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Despite His Down Season Jeffery Still Remains King at NFLMocks

Sayre and I as co-editors, collaborate on all of these position rankings so of course our big boards will look different. We have been in line with the Quarterbacks and running backs for the most part actually, but we’re very far apart on the wide receiver rankings. I’m going to just list Sayre’s rankings, I haven’t altered them at all and just note what I would change with an asterisk and an explanation following the rankings. There will be some surprises!

1. Alshon Jeffery, South Carolina
2. Justin Blackmon, Oklahoma State
3. Michael Floyd, Notre Dame
4. Kendall Wright, Baylor*
5. Mohamed Sanu, Rutgers
6. Nick Toon, Wisconsin**
7. Dwight Jones, North Carolina
8. Marvin McNutt, Iowa
9. Rueben Randle, LSU
10. Chris Givens, Wake Forest
11. Brian Quick, Appalachian State
13 Stephen Hill, Georgia Tech
13. Tommy Streeter, Miami
14. Jeff Fuller, Texas A&M
15. Ryan Broyles, Oklahoma***
16. T.J. Graham, N.C. State
17. Jarius Wright, Arkansas
18. DeVier Posey, Ohio State****
19. Eric Page, Toledo
20. Juron Criner, Arizona*****
21. Joe Adams, Arkansas
22. Gerrell Robinson, Arizona State
23. Jermaine Kearse, Washington
24. Jordan White, Western Michigan
25. A.J. Jenkins, Illinois
26. B.J. Cunningham, Michigan State
27. Lance Lewis, East Carolina
28. LaVon Brazill, Ohio
29. Derek Moye, Penn State
30. Chris Owusu, Stanford
31. Danny Coale, Virginia Tech
32. Jarrett Boykin, Virginia Tech
33. Marquis Maze, Alabama
34. Keshawn Martin, Michigan State
35. Travis Benjamin, Miami
36. Marvin Jones, California******
37. Tim Benford, Tennessee Tech
38. Junior Hemingway, Michigan
39. Rishard Matthews, Nevada
40. Dale Moss, South Dakota State

Let me first start by writing that if a player was within a deviation of two to three slots of my rankings (especially the further we go down the list) I did not single that out. I mean that’s not a huge deal.

First off I was surprised that Jeffery was ahead of Blackmon on Sayre’s ranking, but it doesn’t bother me that much. I still like Jeffery as a player and think the two are comparable talents. The player I like the most purely as a football player would actually be Michael Floyd, but he might be a pain so without interviewing him or knowing him I’d leave him behind the other two (I don’t know him personally, but he does come with baggage).

*Kendall Wright is reportedly on some big boards as the number one WR prospect in this draft class which takes me by surprise. I’ve watched Wright more than a few times and I’m just worried I’m missing something. He’s a fine player, but I like Sanu and Jones better than Wright. I wouldn’t draft Wright in the first round and not just because of the height.

**Nick Toon is one of those players that is all over big boards. I don’t think he’s a number one WR potential at the next level which is why he is not as high for me as he is for Sayre. He competes well and does some nice things, but he’s a few slots lower on my board behind McNutt, Rueben Randle, and some guys I’ll mention later.

***I sent Sayre an email asking him where he’d rank Broyles if he found out he’d be healthy for next year. That’s ultimately where his value lies. If he was healthy I think I like him more than Wright though I’d love to see him compete in a Bowl game and follow his progress through practices. But because of the injury I can get on board with this slotting.

****Devier Posey to me as a world of talent and I like him in the back end of the top 10. Posey is stained a bit by the Ohio State scandal, but the guy has what you’re looking for on the field.

*****Criner too is in the same boat as Posey for me. There are internet rumors (not confirmed by me) that Criner might not have what it takes in between the ears to handle the rigors of the N.F.L. If that’s the case then of course you stay away, but he has the kind of ability that if he maximizes on it he can be relied on to make plays as a X receiver in the N.F.l. I don’t feel the same about a lot of the guys ahead of him.

******Marvin Jones is my favorite “Sleeper” Wide receiver in the class. He played at a big school so he’s not a prospect coming out of nowhere, but I think he can stretch the field in the N.F.L. and play on the outside as he develops. I just wanted to highlight him because I think he’s sneaky fast, and lengthy and makes plays over the top. If your favorite team drafts him or gets him as a UDFA they could have a steal.

What do you guys think?

How would you rank the WR in this draft class?

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