sure. Just needs the right coach and the right job.

  • gdubb

    This mock Draft seriously sucks Johnny football at 1 come now, steelers trading for a tackle when they have other holes to fill 1st.

    • Seann Carpenter

      Totally agree!! I cannot see the Steelers trading up. Too many holes to fill. Trading down is much more ikely.

  • Ken Tomlin

    I like the idea of having different staffers make picks as different GM’s. Just not happy with who you chose for the Vikings. I know we need a QB, but we have too many needs on def, to be giving up picks. I would’ve preferred a trade down, that seems more realistic to me. Especially when Spielman sd we wants at least 10 picks. Like I said, I understand why you did it, just that in your scenario we could’ve traded down. Taken Gilbert, then moved back up into 1st, taken Pryor/ Ward and still looked to get someone like Garrapolo later. All in all neat way to do mock.

    • Erik Lambert

      It was a fun process filled with a ton of surprises. We were all stunned how far Clinton-Dix dropped and Jernigan not going in the first round. Maybe on the next go round after the start of free agency the pecking order will create different results.

  • Nathan Kearns

    Sigh. Jake Long, by all accounts, wil be finished with rehab and back in the lineup by the opening week of the regular season. Moreover, he is sighed trough 2017, so even if he were to miss the opening handful of games, he would be still be the starter into the foreseeable future.

    • Erik Lambert

      Then plug Robinson at right tackle.

      • Nathan Kearns

        Again, Joe Barksdale graded as a Top 10 pass blocking OT last season, and that was playing seven games vs. Top 10 passing rushing defenses.

        Moreover, Robinson has no experience as a right tackle, and, arguably, less experience in pass protection. Players don’t just switch from left to right seamlessly. We saw that with Eric Fisher and Like Joeckel (prior to injury) last season. Both were putrid…

        Robinson doesn’t add to an area of immediate need. The Rams would be better suited trading down (again) or simply drafting Sammy Watkins and using the No.13 on the too defensive back on their board.

        • Erik Lambert

          Why are people so shocked that rookies play bad? Robinson should not be expected to play like Jonathan Ogden or Orlando Pace his first season. The talent this kid has is off the charts. He is not a one-year investment. He’s long-term upside all the way. Might he struggle at times if they shift him to the right side? Yes. However, his athleticism, length and power would see him through, especially if the Rams stay committed to running the ball. The beauty is he would gain experience playing on that side so when he does shift over to the left side to replace Long, he could always move back in case of an emergency.

          • Nathan Kearns

            No one is shocked that rookies offensive linemen struggle. No one is saying that he wouldn’t be able to adapt to playing on the right side, necessarily. No one is saying that he wouldn’t be a “long-term” investment.

            I am pointing out that the St. Louis Rams already have two Top 25 starting offensive tackles on the roster; one that is signed through 2016 (Long), and the other that will likely be extended for a reasonable cost through, at least, 2016 (Barksdale).

            A starting offensive tackle is not an area of immediate need, despite what you may hear on ESPN.

            You do not draft Robinson to be a rotational/developmental player.

            You do not draft Robinson with the hope that he will quickly develop pass protection skills while playing three of the Top 10 pass rushing/defensive units in the NFL twice per year (AZ, SF, SEA).

            You do not draft Robinson when you already have the 8th-ranked right tackle (JOE BARKSDALE) in the NFL from last season, who just so happened to be the top graded pass blocker on the entire Rams’ offensive line last season.

            …again, two starting Top 25 offensive tackles already on the roster.

            At some point, people are going to have to quit casting Joe Barksdale aside like he is a scrub. He was a Top 100 draftee in 2011, and in his first legitimate shot at starting in the NFL, he dominated; all while played in the toughest division in the NFL, against the 2nd-hardest schedule in the NFL.

          • Fangface

            Well said

    • MacKenzie Pantoja

      What do you mean “graded out”? I’m not a fan of Joe Barksdale at all. That’s much of the logic behind the pick

      • Nathan Kearns

        Pro Football Focus, the site used by most reputable writers/analysts for their advantaged statistics.

