Dec 28, 2013; Bronx, NY, USA; Notre Dame Fighting Irish offensive tackle Zack Martin (70) is awarded the game

A St. Louis Rams Complete 2014 NFL Mock Draft

Most definitely some action can be expected from the St. Louis Rams throughout the 2014 NFL mock draft process.  Here is what they could do.

Round 1 (from WAS) – Jadeveon Clowney – DE – South Carolina

St. Louis doesn’t need a defensive end.  That is the argument everyone will make looking ahead to this pick.  It’s fair to point out the Green Bay Packers didn’t need a quarterback when they took Aaron Rodgers in 2005 either.  Jadeveon Clowney is one of those transcending talents that is just too good to pass up.  Putting him in a rotation with Robert Quinn and Chris Long could alter the landscape of the NFC West.

Round 1 – Zack Martin – OT – Notre Dame

Athleticism goes a long way in the pros but so does intelligence.  Zack Martin is not the most gifted offensive tackle but he is a technician with good enough balance, solid footwork and plenty of power.  He does everything right, is never caught out of position and always seems to get his guy blocked.  Those kinds of players are underappreciated, but the Rams should and will take notice given their needs up front.

Round 2 – Deone Bucannon – SS – Washington

Safety is one of the true need areas for the Rams.  It’s not that the position is terrible but they do lack a true playmaker at that position who can take advantage of the pass rush.  Deone Bucannon is a big, physical player out of Washington who loves to set the tone with his fierce hits.  Don’t be fooled though, he’s also quite adept at taking the ball away.

Round 3 – Victor Hampton – CB – South Carolina

Jeff Fisher loves defensive backs who often have the tag “pesky” attached to their names.  That often means they are physical, tough and don’t shy away from contact.  Corteland Finnegan and Janoris Jenkins are perfect examples.  The team can use more depth in that area.  Victor Hampton is not the biggest but he boast very good athleticism and a mentality that he will throw his body around to stop the offense, by ground or air.

Round 4 – Andre Williams – RB – Boston College

He’s not a pass catcher or known for his blitz pickups but if a team is looking for a true running back in the old school sense, Andre Williams is that guy.  The NCAA leading rusher for 2013 has that thickly built body backs need.  He shows good patience and vision to find the hole and plenty of power to take and hit and keep gaining yards.  On top of that he has great buildup speed.  Durability is a question mark though, which is why he falls to the 4th round.

Round 5 – Brandon Coleman – WR – Rutgers

Tavon Austin provided the speed angle for the St. Louis Rams receiving corps in 2013.  Now they need another element for Sam Bradford:  size.  Getting a big, physical target who can go get jump balls or battle defensive backs for tough catches would be ideal.  Brandon Coleman is not a finished product out of Rutgers but at 6’6″, 220 lbs he is impossible to miss on a football field.  While not overly fast or agile, he is quite intelligent and knows exactly what he can do.

Round 6 – Ryan Carrethers – DT – Arkansas State

Though they showed improvement in the second half of the season, the Rams can’t leave this 2014 NFL mock draft without bolstering their run defense.  That means getting some size and strength up front.  Ryan Carrethers out of ArkansasState is quite a load at 330 lbs.  He’s not going to provide much help at collapsing the pocket but with enough quickness and strength he can plug holes to prevent teams from running whenever they please.

Round 7 – Andrew Jackson – ILB – Western Kentucky

Keeping with the physical mentality, St. Louis doesn’t need immediate help at linebacker but there is nothing wrong with adding depth at such a physical position.  Andrew Jackson isn’t the most athletic kid out of Western Kentucky but he is a classic thumper, able to make sound tackles and deliver hard shots to ball carriers who come within his vicinity.  He’s not worth much in coverage, but he still has value.

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  • Corey Casey

    The rams aren’t going to take Jadeveon Clowney. What’s most likely to happen is they trade down with Cleveland and take Watkins. You say the pack didn’t need a qb when they took Rodgers well Brett Favre was aging at that time and they were lucky enough that Rodgers fell to them they had to take him.

  • dylan

    I’m sorry but no that’s stupid corey. Eric is more on point..although I don’t completely agree.. Rams will not take Watkins (don’t need him) because their whole WR group is young and has yet to reach a it wouldn’t make sense to disrupt the momentum of a young career by adding someone that is automatically suppose better than anyone you have. Anyway, they should not take a RB either…focus on secondary and oline with hopefully adding good depth to the dline at DT with some size. After picking clowney of course, because I think they will pick him unless there is some trade that is worth it. (not a 2nd or 3rd round gain either, more along the lines of being like the redskins trade but not quite as good.) If their building for the future then they will invest accordingly in regards to the dline, because it was their main focal point coming into the organization and they need to stick to their roots, so to say.

  • Jim Hosereder

    1st round: Sammi Watkins, Ha-ha Clinton dicks!

  • Gary Stewart

    ok so i agree with everyone and disagree with everyone at the same time. first off watkins only becomes a target when he is a value that is too good to pass up like if the rams have traded down maybe twice and now hold tampa or minnesotas pick at 7-8, otherwise the rams will not and should not reach for watkins. grabbing a SS when we really need a FS alonside tj isnt crazy but in my mind passing on clinton dix is close to crazy and while he hasnt been mocked to the rams in every mock he almost always goes in the next few picks and a deep cover safety that flies around and can be out of the play when the qb lets it fly then at the catch site when the ball arrives belongs on a team like the rams where the opposing qb has less time to look off the safety due to the pass rush. of course that pick means if we didnt trade we took clowney and dix in my mock. so instead of buchannon i take cyril richardson at guard a true road grader for the run game and barksdale has been the best o lineman except for long so why replace him, my guess like alot of others is we will trade down, but if we dont i cant really argue with a cb in the 3rd or a rb in the 4th the DT in the 6 carrethers is a great pick if he is there. i really think the rams do not need another project at wr so if we dont get watkins or evans use the 5th rounder on another road grader or an OLB because jo lonn is on borrowed time, and by the time round 7 rolls around an ILB makes as much sense as anyone else so long as he is worthy of trust in special teams!! GO RAMS!!

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