Tebow Time in Jacksonville?

Its Tebow Time once again! The quarterback that is on top of the “People Who Haven’t Done Anything Wrong But People Still Can’t Stand Him” list along with Tony Romo is back in the news. This time it’s due to some Jacksonville Jaguars fans holding a pep rally to convince the Jags brass to sign the former University of Florida star. It probably won’t work but this means that at least these fans care about the Jags because most of the USA doesn’t. I do think they should consider signing Tebow. For the Jags I think the pros of signing him outweigh the cons. Tebow will sell tickets and jerseys. As evident by the pep rally people, especially in Jacksonville which isn’t far from Gainesville, want to see him. He’s their hometown hero after starring as a Gator. He could also help them win games. I’m not saying 8-8 with a playoff spot like Denver because the Jags don’t have the talent they had especially on Defense but he could squeeze out a few. They do have decent skill players. He could be the difference between a few wins and 0-16 which is how they looked the first few weeks of the season. The offense has been absolutely porous.  Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne aren’t the answers so why not give him a shot. Worst case scenario is they still stink so they’re still in position to draft Jadaveon Clowney or Teddy Bridgewater next year. That sounds like a win-win to me.

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  • Me Wise Magic

    Like good old Joe Kapp, Tebow has the power of a linebacker and doesn’t fit the “tall lean” QB profile but that is what makes him interesting. It is nice to not have a “cookie cutter” quarterback. Kapp had spent eight years playing in the CFL, when his former general manager Jim Finks and former rival coach Bud Grant lured him out of the CFL to play for the Minnesota Vikings. Kapp was a rough-and-tumble character who certainly wasn’t a skilled NFL passer but he knocked out defensive players and won games. In 1969, his third year as the staring quarterback, Minnesota went 12-1 and won the NFL conference. The Vikings were heavy favorites to win Super Bowl IV over the Chiefs, but it wasn’t to be. He’s tied for most touchdown passes in a game (7) and was 23-12-3 as a starter. Tebow could easily exceed Kapp if given the chance. What is wrong with a throwback player to mix things up in the NFL? He’s the only QB that runs over people – that’s awesome to watch. Like thousands of Jacksonville residents I’m for bringing Tim in. Sign Tebow!

    • Derrick Nonnemacher

      It’s not just rallies anymore 2 billboards and a plane flying over everbanks stadium during Sundays game. It’s Tebow Time

      • Me Wise Magic

        Awesome! Make sure someone gets video or pics
        BTW – How do I know there’s something magical in the air? Your message to me was at 3:16pm. I don’t think you planned that – just serendipity. Pretty cool.

  • ABchGus

    I’m the first to admit that Tim has been treated badly by the liberal secular press.
    But these people are making JAX look bad…ignant.
    Maybe a deal is cut. All these Tebow revival types sign (en masse) 3yr ticket contract deals until every seat is contracted…EVERY SEAT….in return Caldwell bows to marketing (not strategic rebuilding plan) and signs Tim.
    Hey Tim! If you really care about this town – ask these people to stop making fools of both of us!

    • Dominique Toney

      Ha. Thats funny. They should do that.