        Not sure exactly how anyone could “not be a fan” of Joe Barksdale.

        He was hidden on the bench/sporadically played in Oakland, and was marred by dysfunctional coaching and inept front office personnel.

        His first opportunity to start was last season, and he allowed 27 total pressures (only 4 sacks) in 454 pass blocking snaps, which ranks him 15th overall among tackles in pass blocking efficiency for 2013.

        Unless, you cover the Rams or Raiders, I have a hard time believing you have even watched him extensively enough to form a reasonable opinion of Barksdale as a player…

        • MacKenzie Pantoja

          I don’t cover either of those teams extensively. I thought he sucked when I scouted him out of college. I don’t necessarily take everything PFF says as perfect. I think they don’t have Josh Gordon as a top 10 receiver. And last year was Barksdale still only has one season as a starter under his belt. I don’t have the time to form a really extensive opinion on all NFL starters (I’m a draft guy, I spend my time watching college film). But I won’t act like there is no chance Barksdale didn’t make some kind of rapid growth last year

          • Nathan Kearns

            It doesn’t have to be “as perfect,” considering a vast majority of the measures are not subjective; they’re quantitative. PFFs season grades are cumulative numbers, so with missing two games and getting shutdown in several others, his grade shouldn’t be as high as other players. In terms of Wide Receiver Rating, Gordon ranks 7th overall in the NFL. I disgress…

            No offense, but you were 14 (maybe 15) years old when Joe Barksdale was coming out of college (the beauty of Google searches). You wouldn’t have the experience, let alone the access to the proper materials needed to truly scout any player.

            …moral of the story is, the St. Louis Rams do not need an offensive tackle.

          • MacKenzie Pantoja

            I’ve got 3 TiVo’s. I’ve been seeing hundreds of college football games a year since I was 13. My understanding of the game of football has progressed tremendously. I’ll admit I was less qualified back then. But Barksdale didn’t look like he was even trying when I scouted him

          • Nathan Kearns

            Having the access to live, televised games vs. acquiring coaches film and having the experience to exactly what to look for and why are completely different things.

            That is besides the point. The point is: Rams do not need an OT :)

  • BlueBoltFan

    I’d rather see the Chargers pick up Dee Ford with the #25 pick. The offensive was top 5 last year. Rivers had time to throw, Matthews and Woodhead had room to run. There will be good guards later in the draft Meanwhile the pass rush was atrocious at times last year. Johnson’s not a great pass rusher and Freeney is 35 and coming back from injury. Ford would give us a nice infusion of speed on the outside and a great 1-2 paired with Melvin Ingram for the next few years.

  • Jarod Cook

    I like the idea of the Browns trading back and getting Carr, if he is there guy. The question I have is why not have them trade down to #12-18 the first time get a better deal or do a second trade back? They still should be able to acquire Carr in that area of the draft. The only teams outside top 10 in need of QB are #20 ARZ and #24 CIN, but they have bigger concerns then at QB.

    • Erik Lambert

      I wasn’t convinced he’d get past the Titans at #11. I know Whisenhunt said he’s looking forward to working with Jake Locker but I don’t buy that for a second.

      • Jarod Cook

        I know the Browns need a WR2 but the need at ILB, CB, and OL is much greater at the moment. If they were to trade up or stay at #26 I fell the need to fill one of those areas take precedent over WR2. At the #23 pick there still would be Lee, Beckham Jr, Cooks, Benjamin, Matthews, Robinson, and Adams still on the board. I have to believe 1 of these guys would fall to #35.

        • Erik Lambert

          Don’t forget those needs could be met even before the draft starts in free agency. Besides, they still have a second and two third round picks at their disposal which could easily be used at those positions. Besides, getting that receiver early also offers insurance against Gordon making another dumb mistake and getting kicked out of the league.

  • TheFrasier707

    You totally don’t watch bucs games.we don’t need another wr at #7 pix.bucs will trade up to #2 or down & pix up afew more pixs.

