Dec 15, 2013; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen (69) celebrates a failed fourth down attempt by the Philadelphia Eagles in the third quarter at Mall of America Field at H.H.H. Metrodome. The Vikings win 48-30. Mandatory Credit: Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Updated 2014 NFL Mock Free Agency: NFC Edition

The countdown to NFL free agency has begun, with the month of March around the corner.  Here’s a mock rundown of where the NFC teams will go.

Green Bay Packers – $32.1 million – Sign:  Brian Orakpo

For the first time in awhile the Green Bay Packers have a chance to do some spending in free agency and they tend to go after one big name that can help them the most.   Putting Brian Orakpo across from Clay Matthews would qualify as that move.

Minnesota Vikings – $28.7 million – Sign:  Alterraun Verner

Lagging coverage ability really handcuffed the Minnesota Vikings in 2013, so it’s only reasonable to think they will look for upgrades to bolster the secondary.  Alterraun Verner is a nice fit for their defense and would bring some playmaking ability to their back end.

Washington Redskins – $26.6 million – Sign:  Zane Beadles

Robert Griffin III needs more protection.  It’s really that simple.  Jay Gruden can’t hope to do anything until that’s the case.  Zane Beadles is a tough, dependable and experienced guard from Denver who had a hand in paving the way for the greatest offensive attack in league history.

Philadelphia Eagles – $23.7 million – Sign:  T.J. Ward

Nobody is entirely sure where T.J. Ward stands with the Cleveland Browns.  One day he’s in, the next he’s out.  Until a contract is signed he is still available.  Adding his physical nature and leadership is exactly what the Philadelphia Eagles need at the safety position.

Atlanta Falcons – $16.6 million – Sign:  Jared Allen

Thomas Dimitroff has a history of finding and maximizing veteran players at reasonable prices.  Jared Allen could be his next great find.  The veteran defensive end is looking for a team that has a shot to win.  The Atlanta Falcons must get healthy and need a few tweaks but their scheme and indoor stadium would fit Allen perfectly.

New York Giants – $16.2 million – Sign:  Brian De La Puente

Guard and center were serious problems all season for the New York Giants.  They must be addressed in order to help Eli Manning recapture his old form.  Brian De La Puente is a steady veteran from New Orleans who did a very good job protecting Drew Brees.  He has a clean injury history as well.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – $15.7 million – Sign:  Dennis Pitta

Adding a tight end is one of the lesser needs the Tampa Bay Buccaneers can’t overlook.  Using NFL free agency to solve it would remove one less problem from their agenda.  Dennis Pitta missed a good chunk of 2013 with an injury, which could effect his market value but he’s still young and a great target in the passing game when healthy.

Carolina Panthers – $11.9 million – Sign:  Hakeem Nicks

Cam Newton needs receivers and Steve Smith remains an unknown for 2014.  Hakeem Nicks should come cheap thanks to mediocre performance last season.  He has connections to the Carolina Panthers and need of new scenery.  It is the ideal situation for both sides.

San Francisco 49ers – $9.9 million – Sign:  Kenny Britt

Limited cap space will force the San Francisco 49ers to take a couple calculated gambles in order to improve their roster.  Kenny Britt is definitely a gamble.  The wide receiver has all the size and physical ability in the world but he’s notoriously hard to coach.  If Jim Harbaugh can work his magic Britt could offer them an answer to that fierce Seahawks secondary.

Detroit Lions – $7.7 million – Sign:  Mario Manningham

The 2013 season was a lost one for Mario Manningham.  At one point a hot ticket item, he suddenly finds himself back on the market out to prove his value again.  When healthy though he has proven quite able.  Getting a chance to play across from Calvin Johnson after another off-season to heal properly should certainly interested the Detroit Lions.

Chicago Bears – $7.6 million – Sign:  Justin Tuck

NFL free agency will be extremely interesting for the Chicago Bears.  They don’t have a lot of cap space at present but have the ability to clear some up if needed.  Based on what they have now, making a run at Justin Tuck isn’t out of the question.  The veteran defensive end fits their system and might be a solid replacement if they end up cutting Julius Peppers.

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  • 65yt

    What about Michael Vick?

    • Erik Lambert

      Stay tuned.

    • David Mallow

      Mike Vick sucks, his best years are way behind him. He gets hurt, can’t scramble much anymore and his accuracy has gone down quite a bit as well.. in other words, hes washed up

      • 65yt

        Bro last season he was scrambling and throwing TD passes in one throw. He hurt his hamstring running. In Tampa he would pose a threat enough to keep Defenses up on the line. He is NOT the oldest QB playing either. Just keep him away from the local Dog shelter and ur good.

        • David Mallow

          Vick was getting hurt almost every other game before going with Foles. His career is over, he needs to hang it up and move on in life. Ponder threw a couple tds as well, doesnt mean he is good anymore… and his scrambling was wayyyy down and made a ton of bonehead calls… he is one of the oldest left besides Manning, Brady

  • Ryan

    Hey my only problem with this is a few of the players you have on here are definitely getting the tag. Or a know I’ll wwithout a doubt get it. The skins need to find out if he is a 10 sack machine or a guy who’s gonna be hurt and sit the season out. I would be shocked if anything else happens with him. Pitta is another that just needs to be tagged. Coming off that nagging hip injury the Ravens really need to make sure he is back to form. Also their money troubles will make it hard to work out a long term deal. I mean everyone on the team isn’t T Sizzle. I’m not sure about eagles taking ward but with the extra 5 mill they have I think you’re right its a real possibility. A week ago I would have said you’re crazy but now you just might be right. I agree with almost everything else I mean Carolina needs a guy at receiver cause they’re gonna loose one if not two. And the bears going after tuck I would have never thought of that. I like it man good read

    • Erik Lambert

      I agree that a number of them will be tagged but until they actually are I have to operate under the assumption that they are going to be free agents. It’s the curse of being a writer of sports news. Thank you for reading and commenting, Ryan, I appreciate the insight.

      • Ryan

        Yea after I wrote I kind of tight about the whole well they aren’t tagged yet side of things. It’s a much better article I’d you put them out there like they aren’t. Keep up the good work always like reading your stuff

        • Erik Lambert

          I’m glad to hear that, Ryan. Please keep commenting as well. I enjoy the discussion.

  • Ryan

    Sorry or a know was orakpo spell check sucks

  • David Mallow

    Would love for the Vikes to land Verner. It has come up quite a bit especially since the hiring of Jerry Gray who was his CB coach in Tennessee. Would be a solid starting duo with him and Xavier Rhodes. I would also not be surprised if they add Michael Johnson as well. But I really like the additions to all these teams, they absolutely make complete sense. Nice

    • Erik Lambert

      Thanks David. Appreciate it.

  • 65yt

    Michael Vick beat Leshawn MCcoy in a foot race. That doesnt spell washed up to me. I think you will be surprised to see where he ends up, and how he is used to win.

  • DjHaloe

    Allen has too much attachment to the buccaneers not to go there

    • Erik Lambert

      You’d think but Atlanta has the quarterback, something Allen has mentioned in the past. Does he trust Mike Glennon over Matt Ryan?