May 1, 2010; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Browns president Mike Holmgren talks with quarterback Colt McCoy during Cleveland Browns rookie mini camp at the Browns training facility. Mandatory Credit: Jason Miller-US PRESSWIRE

Cleveland Brows Likely to Trade up For Robert Griffin III

Imagine this picture with Robert Griffin III Next Year-It may be likely. Mandatory Credit: Jason Miller-US PRESSWIRE

For the first time since 2004 it appears that there will be maneuvering at the very top of the draft as the Redskins seem to potentially be a trading partner with the St. Louis Rams to move up to the #2 spot to select coveted Baylor Quarterback Robert Griffin III with the second overall pick, but they are not the only team.  A few years ago the Cleveland Browns were apart of a trade scenario that landed Mark Sanchez in New York at the #5 pick, but this time it could be the Browns who are giving away picks to move up.

Mary Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer puts into print what some have been speculating already:

“If the Browns determine at the Combine next week and maybe through one or two more visits that RGIII is their man, I don’t think they would hesitate to give up their No. 4 and their No. 22 to pull off this deal,” said Cabot. “… It’s almost a perfect match. I think at this point it’s very likely that could happen.” 

This news comes out after Mike Mayock’s press conference in which he said if the Browns were to move up to get Robert Griffin III they must switch their offense or potentially stifle the talented down the field thrower, their coach is a disciple of the West Coast offense (as is Holmgren), which makes it an intriguing fit and why some people have questioned whether or not Griffin III ends up in Cleveland. Mayock also said the Rams should be happy to get the Browns #4 and #22 overall selection.

I think fans are excited about the potential that Griffin III brings, but should be a bit more cautious in their optimism their are some issues with Griffin III. First off Griffin III hasn’t been extremely durable while in College, he missed almost all of 2009, and had a concussion problem this year. Second, Griffin has terrific down the field accuracy and touch, but he still has played in a spread offense and hasn’t been asked to make a lot of reads, which he will have to do succeed. Thirdly Griffin III hasn’t shown a great ability to anticipate throws. I think highly of Griffin III and have compared him to Steve Young, but I’m just saying there is more risk involved than people make it out to be.

I think outside the Browns and Redskins the other teams that would consider a move up to #2 to select Griffin III are the Seahawks and Dolphins. Two teams who have plus rosters outside the need for a franchise quarterback, which just happens to be the most important position in the N.F.L.

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