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2013 Buffalo Bills Four-Round NFL Mock Draft

The Buffalo Bills are about to undergo a major makeover. The team has released quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, who promptly signed on with the Tennessee Titans. There are rumors they could be interested in Kevin Kolb, formerly of the Cardinals, but nothing to this point has materialized.

As of this point in time, the Bills are looking at starting the season with Tarvaris Jackson at quarterback, so obviously they are in the market to draft somebody at that position. They like a variety of players, including Geno Smith, Matt Barkley, Ryan Nassib, and E.J. Manuel.

The Bills’ whole season hinges on their ability to find and properly develop a young quarterback. This is a tough draft to have this big a need at quarterback in, but the Bills should be big players. In fact, I fully expect them to be among the teams looking to trade back into the first round, as Geno Smith will probably be off the board when they are on the clock.

Key additions: LB Manny Lawson (Bengals)

1. First Round, 8th overall: Jonathan Cooper, OG, North Carolina

With Geno Smith likely off the board, the Bills are going to need to move forward with another plan at #8 overall. They lost Andy Levitre to the Tennessee Titans this offseason, and have a huge void at the guard position. Cooper is a versatile player who can play in space, has great athletic ability for a big man, and can fit what the Bills want to do offensively with speedy players like C.J. Spiller and T.J. Graham. This would be a really good pick to set up the rest of the Bills’ draft.

2. Second Round, 41st overall: Ryan Nassib, QB, Syracuse

I think the Bills will come away with a quarterback with one of their first two picks, and I think they may have to trade up to get him. I love the idea of Nassib reuniting with former college coach Doug Marrone in Buffalo, and I think he’d be a solid building block for the Bills’ offense. Nassib has been receiving a lot of attention as a potential first round talent who has reminded some of Drew Brees. He can make all the throws and already knowing Marrone’s system could give him a leg up for the starting job.

3. Third Round, 71st overall: Travis Kelce, TE, Cincinnati

The Bills have already made it clear this offseason they intend to upgrade the TE position, and they just recently missed out on former Redskins TE Fred Davis. Kelce is a big TE with good hands who could be a serious upgrade to the Bills’ offense. He has really good speed but the Bills will need to make sure his character checks out. He’s been known to be a bit of a wild child.

4. Fourth Round, 105th overall: Kiko Alonso, LB, Oregon

The Bills let go of Nick Barnett this offseason, and I think Alonso would be a nice young player to bring along as a replacement. They need some depth at the LB positions, and this guy is athletic enough to play a variety of spots as well as contribute on special teams. He only has one year of starting experience, but he’s got a very high ceiling. This would be a solid value pickup.

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  • NWBill

    As good as Andy Levitre is (and can be), he’s not worth what the Titans agreed to pay him – and there’s no way the Bills would’ve matched that contract. So, yeah, he leaves a hole on the O-line, but I think you should flip the first 2 picks in terms of position filled; Buffalo will be looking to find their QB of the future in this years’ draft, and then fill other needs … in that order. I think their preference is Nassib; talk about a guy who can walk into the system from day one, and compete! Plus, he’s a talent who competes with Barkley and Smith at the top of the available QBs this year. Getting Nassib would be a coup; but I’m also sure that Buffalo has a Plan B (and C) for the QB spot if someone grabs him before they do. Expectations are more realistic this coming season in Buffalo, as opposed to the hype spread around last year that wasn’t productive. Fans, I think, will be more willing to wait and see what the new staff and new QB – whoever he may be – do together. Better that than hype and unrealistic expectations that magnify problems!

    • SayreBedinger

      Awesome comment, great insights. I agree, I have been mocking a QB to the Bills for weeks now, be it Smith, Barkley, or Nassib. Even Glennon, at one point. I don’t think you can count E.J. Manuel out of that mix either, given the capabilities of this offense with C.J. Spiller. I think the best option like you mentioned is Nassib, but would they take him at 8? My gut is telling me it’s about 50-50 at this point, so I don’t know which direction to go. I am with you on Levitre, but as overpaid as he may have been, the Bills don’t really have much at OG outside of him, so there’s a huge void there. Cooper is a rare prospect that would allow the Bills to play the board as it falls and get Nassib and Cooper for a much better value than they could get two players of the same caliber than if they took Nassib at 8 or QB-X, then tried to upgrade at G in round two. I guess what I’m trying to say is, their situation is one of the more unique right now, given the status of their roster.

      • NWBill

        Thanks, and I track with what you’ve said, too. Buffalo had some OL talent that was injured most of last year, and I think that there will be some pleasant surprises there in this year’s training camp (if health isn’t a problem – which may have been one reason why the Bills let Levitre leave town).

        Wow … the Bills have signed Kevin Kolb to a 2 year, 12 million dollar contract (bonus-laden, no doubt). First impression? If they had signed him to a Fitz-extension-like deal, I would be pulling what little hair I have left out right now. Given the nature of that contract, though, I read it this way: Kolb is insurance against Tavares Jackson, and the Bills will STILL draft a QB at #8; hopefully Ryan Nassib. Out of a group like that, you’d have to think that ONE of them will be able to run the new West Coast offense the staff is installing. If Nassib is drafted, I’d put my money on him … with whoever wins the backup battle between Kolb and Jackson as the #2. That’s a plus situation for Buffalo, because if their QB draft pick shines out of camp, they can sit the others. If not, they have serviceable players to hold the fort until they find a future QB. If this scenario plays out, Buffalo can use the remainder of the draft to fill holes – and still keep an eye out for released players who may help them between training camp and the start of the season.

        There will be naysayers to the Kolb signing, but I see it as a Plan B-type move … in case there are any surprises during the draft.

        In that view, good move, Buffalo! Kolb can really be no worse than Fitz, and may see his deal as a way to rejuvenate his career (remember, not so long ago, this guy was a star for the Eagles). Any way you look at it, it’s a nice investment, will some serious upside if things get lucky for Buffalo.