Week 13 Quarterback Rankings

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Here are my week 13 Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings.


1. Aaron Rodgers vs. Minnestoa Vikings

2. Drew Brees at. Atlanta Falcons

3. Peyton Manning vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

4. Cam Newton at. Kansas City Chiefs

5. Robert Griffin III vs New York Giants

6. Tom Brady at. Miami Dolpins

7. Matthew Stafford vs. Indianapolis Colts

8. Matt Ryan vs New Orleans Saints

9. Eli Manning at. Washington Redskins

10. Andrew Luck at. Detroit Lions

11. Tony Romo vs. Philadelphia Eagles

12. Colin Kaepernick at. St. Louis Rams

13. Andy Dalton at. San Diego Chargers

14. Philip Rivers vs. Cincinnati Bengals

15. Josh Freeman at. Denver Broncos

16. Matt Schaub at. Tennessee Titans

17. Ryan Tannenhill vs. New England Patriots

18. Jay Cutler at. Seattle Seahawks

19. Carson Palmer vs. Cleveland Browns

20. Ryan Fitzpatrick vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

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