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NFL Mocks is Grading Your Mock Draft!

I have more fun grading drafts than I do making mock drafts…even though both are futile endeavors. I like the unexpected possibilites and matches I had not thought about before, which is why I’m taking the time to grade every team in the Mockingthedraft live draft that occured this past weekend. I’m breaking it into four separate posts because otherwise it would approach 5,000 words.

I’m not bias to any teams. I took a look at our big board to create values for each pick.

Here’s the general rule for grading each pick.

An A+ pick is terrific value, fills a need, and comes with minimum risks (ie no red-flag or “character concerns”

An A pick is terrific value but maybe does not fill a need.

A B is good value pick and fills a need.

A B- is solid value but doesn’t fill a need.

Anything in the C range is average to below average value and does not fill a need.

I didn’t really go below a C-, no one doing this is a professional and has all the information and team of scouts to make a pick, so I’m not going to berate too many picks.

St.Louis Rams:

1st. OG David DeCastro
2nd. CB Stephon Gilmore
2nd. DT Jerel Worthy
3rd. OLB Lavonte David
4th. WR Dwight Jones
6th. WR Chris Owusu
7th. WR Jeff Fuller

Great picks:

Getting Stephon Gimore at the top of round two is terrific value to me. I like Gilmore a lot and he fills a position of need. Gilmore needs some work to be a consistent coverage corner but he has been brilliant at times in college and has a lot of physical ability.

Jeff Fuller: Getting Fuller that late is a great pick. He had a bad year, but he has some abilities you just can’t teach (size is the biggest one). Fuller was hurt a lot in 2011 so his film should be somewhere in between what he was in 2010 and 2011-and that somewhere is better than a 7th round pick.

Good pick:

Lavonte David at the top of round three is good value and fills a position of need. David is a favorite of Mel Kiper Jr. as a guy who he wouldn’t mind seeing go in the first round. That’s good value.

Average picks:

Dwight Jones in the fourth round is an average pick. I’m sure if he knew they were going to end up taking two WR in the next two rounds for a total of 3 late WR they would have gone a different direction with Jones.  But alas. Jones has some ability it’s not bad pick and that’s solid value.

Jerel Worthy has all the physical ability of a first round pick, but not the production. There are questions about Worthy’s conditioning which I think are off a little bit. I just think he played too many snaps for the Spartans and would have been better off getting some more breathers. Solid value at a position of need.

Owusu-is a talented guy, but the history of concussions is worrisome. The concussions are why he is available in the 6th round.

Picks I don’t like:

David DeCastro- even though Decastro is fairly high on my big board he’s not a top five player. I’m not taking a guard at number 6 overall, especially when it’s a bit of a reach. I don’t like that pick at all.



I think the Rams did a good job of filling needs in the draft, but then again when a team loses enough games to be picking 2nd overall in the draft, every pick is going to improve some sort of need. In hindsight taking Jones in the fourth round wasn’t a great move because they were able to find good value with WRs in the 6th and 7th round. All in all a good job especially if you factor int he extra picks they get for the next few years.

 Minnesota Vikings:

1.3 Morris Claiborne, CB, LSU
2.35 Kelechi Osemele, OT, Iowa State
3.67 Markelle Martin, FS, Oklahoma State
4.98 Chris Givens, WR, Wake Forest
5.131 Travis Lewis LB, Oklahoma
7.195 Rishard Matthews WR, Nevada
7.208 Brandon Hardin, CB/S, Oregon State

Great picks:

Travis Lewis, LB, Oklahoma

Lewis had a bad year in 2011, and was over-rated after 2010 season, but getting him in the fifth round is really value and fills a need for the Vikings as well. Lewis is a versatile linebacker capable of playing multiple positions. I like this pick a lot.

Good picks:

Chris Givens, WR, Wake Forest

I’m a big fan of Chris Givens and have him in the top 75 on my board, although most don’t. I think he offers terrific upside as a guy who can really create yards after the catch and could be a guy who could develop into a safety valve for Christian Ponder. Givens is really shifty and fast.

Morris Claiborne, CB, LSU

I like this pick and dislike it at the same time. I think it’s a mistake to pass on Kalil here, but the Vikings secondary isn’t great. Claiborne is a better corenrback than Patrick Peterson, but Peterson is an amazing return man which you’re not getting at the same level from Claiborne. 3rd overall is also a little high for a cornerback when there is a potential franchise LT available for the taking.

Markelle Martin, Oklahoma State

I like Martin here as well. The Vikings could use an upgrade at the safety position. Martin has kind of become a forgotten man since the end of the college football season when he was routinely mocked in the second round.

Solid Picks:

Kelechi Osmele, T, Iowa State

Osmele is solid value there and offers potential as a starting LT. Osmele has amazingly long arms measuring at 35″ long which is really appealing. He has a lot of refinement to do, but a good pick at that juncture.

Rishard Matthews

A fine pick. The Vikings need to find a good WR. This class is deep, so I have no problem waiting in the draft to take wide receivers.

Brandon Hardin, S

Hardin is an intriguing prospect. Terrific size tested well. But he’s a late round player this is not getting a steal or anything. Just a good solid pick.

Overall grade: B

I think all and all the Vikings addressed a lot of needs here while finding solid value. I think it was a bit of a mistake to take Claiborne over Kalil, but I didn’t really deduct much for that pick. Travis Lewis is a great pick and there were no real head-scratcher picks here.

Washington Redskins:

1 RGIII (at the cost of three 1sts & a 2nd)
3 Amini Silatolu G
4 Nate Potter RT
4 Trenton Robinson FS
5 James Michael Johnson ILB
6 Jeff Allen RT
7 BJ Coleman QB

Great picks:

James Michael Johnson

I have Johnson as a top 100 player on my big board so getting him here this late is terrific value. The Redskins need to find a replacement for London Fletcher and Johnson could develop into a starter in the inside for the Redskins.

Good picks:

RGIII-This is a great pick if the Redskins are able to stay pat and grab Griffin III at #6 overall. It’s a good pick though even considering how much they gave up to gt him.

Amini Silatalou- There has been at least one scout who has said that Silatalou is as talented as Decastro. Getting him at the third round is a good pick. The reason I don’t have him as great pick is because I’m not sure how well he fits in with Shanahan’s system.

Nate Potter-The Redskins are really focusing on rebuilding their offensive line in this draft to protect their new investment after spending loads of money addressing the WR position. Potter was never a first round prospect, even though he was getting some of that buzz, but getting him in the fourth round is good solid value.

Trenton Robinson-the problem with Robinson is that he is small for a safety which is why he’s available. Robinson has terrific cover skills for a safety though. Will he remain a safety in the N.F.L. or will he be relegated to be a nickel type cornerback. Regardless he should make the roster and contribute immediately.

Jeff Allen-a developmental tackle. The focus here is clearly on fixing the offensive line. I think the Redskins need to add more youth to their defense though.

B.J. Coleman-something I’ve noticed a lot in these mock drafts is that the QB position is undervalued. Coleman won’t be available in the 7th round in the 2012 NFL Draft, so this is a good pick here.

Grade: Solid B

Maybe I don’t think the Redskins line is in as much shambles as the fans do.  Half the picks as OL seems a bit excessive, but perhaps not. The defense is good, but it’s getting older. I think the Redskins should also look to address the CB position at some point as well.

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