NFL Picks vs the Spread Championship Weekend

Alex Smith isn't great, but he's Proven clutch this year

Last week was quite exciting as the Giants traveled out to Green Bay to stun the Packers. It was not stunning that the Giants won, they are a very talented team, it was stunning that they beat down the Packers in Green Bay. The Ravens on the other hand didn’t play a great game, but were able to overwhelem T.J. Yates and the Texans, though Arian Foster might now be the number one running back in the league in my mind. The Patriots absolutely walloped the Broncos and the 49ers played smash mouth football to upset the Saints, thanks in part to a large number of turnovers.

What will this week bring? Let’s check it out.

Baltimore +7.5 at New England

+7.5 Whew that seems like an awful lot of points. I’m one of the Joe Flacco “haters” and have never found him that impressive, but still I think 7.5 is way too many points for a team that can play defense. The Ravens also have a lot of talent on offense with good pass catching tight ends, the deep threat that is Torrey Smith and Anquan Boldin. They also have one of the best running backs in the league in Ray Rice. I think the Patriots can win this game, but I”m not willing to lay 7.5 points.

Giants +2.5 at 49ers


Well this game is going to have a huge impact on the two quarterbacks of this team. If Eli Manning is able to win this game out in San Francisco he’ll have brought the Giants twice to the Superbowl, winning at least one, putting him in rarifed air (especially if he ends up winning a second Superbowl). For Alex Smith this is a huge opportunity in final redemption. If Alex Smith is able to get to the Superbowl, he may finally shed the bust label. Yes, he’s not a great quarterback still, but he is showing some meddle and has been terrific late in games this season. A win here and this pick can not really be considered a mistake, the goal of any team is to find a quarterback who can get them to the big game (and win). Huge game.

The 49ers have two huge advantages on the Giants. The first is special teams. The Giants special teams is average on their best day. The 49ers special teams are exceptional. The 49ers are also a much better running team than the Giants. The Giants on the other hand are more explosive on both sides of the ball. Justin Smith is terrific and the 49ers linebacker group is great as well, but they don’t strike the same fear to the opposing quarterback. The 49ers are favored by 2.5, which is fair because they are home. I’m leaning towards the 49ers right now today, but this pick can definitely chanee as the week progresses.


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