2012 NFL Mock Draft 7 Round Washington Redskins: Robert Griffin III a Lock

I'll Be Stunned if the Redskins Don't Seriously Consider Trading up for RGIII

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After years of trading draft picks away like Daniel Synder was allergic to them, the Redskins have settled down a bit in that regard and have really started to build a lot of the complementary pieces to a good football team in Washington. They had a whopping 12 selections in the 2011 N.F.L. draft. I believe they head into this draft with all seven of their draft picks, plus an additional 4th rounder for the Jason Campbell trade, though with the big free agent signing of Barry Coefield they are probably not in line for any compensatory picks.

Click on the names for the players scouting report, all of which come from our scouting report page.

1st round: Robert Griffin III

(Trade away their first a future first and their third rounder, and Oakland’s fourth rounder to move up to #2 overall. I know it’s very early in the process, but I can’t imagine the Redskins not trying to move up to get Robert Griffin III. Like I said the team has a lot of complementary pieces, but they just don’t have a great quarterback and when they play in a division with Eli Manning, Michael Vick, and Tony Romo they are going to struggle to compete for a division title without a quarterback. The fact that they made 12 selections last year affords them the opportunity to move up a bit.

Griffin III is worth it. He has to refine his technique so that he is always coming from a consistent arm angle, and while I’ve compared him to Steve Young, or a more accurate Jake Locker, he has that scary speed that Michael Vick possess, but without any of the character concerns. If the Redskins don’t make a move up for Griffin III they could regret it for a long time. Did I trade away too much for them to move up four slots? Maybe. But if their is a bidding war with this pick they will have to over-pay.

2nd Round: Stephon Gilmore, CB, South Carolina

Gilmore has been off the minds a bit of draftniks, but I’m not sure why. This guy is still a competitor. He’s very talented and versatile. He can play the run, return punts, and even has potential at safety. The Redskins secondary doesn’t impress me at all. Even though they have a terrific pass rush with Kerrigan and Orakpo and solid line play lead by NT Barry Coefield they were still 21st in the league in points allowed. Part of this has to do with the offense having untimely turnovers, but the other issue is the inconsistent play of their cornerbacks. WR is more of an immediate need, but with the drafting of Leonard Hankeson last year and the fact that I think Kendall Wright and Dwight Jones will see their names called before this pick, the options are limited.

3rd round pick (Traded away for RG III)

4th round pick: Trevor Guyton, DL, California Golden Bears

One of my favorite under-discussed players. Guyton isn’t overly gifted in any one area, but is a really nice hustle prospect. He might not ever develop into a pro bowler or anything but will provide excellent depth and an ability to start effectively in the league for years to come. The Redskins need to continue to add talent along their front seven if they want to keep up with the potent offenses in their division. This is also good value here.

4th round pick (Traded away for RG III)

5th Round pick: Bobby Wagner, LB, Utah State

Despite how hard he may try, London Fletcher will not be able to play forever. Wagner could potentially be London Fletcher light for the Redskins. Wagner is extremely productive and instinctive and plays hard every play. Fletcher is criminally under-appreciated. How does this guy not make the pro bowl every year? I believe he’s only made one in his entire career which is tragic, but I digress. Eventually the Redskins will have to replace Fletcher and I”m not sure that replacement is yet on the roster.

6th Round pick: Marvin Jones, WR, California Golden Bears

I had no intention of waiting this long to snag a wide receiver, but I Think the Redskins get a good one here. I also had no intention of giving them not one, but two Golden Bears players. Jones has plenty of N.F.L. ability and is a great value selection at this point.

7th round: George Iloka, Boise State

This might be wishful thinking for the Redskins here, but there are always good players who fall into the 7th round range. The Redskins need to find some more safety depth and talent.


I went much heavier on defense than I originally set out to, but these things happen in drafts. let me know what you think Redskins fans. And what’s your ideal draft look like? Leave it in the comments.


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