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Russel Wilson makes the biggest jump on our latest updated position rankings

Now that all of the underclassman have officially declared for the N.F.L. draft, Sayre and I will be releasing our position rankings and big board over the next week. Sayre and I do a collaborative effort so our big boards will differ for sure, but this is a consensus rankings, I’ll note for the record where Sayre and I diverge signicantly.

Scouting reports for most of the players can be found on our scouting report page.

1. Andrew Luck, Stanford

2. Robert Griffin III, Baylor

3. Russell Wilson, Wisconsin

4. Ryan Tannehill, Texas A&M

5. Brock Osweiler, Arizona State

6. Nick Foles, Arizona

7. Brandon Weeden, Oklahoma State

8. Kirk Cousins, Michigan State

9. Ryan Lindley, San Diego State

10. Case Keenum, Houston

11. Chandler Harnish, Northern Illinois

12. B.J. Coleman, Tennessee Chattanooga

13. Darron Thomas, Oregon

14. Dominique Davis, East Carolina

15. Austin Davis, Souther Miss

16. Aaron Corp, Richmond

17. Kellen Moore, QB, Boise State

18. Patrick Witt, Yale

19. John Brantley, Florida

20. G.J. Kinne, Tulsa


The player that has the most disagreement might be Russel Wilson. Sayre has loved Russel Wilson all year and had him behind Barkley and Jones, but still in his top five for most of the year. He’s won me over more as the season as progressed, but  I wouldn’t have him at number three. I’ve left Wilson where Sayre has him though for now. 

Sayre likes Kellen Moore a lot more than I do as well. I’ve moved Moore down 7 spots. I realize that he’s a winner, but I don’t think he makes a lot of N.F.L. throws. Not rooting against him, I just don’t see him starting in the N.F.L. and like the guys ahead of him more.

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