Senior Bowl 2012: Prospects to Keep an Eye on

Prospects with the Most to Gain


                For many of the top Seniors entering the NFL, the Senior Bowl represents a risky opportunity.  With a good week of practice their stock can either rise just as easily as a bad week of practice can lower their draft stock.  The Senior Bowl process separates those who will succeed in the NFL from those who will be exposed.  Some prospects fly under the radar until this moment and shine once they are in the light.  This article will show 10 players whose stock is about to fly up. 


Brandon Weeden:  Brandon Weeden is 28 years old and because of that has been lowered on a lot of draft boards.  I can understand that.  Though some feel he will not be drafted till late and I think that is plain incorrect.  Wheeden faced stiff competition and did very well.  If he was a normal aged prospect we would be talking about a top 20 pick.  I think after he shows accuracy, arm strength, maturity at the Senior Bowl he will be raising to Round 4 and maybe even the later parts of Round 3.    

Doug Martin:  Boise State has started to receive respect but Martin has not.  The Senior Bowl he will show off his complete game.  Martin is a Ray Rice clone with a compact build, good hands, strong lower body, and great vision.  His pass blocking is advanced as well.  I think once Richardson and Miller are gone Martin could rise to the 3rd rated RB and maybe a late 2nd round pick. 

Marvin McNutt:  McNutt was limited in college by a boring offense and pedestrian QB play.  Still he put up big numbers.  He is 6”4 and runs solid routes and has decent speed.  What separates him from others is his body control and huge hands.  I think McNutt is a star in the making and right now people have him in the 3-4th round range.  After a week not in Iowa’s offense he will move to Round 2 and could push to the later parts of Round 1. 

Mike Adams:  Mike Adams was built to play LT in the NFL.  He is 6”7, 320 pounds, with long arms.  For whatever reason he has struggled to handle elite speed rushers.  Due to this he is thought of as a RT only in the NFL.  He has the unique ability to display his footwork and make NFL scouts believe with work he can be a very sound LT who dominates in the run game.  He has the ability to secure a first round grade this week  because the LT is a hard position to fill. 

Philip Blake:  With all the attention RG3 and Ganaway have received no one has talked about their OL.  Phillip Blake is a large center who shows decent agility.  His ability to handle Nose Tackles one on one will make him a hot commodity after the Senior Bowl.  I think Blake could move into a 2nd Round Prospect after this weekend.   

Kevin Zeitler:  I find it funny that everyone talks about DeCastro but no one talked about Zeitler.  DeCastro might be better but I am not willing to admit that yet.  Zeitler dominated in both run blocking and pass blocking in college and faced much stiffer competition.  He fared well against Devon Still and Jerel Worthy who are both thought to be 1rst Round talents.  With a week in front of scouts many might start wondering if Zeitler is DeCastro’s equal.     

Vinny Curry:  Vinny Curry has been one of the more consistent pass rushers in College Football the past 2 years.  Many have written this off because of the competition he has faced.  When he played verse Mike Adams he had a multi sack game, though was destroyed in the run game.  If Curry can show consistent production this week, he could move into Round 1 for a team that displays both 3-4 and 4-3 defenses.

Derek Wolfe:  When I watched a few Cincinnati games I could not help but notice this mad man.  Wolfe is a non-stop motor who has violent hand usage.  I see Justin Smith in him once he gets acclimated to the NFL.  I cannot help but wonder why no one is talking about him as a possible late 1st or early 2nd Round prospect. 

Janoris Jenkins:  If not for his substance abuse problems Jenkins would be the #2 CB or possible the #1 CB in this or last year’s draft.   Jenkins will show elite talent but his main challenge will be in the interview room.  If Jenkins can convince scouts and General Managers that he is grown past these problems he could be a top 15 pick.  People will be reminded of how good this guy is this weekend.

Casey Hayward:  If Hayward played at a major school he would be considered a top notch CB.  He has good game speed, great instincts, plays the run well, and is a major ball hawk.  Hayward faced top competition in the SEC as well.  This weekend no one will remember he played at Vanderbilt and will only see him as a major talent who is a 2nd Round lock.   


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