2014 NFL Mock Draft Update: Clowney Rises to Number One

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17. Baltimore Ravens — C.J. Mosley, LB, Alabama
Mosley’s injury concerns lead me to believe he might be pushed out of round one, but we’ll wait for official confirmation on that. If healthy, there aren’t any better inside linebackers in the draft, and Ozzie Newsome is no stranger to ‘Bama products.

18. New York Jets — Eric Ebron, TE, North Carolina
Athletically gifted TE prospect who can move around and play WR as well. The Jets need to start stockpiling talent at the skill positions, and this would be a good start.

19. Miami Dolphins — Zack Martin, OL, Notre Dame
Versatile offensive lineman who is smart and will help alleviate some of the woes the Dolphins have on their offensive line, which are well documented at this point.

20. Arizona Cardinals — Kony Ealy, DE, Missouri
Big, athletic pass rusher who could be a great fit for the Cardinals. They need some edge rushers, and Ealy certainly fits that bill.

21. Green Bay Packers — Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, S, Alabama
Safety is arguably the Packers’ biggest need, and the top one in the draft falls to them here. This would be a great pick.

22. Philadelphia Eagles — Calvin Pryor, S, Louisville
The Eagles would love to get a hard-hitting safety like Pryor for the back end of their defense, and Pryor is a guy who has really risen in recent months.

23. Kansas City Chiefs — Marqise Lee, WR, USC
Lee is an explosive playmaker who had a down junior year, but inconsistency at QB will do that. Adding him to the offense would be a huge boost.

24. Cincinnati Bengals — Jason Verrett, CB, TCU
Smaller, but tough and physical. Verrett is a great fit for the Bengals’ defensive scheme and would be nice value here as well.

25. San Diego Chargers — Dee Ford, DE/OLB, Auburn
The Chargers could look to revamp the defensive backfield here as well, but they have an opportunity to add a speed rusher to get pressure on Peyton Manning and some of the other top QBs they’ll face in the AFC. Ford is a guy who has boosted his stock considerably since the National Title game.

26. Cleveland Browns (from Indianapolis) — Derek Carr, QB, Fresno State
The Browns reportedly covet Derek Carr, and getting him at the bottom of the first round seems like great value. They wouldn’t have to start him right away, but getting him that this juncture is a value they can’t pass on.

27. New Orleans Saints — Ra’Shede Hageman, DT, Minnesota
Hageman has top 10 potential, and the Saints would probably be jumping for joy to see him fall this far. He’s got great size and athletic ability, and could be a force in their 3-man front.

28. Carolina Panthers — Odell Beckham Jr., WR, LSU
This is one of my favorite prospects in the draft, because I love his strength, versatility, and the fact that he snatches the ball out of the air. He could remind the Panthers of a young Steve Smith.

29. New England Patriots — Jace Amaro, TE, Texas Tech
This has been our pick for a long time now. Amaro would fill a huge void for the Patriots at that h-back/TE position vacated by Aaron Hernandez.

30. San Francisco 49ers — Brandin Cooks, WR, Oregon State
The 49ers have more pressing needs in the defensive backfield, but they don’t pass on Cooks here, getting a smaller receiver with incredible speed that could give them their own version of Percy Harvin.

31. Denver Broncos — Kyle Fuller, CB, Virginia Tech
Corner prospect with good size and playmaking ability who fits what the Broncos are looking for. Fuller can help the Broncos get their hands on the ball more often, and do it at a cheaper price than a big-name free agent.

32. Seattle Seahawks — Kelvin Benjamin, WR, Florida State
Big receiver who needs some development but the Seahawks can afford to wait a bit. Getting this red zone beast would be a huge addition for an already great team.

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  • Jared Mueller

    Just wondering what the Browns Vikings trade would entail in your mind. Browns get the Vikings second? Trade their later 3rd and #4 for the Vikings #8 and 2nd? Just wondering what the value is there.

    • Ken Tomlin

      Jared, it won’t happen, they’d have to give up their 2nd and VIKES would get Browns 4th. At least according to the draft trade chart. We’d be foolish to take a gamble like that. Our DEF is in waaaayyyy worse shape than our QB needs. If we don’t trade down( which I think we will) we’ll take someone on DEF at 8. Then we’ll look at QB in RD’s 2-4. My hope if we stay at 8, is we take Gilbert. Him with Rhodes and our CB issues would be fixed for the next 8-10 yrs.

      • Don Andrew Halvorson

        Plus, why should we trade up with two QBs still on the board at 4? It’s pretty likely the Raiders will grab one of the elite players available instead of take another QB.

  • Fangface

    Rams aren’t taking OT at 2.

    • Rees Britton

      If they stay at #2 they will take a tackle

      • Fangface

        18 yrs of Jeff Fisher says you’re wrong.

        • Rees Britton

          Once again, Fisher said the fact that none of his teams have taken a lineman in the first round in his nearly two decades as a head coach is more a matter of happenstance than design. “I have no reservation whatsoever,” Fisher said. “The only position I would not draft would be a punter or a kicker in the first round.”

          He hasn’t drafted a lineman because he either didn’t need one or had a more glaring need with the best player available fitting said need.
          If he doesn’t go OT – WR or flip those, he should be fired!

          • ricdram

            I agree RB. The Rams NEED Robinson @
            #2 more than Watkins.

          • Rees Britton

            A RB at #2??? lol… have you watched the draft in recent years?

          • Rees Britton

            Then maybe theyll draft a punter at 13!

