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Grading the Mocking the Draft AFC Part 2


Belichick does it again and fleeces teams for their future picks

This is the last installment of grading the mocking the draft live draft that occurred last weekend. It was a lot of fun grading and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Thankfully in a matter of a few weeks we’ll finally be talking about what actually happened in the draft.


Cincinnati Bengals

Round 1 Pick#17: Dre Kirkpatrick CB
Round 2 Pick #49: Trumaine Johnson CB/S
Round 2 Pick #53: Brandon Thompson DT
Round 3 Pick #69: Mitchell Schwartz OT/OG
Round 4 Pick #111: Chris Polk RB
Round 5 Pick #149: Chris Rainey WR/RB/PR/KRA
Round 5 Pick #159: Dale Moss WR South Dakota State

A couple of extra early-mid round picks in 2013 as well.

I like the Dre Kirkpatrick pick. I still like him as a CB, but I can see the causes for concern. B+ pick. Trumaine Johnson is not as high on my board as he is say for Mike Mayock and then double dipping on the cornerback is a little weird. I think I would have stayed in the late first round and taken another player there. B-.

Finally a mock draft where Brandon Thompson goes where he should go–in the second round. Good pick B. Too early for me on Mitchell Schwartz. First he’s only a RT to me because he’s not a tremendous athlete. Second, he has a back issue too. Even though I still have him in the top 100, I think it’s a bit too early C+. Chris Polk is a pick I love 111th overall, he’s a top 60 player on my board. A+ pick. Chris Rainey and Dale Moss are explosive late round players. I think you’re taking a player late he has to have some raw ability. B picks. Solid picks.

Overall a really nice mock draft. My least favorite pick was the Trumaine Johnson pick, but that’s not even a bad pick. Some risky players here outside of Brandon Thompson a very high upside draft. B+

Tennessee Titans

1.16 – Nick Perry DE the real USC
2. 47 – Brandon Washington OG Miami
2. 52 – Tommy Streeter WR Miami
3. 88 – Casey Hayward CB Vanderbilt
4. 116 – Phillip Blake C/G Baylor
4. 127 – Keenan Robinson OLB Texas
5. NONE (Assistant Commissioner)
6. 180 – Eddie Pleasant S Oregon

I don’t know what the 5th round pick means. I don’t love this draft either. I think every pick is a slight reach-to big reach, outside of Casey Hayward, and even than it’s not tremendous value.  Nick Perry is fine there B-. Brandon Washington is under-appreciated by most, but he’s not a terrific  second round pick to me. C-Philip Blake is a guy I’ve never been that high on I’m glad to see he’s not going somewhere crazy like the second or third round. Few realize he’s also a slight older prospect. I like the Casey Hayward pick, my favorite pick in this draft. B+. I like Keenan Robinson, but he doesn’t present that much value there to take considering that LB might be the Titans biggest strength on defense. Tommy Streeter is around 100 on my big board. D He’s Darrius heyward Bey. Sure he has some upside, but right now all he runs well is the go-route and though he can make some spectacular catches he doesn’t have consistent hands. I think they are all ok values and mostly address needs, but no real good value in this draft to me on my big board. C-

Houston Texans:

1st Round #26 – Stephen Hill, WR, Georgia Tech

2nd Round #58 – Oliver Vernon, DE/OLB, Miami
3rd Round #77 – Josh Chapman, NT, Alabama

4th Round #100 – David Molk, C, Michigan

4th Round #123 – TY Hilton WR Florida International
5th Round #154 – Blair Walsh K Georgia
6th Round #186 – Rhett Ellison, TE/FB, USC
7th Round #218 – Marcus Dowtin, ILB, North Alabama

Another draft I don’t love. I don’t think the Texans will take Stephen Hill. When I think of who the Texans have drafted recently Big explosive player with little college production doesn’t stand out to me. It’s usually player who is a hustle type player with a great head  on his shoulders, right? Hill’s not a 1st rounder on my board. C+/B-

Someone here loves Oliver Vernon a lot more than I do. D. To be fair I also checked three other big boards: Wes Bunting, MTD, and CBS and he was not in the top 100 in any of those three either.

Solid pick with Chapman there. Not the biggest Chapman fan, but no problem with him in the third round. B-.

I think David Molk is over-valued because of the position he plays. I feel like I”m piling on here but based on my board this pick is a C-/D+

Here we go a pick I like. I think T.Y. Hilton could easily go in the third round with his pure abilities. I’m a little worried about how he’ll hold up physically, but a true deep threat after drafting Stephen Hill not a necessity, but he can also take over the return duties as well. Solid pick. B.

Blair Walsh, Rhett Ellison, and Marcus Dowtin is nothing special to me. All late round picks who could potentially make a roster B-

Overall D+/C-. Yikes. Well what he can take solace in is that if this draft were to actually happen and I graded it a D+…every player is guaranteed to make the Probowl once and Hill is probably a Hall of famer. Just how these things work out!

 Baltimore Ravens

1. Cordy Glenn OG
2. Ronnell Lewis LB
3. Isaiah Pead RB
5. Nicolas Jean-Baptiste
6. Donte Paige-Moss
7. Nathan Stupar

I’m a big Cordy Glenn fan. I think the Ravens address their OL if they can. A pick. I also like Ronnell Lewis and think he’s a bit of a forgotten man. Lewis is not fantastic value here but good value. B+. Isaiah pead has some game-breaking ability and is solid value here. B. Nicolase Jean Babtiste is fine value here, and although maybe not a huge need it never hurts to have more defensive linemen. B-. Donte Paige Moss could thrive in a situation like in Baltimore. His pure football ability is not in question. B+ almost more for where he’s going rather than when he’s getting drafted. Nathan Stupar is a fine late round pick B-.

Good solid draft. B+. I grade the first rounds with more importance than the later rounds. I really like the first two picks.

New England Patriots

1.27 – OLB Whitney Mercilus, Illinois
1.31 – Traded to Pittsburgh for 2.24, 3.24 and a 2013 2nd rounder
2.16 – DE Kendall Reyes, Connecticut
2.24 – WR Marvin Jones, California
2.31 – CB Alfonzo Dennard, Nebraska
3.24 – Traded to Tennessee along with 4.31 for a 2013 1st round pick
3.31 – Traded to Green Bay for 4.11 and 5.28
4.11 – Traded to Philadelphia for 4.19 and 6.31
4.19 – DE Billy Winn, Boise State
5.28 – FS Brandon Taylor, LSU
6.31 – C/G Quentin Saulsberry, Mississippi State

A+ This is a crime that Brandon Taylor was still available that late. How in the world did New England get a 2013 first round pick for a late third and late fourth rounder? That’s insane. Add in an extra 2nd round pick. WhitneyMercilus is good value in the first round, Kendall Reyes, Marvin jones, and Alfonzo Dennard are all pretty good values as well. I think Marvin Jones would thank his lucky starts that he gets to play with Tom Brady. Billy Winn is another border line 3rd round pick good value here. How could you do better? And why were people letting the Pats take advantage of them again?


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