Penn State Nittany Lions vs Houston Cougars Ticketcity Bowl

Keenum is the big name, but he's not the best prospect in today's game

Today the Penn State Nittany Lions will take on the Houston Cougars in the Ticketcity Bowl (Whatever that is?). This is not the greatest bowl game matchup. It’s disappointing for both teams. Houston hoped to be in a BCS Bowl but their undefeated record  ruined by Southern Mississippi, while Penn State feels sleighted to be in the Ticketcity Bowl despite a 9-3 record. Despite what has happened in the past two months for these teams, there is a game to be played and there are some NFL prospects in this game. Though not too many. I’m going to particularly highlight three players.

Here are some of the players to watch:

Houston has two players who will without question be drafted.

Case Keenum, QB

Keenum is one of the most productive quarterbacks in College Football history. But there will be questions abound about him? Does he have enough size? Enough strength? Is he a product of the system? These are all valid questions that he will have a chance to answer in the upcoming months. It could start today. For what it’s worth I prefer him to a player like Kellen Moore, by a wide margin.

OLB Sammy Brown

Brown is another supremely productive player. One of the most productive non-talked about players in College Football. Brown is 6’3 240 pounds has amassed 28 tackles for loss and 12.5 sacks this season to go along with 16 QB hurries. This man has been virtually unblockable.

Here is a snippet from Sayre’s scouting report on Brown

PROS: Speed, production, awareness, pass rush ability, makes play behind the LOS, really like his potential as a third down specilalist

CONS: Sometimes gets sucked into plays, a little too light to play at the LOS in the NFL, can get engulfed by blockers, has to figure out if he is a one-trick pony.

Two wide receivers to watch for in today’s game are Houston’s Patrick Edwards and Justin Johnson.

These two players have combined for over 2500 yards receiving and nearly thirty touchdowns.  Edwards is very undersized listed at 5’9 175 pounds, but is averaging nearly 20 yards per catch.

Penn State

Devon Still, DL

Unquestionably the best prospect in this game today and a potential top 15 pick (though late round 1 seems more plausible at this moment). Still will benefit from a down DL Class, but he’s a nice prospect in his own right .

Jack Crawford, DL, Penn State

 A later round prospect who hasn’t been productive enough in his career. But has had a better year this year. He has good size at 6’5 273 pounds.

For other Penn State players check out Sayre’s list of top prospect for the Nittany Lions

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