    • Steve Batchelor

      I’d have to think that it is you that don’t watch Bucs games. MacKenzie made the right call by selecting Sammy Watkins at 7. Correct me if I am wrong but I ain’t so here it is…On one side we have Vincent Jackson and on the other we have exactly who? Oh, Mike Williams, I forgot…The guy that sucked when he was healthy last year and now seems to think he’s a Rap star and can get put on the police blotter becasue he feels he’s entitled..After the 2 I mentioned there are no WR’s on the roster, well at least NFL caliber .Tedford has already said that he wants to see more “speed in space”…So where better to get that than in Watkins. A telling thing I just read was that the Bucs were going after Eugene Monroe in FA…If that’s true then drafting Watkins at 7 is all but a certainty. Only other player I’d even consider would be Clowney and he’ll be gone.

    • MacKenzie Pantoja

      In addition to what Steve said, I was the Rams general manager and I owned the number 2 pick as well as the number 7 pick. I would have traded up, but it would have been an obvious conflict of interest, seeing that I own the number 2 pick.

  • Mattia Rizzo

    No, I would have taken Hageman for the Pats, BB would love to move him across the line… Just as he’s been doing with Wilfork.

    • MacKenzie Pantoja

      I just don’t think Hageman is a great player. Raw and uses his hands like sledgehammers, not knives.

  • Chris Black

    Your mock draft is ruined by the fact that you have Pittsburgh trading its third round pick to move up… They traded that last year for Cleveland’s 4th. Have some pride in what you publish and do just A LITTLE BIT of homework.

    And don’t give me that compensatory pick garbage, those are at the end of the round so your trade value is ludicrous.

    • Erik Lambert

      Throttle back, Chris. That third round pick IS the compensatory selection they’ll get for Mike Wallace. Just because you think it’s garbage doesn’t mean you’re right. A third to fourth round pick in this deep draft can mean a lot. You’re not a general manager, so how would you know? I’d say getting a future Pro Bowler like Zack Martin for a comp 3rd and 6th is a win.

      • mundo cani

        you cannot trade compensatory draft picks. and the mock drafters appear to be very sensitive to justified criticisms- this was indeed a poor effort

        • Erik Lambert

          Besides, I’m not sure what the big deal is. Joe just clarified for me he meant their 2015 third rounder, which is perfectly viable. You’ll notice the correction made above.

      • Chris Black

        So lets get this straight… you assumed the Steelers were trading an untradeable, yet-to-be-assigned draft pick, and combining it with a garbage 6th round pick to move up to take an OT. I don’t care about the positional disagreement, or the fact that the Steelers only move up for special players dropping, or that putting another first round pick on the offensive line would likely put an extension for Maurkice Pouncey in jeopardy based on Pittsburgh’s positional salary cap approach to free agency.

        I don’t get paid to pretend to be a general manager like you do. I have more pride in my profession than putting my name to a mock draft if I don’t even understand the rules of the draft. But hey, you do what you’re best at I guess.

        As I said, do just A LITTLE BIT of homework, and maybe people will debate your actual draft choices instead of your work product.

  • Bugs Mahoney

    Sports politics are annoying. So sick of hearing how bad of a person Lyerla is from those who never met him…..

    • Bugs Mahoney

      It matters for the team but seriously if he can help us win and cleans up, changes his ways, why act like he’s stuck that way? As fans we pay to watch them win. Haven’t heard much on Ray Rice… all he did was knock his wife out on video and drag her outta an elevator looking like he wanted to run.

      • Erik Lambert

        I’m not disputing Lyerla. The kid can ball and like several other players he’s made his share of mistakes. Whether or not he can move past them is what scares people. Some guys just never grow up. It really will depend on which coach he falls under.

