Oct 19, 2013; South Bend, IN, USA; Notre Dame Fighting Irish defensive lineman Stephon Tuitt (7) during the game against the Southern California Trojans at Notre Dame Stadium. Notre Dame defeated USC 14-10. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

A Cleveland Browns Complete 2014 NFL Mock Draft


There is a real opportunity for the Cleveland Browns to give their roster a boost.  What will this 2014 NFL mock draft entail for them?

Round 1 – Teddy Bridgewater – QB – Louisville

The term “franchise” quarterback is far too narrow to really be fair in judging whether a quarterback can or can’t help a team win.  Is Teddy Bridgewater a little thin?  Yes.  Is he somewhat reserved?  Yes.  Is he also a winner, tall, accurate, intelligent and good under pressure?  Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes.

Round 1 (from IND) – Stephon Tuitt – DE – Notre Dame

Paul Kruger and Barkevious Mingo were solid additions to the Browns pass rush in 2013 but in order to go from a good to a great defense they need more push up front.  Stephon Tuitt is an ideal fit for their 3-4 scheme.  He’s big, strong, relentless and shows an instinct for finding his way to the quarterback.

Round 2 – Cyril Richardson – OG – Baylor

Alex Mack is a Pro Bowler at center but Cleveland needs to think about upgrading the guard positions around him.  Despite his struggles in the Senior Bowl, Cyril Richardson is a mammoth interior blocker from Baylor who exhibits outstanding drive that makes him a road grader on the ground.  His time played at tackle also signals he’s not a bad pass protector either.

Round 3 – Paul Richardson – WR – Colorado

Bridgewater will have some nice weapons in Josh Gordon and Jordan Cameron to work with but in order to maximize his potential he will need as many as possible.  Paul Richardson had some injury problems early at Colorado but has since returned to form as one of the more underrated playmakers in the college ranks, sporting a good 6’1″ frame, decent speed and excellent hand-eye coordination.

Round 3 (from PIT) – Lache Seastrunk – RB – Baylor

Running back was a serious problem for the Cleveland Browns all of 2013 so don’t expect them to escape this 2014 NFL mock draft without addressing it at least once.  Lache Seastrunk fell down boards somewhat due to an injury problem but the Baylor runner is a home run threat with the ball in his hands and sports compact, powerful lower body.

Round 4 – Morgan Breslin – OLB – USC

A surprising string of injuries plagued him in 2013, which was unusual considering most of his career at USC was spent without such problems.  However, during his brief playing time Morgan Breslin was one of the best pass rushing linebackers in college football.  He never takes a play off, shows great anticipation and uses a variety of moves to beat blockers to the quarterback.

Round 4 (from IND) – Deione Belue – CB – Alabama

He isn’t the biggest corner on the field most of the time, but Deione Belue may be one of the savviest.  During his games at Alabama he showcased a knack for beating receivers for body position when the pass was in the air.  His footwork allows him to take chances on big plays but also recover quickly if he guesses wrong.  Run defense is also something he embraces.

Round 5 – Chris Watt – OG – Notre Dame

Going in the fifth round pretty much says that Chris Watt is not a premier athlete at guard, but the Notre Dame product has other strengths to his game.  He is powerful in both his stance and his hands, able to control rushers and drive off the ball in the run game.  Like his fellow line mates he’s also very heady, rarely getting caught off guard.

Round 6 – Antonio Andrews – RB – Western Kentucky

Running backs are much easier to hit on in the later rounds than most other positions.  The tale often lay in the production.  Antonio Andrews was a consistent force for Western Kentucky, averaging six yards per carry and topping 1,700 yards and 16 touchdowns.  He was also an underrated receiver out of the backfield.

Round 7 – Jonathan Brown – OLB – Illinois

Playing for a down-on-its-luck program like Illinois has gotten Jonathan Brown somewhat overlooked.  The linebacker has experience on the inside and outside.  He’s thick and strong in his lower frame, boasts long arms and has a downhill mentality to attack holes and stick ball carriers.  He’s also quite adept in coverage and rushing the passer.

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  • Letterman007

    Depending on free agents, I can’t see the Browns going Defense at # 26 !!! They need A receiver or tackle there! also their need is for ILB’s not outside backers!!

