Chuck Amato - Defensive Coordinator for Akron. Photo Credit Unknown

Monday Football Twitter Chatter


What a great weekend of football, once again, which led to some great Tweets.  This weekend was very heavy on Tebow, replacement refs, Denard Robinson, a Chuck Amato sighting, and an interesting use of words from an Ohio State assistant coach.  Enjoy your Monday Night Football!


Evan Silva (@evansilva)
9/23/12 9:22 AM
FOX’s Jimmy Johnson on Cam Newton: “The more I see him play, the more I think he’s a lot into Cam Newton & not as much into the #Panthers.”

Andrew Brandt (@adbrandt)
9/23/12 11:08 AM
Tebow’s punt protector prowess showing:)

Barracks O’Bama (@P0TUS)
9/23/12 11:10 AM
With Tebow and Sanchez in game at same time, #Jets have double-threat to overthrow and be intercepted.#Strategy #NFL

The Fake ESPN (@TheFakeESPN)
9/23/12 12:14 PM
Jets’ Wildcat has been domesticated. Currently eating Friskies and will soon be rolling around in kitty litter.

Jane McManus (@janesports)
9/23/12 12:09 PM
You know the thing about Tebow? He’s just a great football player. Unless you mean quarterback. Or maybe wide receiver. #NFL #Jets

Jason Lloyd (@JasonLloydABJ)
9/23/12 11:31 AM
Greg Little couldn’t catch an STD in the Warehouse District.

Evan Silva (@evansilva)
9/23/12 4:24 PM
RT @AlbertBreer Got this text from a veteran scout a few minutes ago: “Peyton Manning can’t throw the ball anymore.”

Barracks O’Bama (@P0TUS)
9/23/12 6:45 PM
BREAKING: Replacement refs call #Patriots for double-dribble; send Brady to penalty box for two minutes. #NFL

Mark Schwab (@MarkSchwab)
9/22/12 5:41 PM
The fake NFL refs would’ve looked at that Michigan INT, stared around, declared incomplete, 5th down, then given the ball to Wisconsin.

Tony Gerdeman (@GerdOzone)
9/22/12 7:51 PM
Now that this UM-ND game is over I can finally watch some football.

Andy Staples (@Andy_Staples)
9/22/12 6:23 PM
I can see “Honk if you intercepted Denard” bumper stickers being popular prizes at Catholic church fairs nationwide.

Dan Kadar (@MockingTheDraft)
9/22/12 6:18 PM
Boy do I love watching Chuck Amato strutting around the Akron sideline like the most awesome 1950s body builder.

Dave Biddle (@davebiddle)
9/22/12 2:50 PM
“We only gave up 15 points; that’s all I give a shit about.” — OSU co-DC Everett Withers on the defense’s performance today. #Buckeyes

Unfortunately, it did appear that Urban Meyer gave a shit about Ohio State giving up over 400 yards of total offense to a team like UAB.


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