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Some Twitter Football Fun to Start Your Weekend


College Football is back!! And, the NFL will be in full force next week.  So, to get you started on your viewing journey, I thought I’d simply let you read some of what I thought were the best Football Tweets of the week, including the now Infamous Kent State Wrong Way Play, Craig James being history, Robert Kraft praising Tebow (not Really), Dick Vitale grousing about ticket prices and the general enthusiasm of College Football being back.  Enjoy.

Scott Fujita (@scottfujita99)
8/31/12 10:01 AM
Dear NFL,
Thank you for your letter to fans on player safety & the integrity of the game. Now can the refs please come back to work?

Mike Polk Jr. (@mikepolkjr)
8/31/12 7:47 AM
Let’s not get hung up on the particulars, can’t we just be excited that a Kent State player ran for 58 yards?#GoFlashes

Bill Plaschke (@BillPlaschke)
8/31/12 8:36 AM
My thought is, the Kent State dude who ran the wrong way was just confused, but what explains all those Towson guys chasing him?

Andrew Luck’s Head (@AndrewLucksHead)
8/31/12 4:37 AM
Skip Bayless plays the following #’s when playing the Powerball? He’s never going to win nor is it possible. 15-15-15-15-15 PB15 #Tebow

Evil Mike Tomlin (@EvilMikeTomlin)
8/31/12 10:20 AM
Robert Kraft says Brady is the best QB ever, but later realized he was excluding Tebow and apologized

Saturday Down South (@SDS)
8/30/12 8:01 AM
“College Football” is trending throughout the United States on twitter. It’s a great day! @CFB

PIRATEEQUIPMENT (@pirateequipment)
8/31/12 3:40 AM
Well folks, the best midfield logo in college football is down and Rowdy Dowdy is ready to go! #GOPIRATES#BEATAPPpic.twitter.com/de6p6bgi

Jennifer Floyd Engel (@engeljen)
8/30/12 7:39 PM
Swing. Your. Sword. What a great day for college football when Mike Leach is back and Craig James is not.

Tucker Max (@TuckerMax)
8/30/12 7:15 PM
Why are people watching the Republican convention? What kind of monsters are they? COLLEGE FOOTBALL SEASON STARTED TODAY

Brice Johnson (@bjohnson_23)
8/30/12 5:21 PM
Thank God College Football is Back….. I got tired of the same ole Baseball highlights just from different players…

Ramzy Nasrallah (@ramzy)
8/25/12 6:23 AM
It’s the last acceptable Saturday to get married until December. Best wishes to all of the selfless couples making it happen today. #cfb

NFL (@nfl)

8/30/12 4:19 PM
Jets scored a touchdown. True story.on.nfl.com/NYJvPHI

Dick Vitale (@DickieV)
8/31/12 9:07 AM
SICK of the rip off by NFL in these exhibition games. – TIX prices absurd 4 watching 2nd & 3rd string players . NFL a cash cow abuses fans!’

Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport)
8/31/12 8:17 AM
Marcus Thomas, the DT who went on a twitter rant about having the wrong picture in Madden 13, was cut by the Giants nfl.com/news/story/0ap…


That’s it for now.  Have a fantastic Football Weekend!!

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