Robert Griffin III will enter the N.F.L. draft

Now that Robert Griffin III has entered the draft, the hype can Truly begin!

I’m sitting here at home waiting for the final day of the N.F.L. season to start when I see it scroll across the bottom of the screen that Robert Griffin III will enter the N.F.L. draft.

This is not really a big surprise even though there was speculation abound that Griffin III could return to school to finishi his Law degree.  I think as soon as Barkley decided to return to school, though, I decided RGIII would enter the N.F.L. draft. He now becomes the clear favorite to be the 2nd QB drafted and a potential top two pick. Hard to pass up

With Griffin entering the draft new specuation will arise. Here are the following questions you should prepare yourself for as ESPN will beat them to death over the course of the next four months:

How much will a team give up to move up and select Robert Griffin III?

In what ways does Robert Griffin III compare favorably to Michael Vick?

Griffin III has his offense called all for him can he learn to read a N.F.L. offense?

In what ways does Griffin III compare to Cam Newton, can he have the same kind of season?

Just a few of them to get started, get used to it!


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