Fantasy Football Keeper League Keepers: Wide Receiver and Tight Ends



Brandon Marshall:     If you are in a PPR league I would keepMarshall otherwise I would let him go.  He gets yardage but does not score enough TD’s. Marshall is a lock for at least 80 receptions every season. 


Wes Welker:  You would need a very solid roster to not keep Welker.  In a PPR league he is a near lock.  In normal formats I would tread carefully since this was a career year and not the norm for Welker. 


Mike Wallace:  Many might think Wallace is a near lock but I would let him go.  Since Antonio Brown’s arrival Wallace’s numbers have plummeted.  Only so many deep passes will get completed each game.  Their styles of play will limit each other’s impact.  I would pursue other options to keep.


AJ Green:  Green’s rookie season was amazing.  He will be over 1100 yards and have 6-7 touchdowns.  His chemistry with Andy Dalton is very advanced for a rookie pair.  I believe year 2 will be even better.  If you can keep 3 players, Green should be one.


Deneyrius Thomas:  I know Thomas really took off the last ¼ the season but his body of work is lacking.  I target him as a sleeper draft pick but far from a keeper.


Dwayne Bowe:  As long as Bowe is a Chief, I would not consider keeping him.  It is not a testament of his ability but the Chiefs are a conservative passing team.  Large numbers will be the exception and not the rule for Bowe.


Vincent Jackson:       Jackson ends the season with nice numbers but is a one large game and two quiet game player.  I like my keepers to be weekly contributors.  I would not keep  Jackson. 


Hakeem Nicks:  Nicks is a big time playmaker.  He took a backseat to Cruz this year but still produced solid numbers.  My problem with Nicks is his injury history.  I would keep other players.


Victor Cruz:    No one knows yet if Cruz is a one year wonder or young stud WR.  With the type of season he had no one should bet against him.  Cruz deserves the benefit of the doubt and it would be wise to bet on him.


Larry Fitzgerald:  Larry is as consistent as the sun rising.  He will always be a top 7-10 WR in fantasy football.  Keep him since his chemistry with Kolb/Skelton will only get better. 


Greg Jennings:  Many might consider droppingJennings due to the Packers abundance of weapons….bad mistake. Jennings is the best of the bunch and will go for over 1200 yards and 10 TD’s every year.  Keep this kid.


Calvin Johnson:  You need my advice on Megatron?????  If you are in my league than I suggest dropping him… I can pick him up.  1300 yards and 12 TD’s will be the rule for this freak of nature. 


Roddy White and Julio Jones:  Keep both since there is plenty to go around for both.  Roddy White is a near lock for 100 receptions every season and Julio is going to be a big play WR. 


Marques Colstone:  Colstone is productive but will lack the big potential you want from a keeper.  While 80 receptions, 1000 yards, and 7 TD’s are his usual numbers that kind of production can be drafted…keepers need to produce more.


Andre Johnson:  I think fantasy owners are tired of his injury prone career.  I say drop him and keep someone healthier.




Rob Gronkowski:       One of two TE’s that is worth keeping.  While I do not expect 15+ TD’s every season Gronkowski will be Brady’s top red zone and third down target. 


Jimmy Graham:  He is this generation’s Tony Gonzalez….no one is like him in the NFL.  90 receptions, 1200 yards, and 10 TD’s will all be usual numbers for this kid.  Keep him!!!!!    


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