Washington Redskins: Manning vs. Griffin

I have been very vocal for a long time when it comes to this year’s draft, and what I think the Redskins should do with the 6th pick. It is simple: they need to trade up and draft RG3. Now, allowing that I’m no ‘expert’ or ‘industry know-it-all’, it stands to reason that my opinions aren’t immediately distributed web-wide and taken as fact. The conversation doesn’t end when Bradley makes his opinions known, which is OK … until, that is, I keep reading rumors and innuendos that the Skins should try and get Payton Manning.

Whatchewtalkingbout, Willis?

Sure, the caveats abound – if he is healthy, IF the Colts release him, if and if and more ifs. But even IF all the stars aligned perfectly and Manning was in top form, why should the Skins bring in yet another older, high-priced FA for potential short-term gains? The easy answer is: they shouldn’t.

I’ve thought about all sorts of ways to illustrate my points. Perhaps a pro/con listing chart where I could illustrate all the major positives and negatives side-by-side. Or, maybe, a comparison of risk reward ratios, especially considering that high draft picks aren’t getting nearly as much money now that there’s a rookie salary cap. On the other hand, I could do an in-depth analysis the best ROI when it comes to youth and potential vs. maturity and experience.

Nah. That stuff isn’t visceral enough.

And that’s the point, I guess, there are a lot of well-substantiated arguments that could be used to buttress any side of this argument. I must admit, however, that my true opinion on the matter really has nothing to do with facts, figures or well thought out arguments, for that matter. No, the Redskins need to draft RG3 for no other reason than the dude can ball and WE NEED THE EXCITEMENT HE CAN BRING FOR MANY YEARS TO COME!

Here’s the thing, and keep in mind that I have always liked Payton Manning: We desperately need ‘that guy’. There is no doubt about it. Everyone knows it. But look, I just don’t want someone else’s guy. I don’t want the guy that comes in for a few years that retires and goes into the Hall of Fame for another team. I want ‘Our Guy’, knowhatImean?

Robert Griffin III can be ours. He’s an exciting, incredible talent that can come into the Washington DC area and energize the fan base with his youth and energy. And both his sense humor and humility are needed assets on this team. He is worth it. We have plenty of draft picks, and there are some solid contributors we can pick up in free agency, some of them linemen.

So to all of those out there speculating about Manning and the Skins, just stop it. Okay? We want our own guy. We DESERVE our own guy.


Full Disclosure – it should be known that I was born in Waco, TX, and have been a Baylor Bear fan for life. So, for me, having RG3 play for my Skins could close a lot of circles and go a long way towards ameliorating the last 20 years of pain. :)

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  • http://KickAssCopywriter.com kickass

    Hi Bradley,

    So you’re from Waco, too? What a coincidence!

    Not a Skins fan myself, I sure do know that you are. So, yeah, let’s go get the RG3 guy. I guess he plays/played for the Bears?

    Great post!




  • http://KickAssCopywriter.com/ kickass

    Hey Bradley,

    Great post! You’re from Waco, too? What a coincidence! :)


  • Bradlinsky

    @kickass@copywriterxpert Thanks Carolyn! Yup, RG3 is a Baylor Bear and IMO the most electrifying prospect at QB in the draft. The Skins need his arm, legs *and* energy!

  • markymark

    Good Post BRad!

    Nice to see the word “buttress” work in a sentence. I agree with your post… Keep in mind that Manning built Indianapolis…. It wouldn’t be there as it is without him. After the Bowl, when Manning and the higher ups meet, If he knew he could play next year, and his neck/groin injury wouldn’t sideline him, he would stay there. Even tho his pops played for NO and 4’5 foot Eli plays for the Giants, (Ironic), he is still “the son” of Indy.

    My point, if Indy releases him, it’s because his groin is still tied to his neck with stitches. And Washington definitely doesn’t need another $23 billion Donovan McNugget. Like McDonalds says on their commericals….”Now made with real chicken”. Well, what was it before?? Manning obviously has proven himself, and probably still will….maybe….The Redskins can only benefit by having him OR Griffin. Manning is also still young. The Skins should play high school teams so they would get their confidence up. Or maybe Dan Snyder can buy both Manning and Griffin at the same time…he could even bring Montana out of retirement…..

    I would definitely side with Griffin tho….he had what, 80 TD’s and only roughly 20 picks? But, he has had his ACL torn out, and I know from personal experience, that’s not the best thing to have happen. Hopefully we will get a shot at RG3, as he can only better our team and make things better. Or, we can stick with Grossman, good heart, wrong profession. Definitely wrong team. We will see. (No disrespect to McNabb, Eli, Peyton, or Snyder, just an opinion…..well, I take Snyder back).

    Giants 27, Pats 14…..

  • Bradlinsky

    @markymark Thanks for the post, Mark (Walberg?). ;)

    The ACL was a few years ago, and he definitely looks to have overcome any lingering issues. And yes, although he has sprinter speed, he’s a downfield passer that can extend the play.

    Just think of the EXCITEMENT and ENERGY we’d have here for years to come …

  • markymark

    @Bradlinsky Very true….it would be nice to have hype back in Washington….Imagine if we had Cam Newton up here…..just like RG3 will most likely be very similar to….we will see. Or we can call Mark Rypien back out….and he can sprain his neck again beating it against the fan wall. I think anybody will do us good…….would be nice with RG…

  • Bradlinsky

    I really appreciate everyone’s comments! FWIW … here’s a link to my blog listing. My first blog was about our quantity/quality of draft picks the last few years, and I think explains in detail WHY I think we have enough picks and a plan in place to make this kind of move.

    Enjoy!! http://nflmocks.com/author/bradlinsky/