Grading the Washington Redskins Draft, Reviewing the Off-Season Free Agency and a 53 Man Depth Chart Projection

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May 6, 2012; Ashburn, VA, USA; Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III (10) and quarterback Kirk Cousins (12) take part in drills during rookie minicamp at Redskins Park. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-US PRESSWIRE

The Washington Redskins have, as always, had a very busy off-season. The Redskins made a lot of news this year. The Washington Redskins were involved in a salary dump scandal which saw them lose a large portion of cap space over the next two years for moves made while there was no salary cap. The Redskins then had a busy free agency period despite the sanctions, and then they made waves when they traded 3 first round picks and a 2nd round pick (one of the first round picks was a swap of first round picks) to move up to #2 overall to select the Quarterback the Colts did not take–it turned out to be Robert Griffin III.

Then of course was the draft. Let’s break it down.

Draft Review


Alabama WR Darius Hanks; Southern Miss WR Kelvin Bolden; Louisiana Tech RB Lennon Creer; Oklahoma State C Grant Garne; Cal ILB D.J. Holt; William and Mary DE Marcus Hyde; Alabama CB Phelon Jones; East Carolina WR Lance Lewis; Hawaii DT Vaughn Metaoga; Virginia CB Chase Minnifield; New Hampshire DE Brian McNalley; Michigan RB Michael Shaw; West Virginia S Eain Smith


I liked a few picks up the Redskins made. Vaught Metagoa, Chase Minnifield, Lance Lewis, and DJ Holt were all guys I believed would be drafted- so getting them as undrafted free agents is great for the Redskins.

1st round-Robert Griffin III

This was a good pick that had to be made. The Redskins play in a division with quarterbacks like Eli Manning, Michael Vick, and Tony Romo. The Redskins were not winning the division in the near future with Rex Grossman or players of that ilk. The move was a costly move–it cost them three high draft picks over a three year draft period which could really hurt the depth and talent of their future moving forward.  The pick of the player is an A-having to give up so much to get him is a Solid B.

In the Third round the Redskins selected G Josh LeReibus from Southern Methodist University which on draft day seemed like a huge reach to most fans and draftniks, but it was not. I had heard prior to the draft that LeRebius could go in the third round so it was not a huge surprise to me. Do I personally think there were better players on the board? Yes. Better OL either. But it was not the reach it’s been reported as-still not a great pick. B-

The Redskins then took a player I thought was one of the most overrated players in the entire draft and that was Michigan State quarterback Kirk Cousins. I do not like this pick at all. Cousins is not a great quarterback. He lacks a big arm, he doesn’t have exceptional athletisicm, and quite frankly is decision making is suspect at times. To me he has Kyle Orton like upside. For a team that does not have a first round pick in 2013 or 2014 NFL Drafts why would they take another quarterback. I don’t see too much upside with this pick. D+. Don’t like the player, or the philosophy of the pick.

With a second fourth round pick the Redskins chose Kennan Robinson the LB out of Texas. This is a pick I liked. I thought Robinson’s best fit might be as a 43 OLB, but he can play linebacker in the 34 as well. Robinson has talent, but needs refinement. I think ultimately he’ll be a Nickel Linebacker for the Redskins. Good solid pick. B

Adam Gettis is a nice pick. The Redskins really needed to add some depth along their offensive line. Gettis lacks size at 6’2 293 pounds, but is tough and athletic. He’ll have to get stronger to make it in the NFL though.B

Alfred Morris was selected in the 6th round. This is a case where a team finds a player that fits well in their system. His value across the league might not be a high 6th round pick, but on the Redskins he is worth the pick. There were other positions the Redskins could have considered–maybe a back up TE, but I don’t vault teams for picking players at any position late in the draft. Most late round players don’t last in the league and Morris could be a number 3 back for the Redskins moving forward. B

Tom Compton was maybe my favorite Redskins pick outside of Robert Griffin III. I think they could have potentially have grabbed Compton where they got Gettis and got Gettis here. Compton has good size at 6’5 and 314 pounds and had a good predraft process. He has a shot at being a tackle in the NFL. A

The Redskins selected two cornerbacks in the 7th round. Richard Crawford and Jordan Bernstine. The Redskins need youth at cornerback and special teams help so the picks make sense. Are they great picks? No. But they are fine values. C+

Overall B-

This draft hinges on Robert Griffin III. I like RGIII, but I do have some concerns about him. I think he is intelligent enough to adept to the different offensive systems he’ll be running in the N.F.L. He has all the tools as well. I think his biggest concern is can he stay healthy? When I think of toughness I think of the AFC North and The N.F.C. East. Pass rushers are in abundance in the NFC East and Griffin has had a few injuries in college. After the Griffin pick the picks got a little weird. The Redskins had eight other picks and four out of the eight were OL or a quarterback. Interesting strategy by the Redskins.

(Roster projection and off-season analysis continued on next page)

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