    • Erik Lambert

      Jonathan Brown projects much better as an inside linebacker even though he is taken so late. Putting Breslin and Tuitt up front with Kruger, Mingo and Bryant could give you guys a dynamic pass rush. You could use another receiver, but don’t have to take one early since it can be easily addressed in free agency or the third round as I did it. Tuitt is worth more than the 26th pick, and he’s a perfect fit for your scheme.

      • Letterman007

        We already have three good DTs on the team already and need holes filled in other places more!! If you take a backer, then I would take the kid from Florida State. We need to get someone who can cover backs on screens and short over the middle and also tight ends!! But first and foremost we need offense and just a QB is not going to solve all our problems on that side of the ball. Offensive line fix, probably a tackle and move Swartz to guard!!!

        • Erik Lambert

          Tuitt is not a DT. He’s a defensive end in a 3-4 and would play with Bryant and Kruger up front. Unlike those good players you mention, and they are, Tuitt has the potential to be great. There will be some quality inside linebacker options in free agency who can help in coverage like Wesley Woodyard. Last I checked I didn’t have them taking just a quarterback. They also got a good receiver and two quality running backs as well.

          • Letterman007

            Last I saw Kruger was a linebacker, this team needs offensive help!! Jabal Shear is a good defensive end that they had to change to linebacker. We don’t need another lineman more than we need a tackle. As far as receivers go I’d rather have a more proven product in Beckham or Mathews. Richardson looks like a forth or fifth rounder. What do we need all the linebackers for if they get an inside backer in free agency!! We aren’t good enough to start taking best available player yet as too many holes to fill??!!!

          • Erik Lambert

            Haven’t you considered that maybe it’s that policy that is the reason Cleveland hasn’t won in years? It’s never a bad time to take the best player available. You have good interior linemen, so I’m not seeing the downside to adding two very good pass rushers. As to your offensive argument, I’ve added two running backs, two guards, a highly underrated receiver (he’ll be gone before the fourth) and a quarterback. If you’re looking for tackle help on the right side, you’ll probably find a cheap veteran in free agency (Anthony Collins, Zach Strief). Inside linebacker? Why not Donald Butler or a short-term option like Daryl Smith?

            I believe I covered all your major need areas (guard, running back, quarterback) while still managing to get some serious quality talent in others.

          • Letterman007

            Last year we took defense and more defense!! would not you agree had we had a better offense we could have won another 4 or 5 games or even more!! so this time it’s offense

          • Erik Lambert

            You had what you needed when Brian Hoyer was under center, which was a decisive thrower of the football at quarterback. The offense played extremely well with him. Upgrade that area and get some balance on the ground and that unit can do some damage. Four of my first five picks are on offense and you must remember this is not Rob Chudzinski in charge anymore, it’s Richard Pettine who’s a defensive guy. He won’t ignore that side of the ball.

          • Letterman007

            You must remember, Banner is in charge with Lombardi second in command and Pettine will have a voice, be it very small! Hoyer is O K but not the answer for our franchise QB, He is a bridge to him I hope! You are thinking like you and not the nuts in charge, you know the ones who got hood winked by Miami on the Bess deal!! People that were looking to trade Gordon at the deadline!! Wait till you see them in action on draft day, you think, ah he was right!! I don’t trust any of them to turn this around! I hope beyond hope they do, but I have my doubts and their actions so far have proven me out. The six pro bowlers were non of their doing and their First round pick from last year is a work in progress, let alone some of their other picks!!

          • Erik Lambert

            Fair point. The one wild card is always who is calling the shots.

  • Bobby Hoover

    I would be extremely disappointed in the Browns if this is what they come out with in May! Nothing about Teddy Bridgewater is exciting, Tuitt is tough but DE is not a need with solid play from Bryant, Rubin Hughes & Wynn. Cyril Richardson looked like a chump at the senior bowl and Paul Richardson??? Yikes! The first pick will be Manziel, Bortles or Watkins and the 26th pick should be a top receiver such as Benjamin or maybe Guard David Yankey from Stanford. Round 2 I think you gotta look at Tre Mason or Carlos Hyde!