Dec 30, 2012; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen (69) sacks Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) during the second quarter at the Metrodome. Mandatory Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Jared Allen 2014 NFL Free Agency Destination: Seattle Seahawks

The sack master Jared Allen has done so many great things up north for the Minnesota Vikings that it’s hard to believe it could come to an end.  With NFL free agency looming in 2014, the 31-year old defensive end will be placed in a difficult spot.  Does he re-sign hoping his team is on track for a Super Bowl, or does he thank them for the opportunity and seek out another avenue to get that long elusive ring?

Minnesota Vikings hoping Sharrif Floyd and Xavier Rhodes help Allen

Everybody who follows the Minnesota Vikings knows they put a lot on the line in the NFL draft this year.  They know veterans like Jared Allen, Adrian Peterson and Kevin Williams aren’t getting any younger or healthier.  Their quest for a Lombardi trophy must see results soon.  That is why they executed a series of trades to land three picks in the first round, including two fresh faces on defense.  It is their hope that adding Sharrif Floyd at defensive tackle and Xavier Rhodes at corner will open up opportunities for Allen who hasn’t missed a game since 2007 and has at least 11 sacks per season in that span.  If anybody deserves a ring in the minds of Minnesota fans it is him.  Whether that will happen in 2013 is the big question.  Allen is a free agent next season and at age 32 won’t be immediately inclined to come back if he feels the team isn’t anywhere close to winning a championship.  In fact, he could follow other teammates out west to a team that looks more poised for a run than ever.

Percy Harvin and Antoine Winfield show trend with Seahawks

Football fans might as well start calling the Seattle Seahawks the Vikings of the Pacific Northwest.  They have at least three projected starters on their roster including Sidney Rice, Percy Harvin and Antoine Winfield who played in Minnesota before joining the team.  With Russell Wilson in town and the defense laden with young skill players it seems they are intent on going further than the divisional round of the playoffs.  Whether they can depends heavily on how their defense plays.  Coordinator Gus Bradley is gone, taking the head coaching job in Jacksonville.  The defensive line also underwent some changes with players like Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril signing short-term deals.  Having drafted three defensive tackles and with Bennett possibly leaving next spring, it is not a stretch at all to think Seattle will eye Allen.  He does his best work with loud home crowds bringing the noise, and there is none louder than the 12th man of the Seahawks.  His pass rush opposite Chris Clemons or Avril could give them the edge they would need to overtake the San Francisco 49ers in the race for the NFC West crown.

However it plays out depends on the Vikings.  Jared Allen tasted the playoffs last season.  The team looks better than a year ago.  If they falter in 2013 then his urges to stay may vanish as that ticking clock to win a title gets louder and louder.

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  • skeletony

    Interesting but I think it is somewhat doubtful. The reason being, and I hate to bring this into football discussions/articles but, quite simply …politics. Allen is a staunchly Conservative person (remember his rants against Obama winning in 2008?) and Seattle is like a Liberal Mecca (a good thing IMO but it’s the same reason Vick could never seriously join this team with his dog-murdering past).
    And I don’t see Schneider and Carroll breaking our bank (which is what it would take to get Allen to come here) to hire a player nearing the end of his career.

    • Erik Lambert

      Fair point, but you have to remember that by next year I highly doubt it will be about the money with Allen. You saw what Wes Welker accepted from Denver. That was chump change considering his production. Yes, Seattle is a liberal town, but it also houses familiar faces for Allen. That level of comfort and the championship prospects of the Seahawks would overcome his political views, at least in my mind.

  • Kevin

    Before anyone said anything about Percy going to Seattle I made the prediction he would be traded to Seattle I said Winfield would be restructured or released, and I thought Jared would have been traded also. To guess who, Seattle. Seattle has a need at DE. If the Vikings are not in playoff contention by the trade deadline look for Jared to be traded to a contender. What do you guys think we could get for him? I’d have to say a third and possibly a fourth round draft pick. I’ve allready said this too Cordarelle Patterson will be ORY too. To all the doughters just wait and see. And the Vikes are not resigning Jared no matter what happens.

  • jimpassi

    did you notice mock first
    yes we want him however i don’t think they are going to give us all there best players. i know i wouldent if i was them however we did give them our best pick
    however i do think we got the best deal out of that one
    i would be the first one to welcome him to his new home
    we need to stop the run
    there’s still time to grab a FA
    or pick up some one that was droped from another team
    youngster or oldster under 35

  • Michael Licari, Esq.

    Lambert must be from Seattle. Does no one remember that the Vikings went to the playoffs and had a better record without Percy than with him in the lineup? They fixed the biggest problem which was at WR by getting Greg Jennings and then drafting Patterson. The Defense got younger and better through the draft, Harrison Smith and Kahlil where rookie starters last year, Ponder can’t play much worse, and now Desmond Bishop is falling in the Vikings lap. CBSsports had them #18 in the power rankings. Allen might not be back with the Vikings but it won’t happen because they aren’t a contender. BTW, Seahawks are still mad about Hutchinson. Don’t say your not! My father-in-law complains all the time about it still and he’s a Hawks fan.

    • Ben Peterson

      So because you know this guy who’s a Seahawks fan, every Seahawks fan must share his opinions. great.