ESPN and Sports Illustrated Choose Robert Griffin III for NFL Draft Covers

Put whatever stock in this you want, which might be none, but both ESPN the Magazine and Sports Illustrated have chosen Baylor’s Heisman Trophy Winner Robert Griffin III for their respective NFL Draft covers.

The reason I personally find this interesting is because neither chose to use Andrew Luck. Obviously it doesn’t speak poorly of Luck that he’s not on the cover, but I think this is just the beginning of a media frenzy that will follow RG3 as he begins his career with the Washington Redskins.

I was listening to ESPN radio earlier, and whatever show it was, they were debating who had more pressure on them to perform and live up to expectations–RG3 or Andrew Luck. Let me ask you this question: Who do you expect more out of, the Colts or Redskins?

In my opinion, there is a wrong answer to that question. I don’t think there’s any way Andrew Luck has more pressure on him to perform at a high level, despite the fact that he is replacing arguably the best quarterback of all time. The Washington Redskins have a much more high profile head coach, and they are recognized as a much more prominent team in terms of the history of the NFL. Their location also has a lot to do with it, and while it was probably unintentional, I think the magazine covers indicate to me that the pressure placed on RG3 is going to be hot and heavy from the moment he enters the league.

Forget the pressures of simply being a starting quarterback in the NFL, how about all the picks the ‘Skins gave up to get him? The heat is on for RG3, and based on what I’ve seen from him thus far, I think he’s primed to handle it and be a star in the NFL.

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