    • MacKenzie Pantoja

      My basis for that is that he called the parents of the victims of the Newton massacre liars. I wouldn’t call any other football player a horrible human being without having met him. But I think what he did was disgusting

  • Rene Deschamps

    Where do you get your pick valuations? The Browns #4 pick is worth 400 points and an #8 pick. The Vikes 3rd round pick is only worth 230 and the 6th round pick for 2015 is only worth 25. The Browns would have to get much more.
    In your second Browns trade you are moving from #26 to #23, a value difference of only 60 points and for this you are giving a pick that is worth 230.
    I like the idea of this community draft, but as it has been said, all of you have to do a little homework.

    • Erik Lambert

      Believe me, I did my homework. I knew exactly the values going in those trades but keep in mind the depth of this draft changes things (I’ve heard several experts say 3rd round picks might be as good as 2nd rounders this year) and also with free agency still not helped clarify a lot of things, so truly aggressive trades aren’t happening yet. I will point out my Browns #4 trade was nothing compared to the highway robbery the Falcons committed. As for the #26 pick, the 3rd rounder I gave up is actually worth 116 points since it’s the one I got from Minnesota. So yes I overpayed a bit but I feel Marqise Lee was worth it.

      Also, if I may point out It’s not like the experts do great all the time. The Cowboys went from #19 to #31 last year for a third round pick. I feel since I got a quarterback with talent and a gamebreaking receiver while still collecting a pick for 2015 that I did the job.

      • Rene Deschamps

        What BS. You’re shovelling with both hands now. The 3rd round pick from Minn is worth 230. If the pick was only worth 116, why would the Browns take it and a 6th for a trade that should be worth a gain of 400 points? You are saying picks received in a trade are worth more than picka given in a trade? You can’t have it both ways!

    • MacKenzie Pantoja

      Honestly, I want to write an article about those valuations. They are incredibly flawed as it stands right now. According to the traditional chart, pick 17 is worth 50 more than 18, which is worth 25 more than 19, which is worth 25 more than 20, which is worth 50 more than 21. Tell me, why is the difference between 17 and 18 50, 18 and 19 25, and 20 and 21 50 again? It goes up and down. Ridiculous.

    • MacKenzie Pantoja

      Put it this way; according to the traditional pick value chart, in order to move up from 21 to 20, you have to give up a late 4th round pick. To move up from 20 to 19, you have to give up an early 6th round pick. Weird beyond belief.
      I’m not saying Erik got great value in his trades (I’ve hardly paid attention), but that whole point system is flawed

  • Paul Newbold

    A corner back at #18 for the Jets? While I like Verrett, and you made a good argument for the Jets drafting him, I think it would be a major hard sell. Jet fans are clamoring for offensive talent, and the Jets obviously need it as well! If they went defense with the first rounder and Clinton Dix was still on the board (per this mock) I’d find it hard to believe the Jets go Verret, Safety has long been neglected in NY!! Personally, I fin it hard to believe they won’t go TE or WR in the first.

    • Paul Newbold

      Any particular reason you would grab Verrett over arguably the best Safety in the draft? Just curious…I’ll do my homework on him. :)

      • MacKenzie Pantoja

        It was a tossup for me between Verrett and Clinton Dix. I just love Verrett. He really has the best film of any corner in this draft class. I can’t understate it.

    • MacKenzie Pantoja

      Oh, they won’t go Verrett. It’s just what I would do.

  • 619chargers4life

    Bad trade by SD. At least get another 2 rounder .

  • bk

    I could see the Steelers trading down, but not up…
    Here is how I see them if they stay put:
    1- Gilbert or Dennard, whichever is still there.
    2- Bucannon S, WSU
    4- Lynch, TE
    4 – (Comp) – Hurst OT
    5 – Norwood wr or Saunders wr
    5 – (Comp) – D.Thomas wr/rb/returner
    6 – Colvin, cb
    7 – Mckinnon Rb
    The 1 FA I would like to see them sign is L. Joseph to shore up DL.

  • Dean Olson

    This is probably the coolest mock draft I’ve ever read. Real analysis and logical thought! What a foreign concept. Any idea if/when you guys plan on doing another?

    • Erik Lambert

      We’re doing Day 2 action (2nd and 3rd rounds) this weekend and will probably do the next version of this mock after free agency starts.