          • ricdram

            Read AGAIN my agreeing with “YOU” :
            “I agree with YOU RB(ReesBritton). The
            Rams NEED Robinson @ #2 more than
            Watkins.”RB” = YOU. Not Running Back.

          • Rees Britton

            Hahahahaha. My bad bro!

          • Fangface

            Regardless of what fisher says, fact is they feel they can coach up there OL that’s why they haven’t drafted one early in 20 yrs. Don’t be surprised if we don’t again until the 2nd or 3rd rnds. Look at where the first two tackles off the board last yr rated at the end of the yr then lmk if you think we still can’t wait

          • Rees Britton

            Joeckel broke his ankle after making 5 starts and Fisher started 13 games and played pretty well I might add.
            Then lets not forget that Rams could lose as many as 3 starters from the offensive line, Jake Long had an injury late in the season and the salary cap isn’t your best friend this year… You ad in a make or break year for Bradford and why wouldn’t you try to keep him upright and give him an actual #1 WR to throw to… I highly doubt that they stay at #2 but even if they swap with ATL, we are right back to square one.

          • Fangface

            First fisher finished the yr rated as one of the worst RT in the league. Just cause you say it doesn’t mean it’s true. I get what you’re saying but Long and Barksdale are our tackles. They rated top 5 and 12 at there positions. Any tackle we bring in is moving inside. We’re not drafting a player at number 2 to play guard for two yrs when we have other pressing needs. Now if we do end up at six I think now you will see OL come into play but I still doubt it. No way does snisher let Clowney/Watkins go if we stay at 2. You said it yourself. #1 WR is what the Rams need…

          • Rees Britton

            I think the rating may be a bit harsh, especially for a rookie that started 13 games for a playoff team. Long is a great player, but he is going to miss most if not all of next season. Barksdale is a UFA after next year and you might lose both guards and center… I think O-line my be of some importance! There are a bunch of good receivers in this class, and lets be honest, you do not win in the NFL without a good o-line. Clowney is another one I just don’t understand them taking. You already have two really good DE, so why take a player that has question marks at #2 when you don’t need a player at that position? If they are going to go defense then Id say they trade down and get a DT, Safety, etc…

          • Rees Britton

            And out of last years first rounders, who had a real standout year?

          • Fangface

            Stop typing!!! Get your facts before you type again pls.. Long is on track and they are hopefull he’s back for the start of the season. Speculation is that if he misses it will only be a couple of games. As for Clowney. In that scenario were stuck at 2. And c’mon if you don’t already know. We already have two good DE?As far as WR. We can just pick anyone rt? If Watkins is that true #1wr the Rams have been looking for we should pass on him because there’s plenty of WR in this draft? Look I agree with you on the OL but it’s not happening with #2. I think we’re all hoping we trade back

          • Rees Britton

            Im not sure where you get off telling someone to stop typing… umm no thanks…
            My only problem with taking Watkins that early, is that you used the 8th pick last year on a WR. So now you go back to back… who are you guys, THE LIONS?
            And is watkins ready to be a true #1 in the league year one? WR is one of the hardest position to translate college success to nfl success right away. I mean look at Austin last year or Calvin Johnson’s rookie year. The more I look into it I don’t like Tackle either, so what would be their next need?

  • Old Frog

    Clowney with JJ Watt?!!! That would really be something every fan and every team could be jealous of.

    • Bugs Mahoney

      Every team would fear it for their qb’s sake.

  • TheTrueBlu

    You have Mike Evans over Sammy Watkins. Sammy Watkins is the better receiver by far.

    • Bugs Mahoney

      Browns trade for him, getting a player they want for scheme reasons I believe…

      • Aaron

        What I would like Cleveland to do:
        Resign Alex Mack
        Sign Jarius Byrd
        Sign Sam Shields
        Trade Rd. 4 pick 6 for Cousins, open competition with Hoyer
        Draft Khalil Mack at 4, Receiver at 26, Guard at Rd. 2 pick 3, RB at Rd. 3 pick 7 and possibly look for another Receiver or Linebacker at Rd. 3 pick 19.

        Farmer gets his boy Mariota next year if Cousins/Hoyer don’t cut it

  • Bugs Mahoney

    Manziel needs to learn to stay in the pocket. They better pray they can coach it outta him or he’s a dead man.

  • Ken Tomlin

    There is no way, the Vikings trade up for any QB!! For just the reason you said” Spielman can’t miss on a QB or he’ll be fired” ( my paraphrasing) Spielman has sd repeatedly he wants 10 draft picks, and with all the holes on DEF and with the ability to get a QB later, he won’t trade up. If they don’t take Gilbert at 8 or Mack, they’ll try to trade down. Probably somewhere from 13-19. Get an extra 2 picks( 2nd&3rd), take Gilbert( if he falls that far, but seriously doubt it) or Dennard/Pryor/Nix. If a QB they want is still there at bottom of 1, they’ll trade back into 1st rd, if not look for them to target a QB in RD 2 or RD3.

  • Sterling Archer

    Raiders aren’t taking Manziel, RM already stated that the only QB he think is 1st round material is Bridgewater…..

  • Juanito Juanito

    so, this mock draft means that the bears let go henry melton in free agency, good for cowboys, they could lock the interior of defensive line with melton and jernigan, awesome

  • Kyle Smith

    I would love to see my Vikings draft Teddy B. That part of the draft I would agree with and hope for vividly.

    However, Mike Evans over Sammy Watkins? Not so much… Not even close.