Grading the MTD Live Draft: NFC Picks 16-32

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NFL Mocks is Grading Your Mock Draft!

I have more fun grading drafts than I do making mock drafts…even though both are futile endeavors. I like the unexpected possibilities and matches I had not thought about before, which is why I’m taking the time to grade every team in the Mockingthedraft live draft that occurred this past weekend. I’m breaking it into four separate posts because otherwise it would approach 5,000 words.

Part 1 can be found here

I’m not bias to any teams. I took a look at our big board to create values for each pick.

Here’s the general rule for grading each pick.

An A+ pick is terrific value, fills a need, and comes with minimum risks (ie no red-flag or “character concerns”

An A pick is terrific value but maybe does not fill a need.

A B is good value pick and fills a need.

A B- is solid value but doesn’t fill a need.

Anything in the C range is average to below average value and does not fill a need.

I didn’t really go below a C-, no one doing this is a professional and has all the information and team of scouts to make a pick, so I’m not going to berate too many picks.

Philadelphia Eagles

Michael Brockers DT LSU
Bobby Wagner OLB Utah St
Brandon Boykin Cornerback UGA
Zebrie Sanders OT FSU
Ladarius Green TE LA-LF

AJ Jenkins WR Illinois
Jake Bequette DE Arkansas

Bucs Future 1 and 6

The Eagles representatives always do a really good job and this time it was no different. Michael Brockers is not one of my favorite players but I understand the appeal. He also will instantly toughen up the interior of the Eagles defensive line and help with the run game. Adding Bobby Wagner is not a bad move. Wagner is a solid 2nd round prospect and fills a need for the Eagles. I’m a fan of Bradon Boykin especially for a team like the Eagles who have talent on the outside and can play Boykin exclusively in the slot this year.

Zebrie Sanders had a bad Senior Bowl and now all of a sudden is a pariah. I think his fall from grace is exaggerated and this is a terrific pick. My favorite pick is Jake Bequette is one of my personal man crushes-we all have them. A versatile pass rusher who is a better athlete than he is given credit for. My favorite pick in the draft. A.J. Jenkins is higher on a lot of boards than on mine, but a pretty good pick.

Grade B+

Chicago Bears

1. Pete Konz C Wisconsin
2. Josh Robinson CB UCF
3. Cam Johnson DE UVA
4. Matt McCants OT UAB
5. Michael Egnew TE Mizzou
6. Danny Trevathan OLB Kentucky
7. Danny Coale WR Va Tech

This is a really good draft. I think the Bears would be happy to get a draft like this come late April.

I’m one of Peter Konz’s biggest supporters so I like the pick here and think it fills a need and presents value as well. A- Josh Robinson as a lock in the first round is a bit lunacy to me-which Mayock has suggested but perhaps he is. I make a conscious effort to not over-haul my big board based on the combine-perhaps to a fault and haven’t really adjusted Robinson up that much. I love the idea of the Bears drafting a CB early and the speed of Robinson is appealing. B-. Adding a pass rusher opposite Cam Johnson is a fringe second round value and this is about where he went (3rd round Panthers pick) Solid pick B/B+.  Matt Mcants is one of my favorite mid round developmental LT prospects. Smart pick here. B. Michael Egnew is a good pass catching tight end that has some upside. Egnew is an early fourth round value on my board. B+. Danny Trevathan is a fifth round value on my board so getting him in the sixth is a good pick. B again. Coale isn’t special to me. A late round pick who has a chance as a slot WR. C+

Overall: B+

Good value, filled some needs. Can’t ask for much more than that. Not a flashy draft, but a draft that really builds the depth and overall talent of a team.

Detroit Lions:

Mark Barron, SS, Alabama
Doug Martin, RB, Boise State
Michael Brewster, C, Ohio State
Emmanuel Acho, OLB, Texas
Case Keenum QB Houston
Marquis Maze, WR, Alabama
Brandon Lindsey, DE, Pittsburgh

Another team that takes best player available approach in the draft, but a team that is also very aggressive and will look to wheel and deal in the draft to get players they covet. This live mock general manager decided to just use picks here.  I love the first two picks in terms of value and addressing positions of needs. I don’t think RB is a big position of need if Leshoure returns with Best, but Martin is a hot name now and getting him is not a bad move. I’m a big Barron Supporter. A- for Barron B+ for Martin. After that the values are all average. These are not my favorite players. Prior to the season Brewster was highly regarded, but he’s been on a downswing since then. I’m not a huge fan of Acho, Keenum or Maze and think those are all just solid value picks,but don’t really address major needs. I don’t have a problem taking a BPA if it doesn’t fit needs. But when it’s a player I think is just solid value and doesn’t address need I’m not a huge fan of it. C for all of those picks. Brandon Lindsey is lower on my board than most, but this late is great value for a guy who has pass rushing ability. Is he a great system fit? No probably not. But a good pick. A-


Overall: I think the Lions will come away with something better than this in the 2012 NFL Draft. Nothing spectacular, really just a middle of the road draft. C+/B-

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