Nov 9, 2013; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Notre Dame Fighting Irish nose tackle Louis Nix (1) walks to the sideline in the third quarter against the Pittsburgh Panthers at Heinz Field. Pitt won 28-21. Mandatory Credit: Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

A Pittsburgh Steelers Complete 2014 NFL Mock Draft

Holding only six picks at present, the Pittsburgh Steelers must make sure to get their off-season right.  Here is a look at their 2014 NFL mock draft.

Round 1 – Justin Gilbert – CB – Oklahoma State

The late-season surge by the offense signals the Steelers can take their opportunity to keep reloading the defense with young talent.  Getting a quality cover corner is a must.  Justin Gilbert has the height, athleticism and instincts of a front line starter and should be a perfect fit for the Pittsburgh system.

Round 2 – Louis Nix – DT – Notre Dame

A lot of people vehemently believe Louis Nix won’t make it out of the first round.  I am not one of them.  The defensive tackle needs of the 3-4 teams aren’t strong enough that early, and coupled with his injury history it will be enough to drop him into the second where the Steelers gleefully await to commit highway robbery.

Round 4 – James Hurst – OT – North Carolina

Before suffering an untimely leg break, James Hurst was projected as a day two pick with loads of size and athleticism to hold his own against the best defensive linemen.  His setback should drop him to the fourth.  Even so the Steelers, who need to continue loading up the trenches will enjoy having him as a project.

Round 5 – Brandon Coleman – WR – Rutgers

Ben Roethlisberger has a number of quality weapons but he doesn’t really have a big receiver he can throw the ball up to on key downs and in the red zone.  Brandon Coleman is not fleet-a-foot but the Rutgers standout is hard to miss at 6’6″, 220 lbs.  His surprising speed and long arms will make him a downfield threat provided he fine tunes his technique.

Round 6 – Dontae Johnson – FS – N.C. State

N.C.State gets overlooked a lot for their talent production, especially at defensive back.  Dontae Johnson is the latest example.  A former cornerback, he shifted to safety for the team last season and stood out immediately for his tackling, body control and range.  He needs more experience but the upside is obvious on tape.

Round 7 – Howard Jones – OLB – Shepherd

He played defensive end in school but scouts who have had a chance to watch Howard Jones play see a kid that is tailor made to play outside linebacker in a 3-4.  He has the ability to explode off the edge and is among the fastest players on the field every game.  The Pittsburgh Steelers thrive through their linebackers.  Another pass rusher never hurts.

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  • alex de la cruz

    This is at best a D-
    We’re the steelers we rule the draft!!
    And we need better talent!!

    • Erik Lambert

      Okay. A true cover corner, a prototypical nose tackle, a stout blocker, a huge receiver, an athletic free safety and a speedy edge rusher. Failing to see the problem.

      • Dom DiTolla

        You’re missing a tight end for starters. The nose tackle is overrated and Steve McLendon only has one year of legitimate experience under his belt. Adding another right tackle to the roster would be bogus, and Darqueze Dennard represents a better scheme fit for what the Steelers do on defense.

        Do like the Johnson & Coleman picks though.

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  • Travis

    I like the picks. Being a Steeler fan in Raleigh, NC, I like the selection of Dontae Johnson in the 6th round. A very good run defender and he has underrated ball skills. Who do you see in the third, if we get a compensatory pick for the loss, or gain, of Wallace?

    • Erik Lambert

      Given there’s a chance you guys might lose Emmanuel Sanders in March, I would say Robert Herron from Wyoming. The kid is a flat out burner at wide receiver with the agility to make people miss and the toughness to go across the middle. His size limitation will relegate him to the slot most of the time but he’ll also be a big help on special teams.

      Barring that I would say double down on corners, perhaps E.J. Gaines of Missouri. He’s only 5’10″, but the kid thrives in press coverage and has the athleticism and long arms to routinely break up passes thrown his way.

  • bk

    I just don’t see Nix there or Hurst… Need another TE… maybe go Crocket Gilmore or Fiedorowiez? in the 4th.. Maybe Trent Murphy inthe 2nd…

  • Milliken Steeler

    I have been saying no to Nix at #15 in the first as he is a two down player coming off an injury. Now, if we got Gilbert and only Gilbert ( I think he is the best CB at 15) in the first, I might agree with Nix in the second however, he isn’t going to be there.

    I would actually go twice at CB and once at safety in this draft. I would also possibly grab a WR, TE, DL & RB also. We have some high draft picks on this OL and believe we just hired the absolute best person to help this line in Munchak, I think he will build Adams confidence and put him where he belongs and fix Gilbert. Gilbert issue in my opinion is his off season program and his work ethic. Munchak will fix him or he could be gone in another year. We can resign Velasco and Wallace for cheap and even add a cheap FA pickup if needed on the O-line for depth however, Coach Munchak is going to run with what we have and add Embernasty to the Mix if he is healthy.

    • Erik Lambert

      My thinking as well. Doubling down may sound narrowminded but it’s a strategy that has worked for teams more often than one might think. I don’t think they need more bodies but as you said better teachers for the O-line. Munchak qualifies.

  • Shawn A

    Long time Steeler fan and aware of all needs and current talent. I like this Mock, some surprises as I never thought of Nix in the 2nd but definitely do not like him for us in the 1st. I wouldn’t mind this draft as Nix would in fact be a steal in the 2nd and if we get a compensatory 3rd and 4th (Wallace and Lewis) then I believe we can pick up some good projects or a good slot as you said below if we lose Sanders, I like your OT and safety choices as well. I still think we have Moye and Wheaton waiting in the wings at the WR spot so Brown plus one new WR and Wheaton, Moye and Cotchery would be nice. I would hold out for a top tier TE until maybe next year as we could probably pick a project up in the 5th there is still someone with great size and good hands left? Heath and Spaeth will be nice bookends for 1 more year especially if we have them both from day 1. Nice job