December 29, 2011; Orlando, FL, USA; Notre Dame Fighting Irish wide receiver Michael Floyd (3) makes a touchdown catch over Florida State Seminoles cornerback Greg Reid (5) and Florida State Seminoles safety Lamarcus Joyner (20) in the second half at the Champs Sports Bowl at Citrus Bowl. Mandatory Credit: Brad Barr-US PRESSWIRE

Arizona Cardinals Draft Q and A with Raising Zona

At Least one Arizona Cardinals fan wants to see the team target Michael Floyd early. Mandatory Credit: Brad Barr-US PRESSWIRE

The Arizona Cardinals closed out last season very strong–and played some of the best football in the league in the closing months of the 2011 N.F.L. draft. After a quiet off-season the Cardinals will need to have an impact draft class to make a run at the division this year.

I recently had a little Q and A session with Raising Arizona’s Scott Allen.

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1). How do fans feel about the team moving forward with Skeleton and Kolb…who do you think will be the starting QB next year?


Not sure we have much choice on the matter.  Personally, I give Kolb another chance.  However many fans are on one side or the other.  Skelton did an admirable job filling in and has learned the NFL game quicker than I thought he would, but still would put my trust in Kolb.  Needs to stay healthy.

2). After free agency what are the Cardinals need?

Well, free agency hasn’t been all that great so far, so time to address the need in the draft.  Offensive line, wide receiver are the two greatest needs.  On the O-Line, tackle is preferable.

3). Has there been a developed draft strategy under the Wisenhunt era?

Pick up every available Steelers free agent.  Actually  not far from the truth.  This year, it was William Gay at CB.  At least they addressed a need to add depth.  It’s been hard to gauge what the strategy is cause they’ve gone 8-8, 9-7, 10-6, 5-11, and 8-8 in his 5 seasons.

4). Are there some young players on the Cardinals who could step up and fill the needs (from Question 2)?

CB Greg Toler.  He missed his entire second season due to injury in the preseason.  RB Ryan Williams.  Ditto.  The young receivers haven’t grabbed it yet, consistently.  Andre Roberts will be given his chances, again.  I’m not holding my breath.

5). They say the third year is the breakout year for players, any players from the 2010 class who could break out in 2012?

See above – Andre Roberts, WR.  Dan Williams, NT.  Both have great potential.  LB Daryl Washington is already a stud.

6). Are there are any players that the Cardinals seem to have taken a liking too in the first round?

They’ve been real quiet about who they are liking in the first round this year.  If you are talking about past seasons, well, there have been some busts in my opinion i.e. OT Levi Brown, but the Cards seem to like him and I have no idea why.

7). Is there a player the fans are clamoring more at #13

Again, hard to gauge.  Not a lot of chatter.  Most I’ve seen want an OL.  Personally, I think they should go with WR Michael Floyd if he’s there

8). How would you rate the performance of last year’s rookie class?

Not many complaints.  CB/PR Patrick Peterson, TE Rob Housler both did great jobs.  They will both be stars in my opinion. Would have loved to see what RB Ryan Williams could have done.  Looking forward to his 2012 return.

9). Any word on Ryan Williams?

Nothing much other than it seems he’s on track to return for training camp.  I’m glad if there was a time for the injury to occur, it was in preseason so he can fully heal by the next one.

10). Anything else to add?

The Cards have a knack for not doing the right thing in the first round.  Not many complaints from last year with Peterson, but they passed up another Peterson (Adrian) in 2007 to get OT Levi Brown.  It’s such a crap shoot.  Just go after the best player, but it would help if it was a need position.  Don’t reach.

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