2012 3 Round Mock NFL Mock Draft: Barkley staying and RGIII all but gone to the Cleveland Browns?

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Round 3


1. Indianapolis Colts                 Casey Hayward         CB           Vanderbilt

In Rounds 1 and 2 the Colts addressed QB and the OL.  In Round 3 the Colts get a steal at CB with Hayward.  Hayward is an under rated prospect who has thrived on a bad team in the SEC.  He has made tons of big plays and is a very sound tackler.  Combined with Jerraud Powers the Colts would have a sound CB duo. 


2. St. Louis Rams                  Nick Toon                                WR           Wisconsin  

The Rams 1st priority is to make sure Bradford succeeds.  Getting a franchise LT in Round 1 helps and now help at WR in Round 3 with an ultra talented yet injury prone Nick Toon.  Toon’s numbers are limited by Wisconsin’s offensive game plan and the fact he has struggled with numerous minor injuries.  Toon has good size, great hands, and can routinely win jump balls with good leaping ability and body control.  Rams finally get a vertical threat to go along with their numerous possession Wide Recievers.  


3. Minnesota Vikings                Robert Lester           FS            Alabama   

The Vikings addition of Morris Claiborne is still not enough for this putrid secondary.  The Vikings safeties are more run defenders than coverage safeties.  The lack of interceptions from the safety position is alarming.  Robert Lester would help in that regard.  Lester is a very cerebral center field safety who constantly reads quarterback’s eyes.  Claiborne and Lester should help out against their vertical NFC North opponents. 


4. Cleveland Browns             Ryan Miller                               OG           Colorado

Drafting Robert Griffin and playmakers Kendall Wright and Lamar Miller will do little good if the Browns do not fix their holes at RT and LG on the offensive line.  Ryan Miller has played both RT and OG and has good size, power, and quick feet.  While he has played the OG position better he could develop into a starting caliber RT for the Browns. 


5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers     Tommy Streeter        WR           Miami   

Drafting Trent Richardson will go along ways improving the big play potential of the offense….Streeter will do the same at WR.  Streeter possesses great size and speed…what he lacks is polish in his route running and inconsistent hands.  While I admit he is a risky prospect in the third round he is worth the risk. 


6. Jacksonville Jaguars         Frank Alexander       DE            Oklahoma  

The Jaguars have drafted a #1 WR and a sound CB.  Their next hole is at DE where the Jaguars are not weak but lack a consistent threat.  Alexander has the ability to become that player.  Alexander has great speed and has very developed moves but has had a bit of an inconsistent career at Oklahoma.  He faces a big challenge in his Bowl Game Matchup verse Riley Reiff and if he can perform well he might move into the 2nd Round. 


7. Washington Redskins         Brandon Washington               OG           Miami

Washington Redskins’ interior Offensive Line has been devastated with injuries.  It could also use an upgrade at the Offensive Guard position.  Washington has the foot speed and quickness to do well in the Redskins zone blocking scheme.  While Washington moved to Left Tackle in College he is destined to move inside.  


8. Buffalo Bills                       Colby Fleener           TE            Stanford

The Buffalo Bills lack play makers on both sides of their team.  In Round 1 and 2 they acquired pass rushers to help on defense.  In Round 3 they select Colby Fleener who is Andrew Luck’s main security blanket.  Fleener excels at finding the crease on the defense and getting open.  His height also makes him a red zone threat.  Fleener will help out on the Buffalo Bills efficiency on third down and red zone production.  


9. Kansas City Chiefs               Jared Crick                               DL            Nebraska

The Chiefs could still use another pass rusher at the 5 technique.  Jared Crick should be healthy by the time off season workouts begin.  If so and he performs well Crick would move back into 2nd Round consideration.  Crick is a great 5 technique do to his size and speed.  Crick has power rush moves and would be an anchor against the run.  With Poe at NT and Crick at the 5 the Chiefs defense will be very special next season. 


10. Chicago Bears (T)               Travis Lewis             OLB         Oklahoma   

The Bears will soon have major problems at the LB position.  WLB Lance Briggs is regularly demanding trades and new contracts…Urlacher is aging…and the Bears have lacked a consistent SLB for a while.  Travis Lewis has the ability to fill the SLB hole on the defense.  Lewis was once considered a 1st Round prospect but injuries and personality problems have lowered his stock.  Still Lewis is a punishing tackler and can blitz and drop back in coverage solidly.      


11. Miami Dolphins                   Julian Miller             DE/OLB    WV

The Dolphins will not take a Quarter Back in Round 3 so it is time they address the Rush Line Backer position.  Cameron Wake is a stud but they lack another pass rusher.  Koa Misi is better served at ILB so the Dolphins will take a long look at versatile Julian Miller.  Miller has good size and speed and has played a multitude of positions at WV.  With his speed and advanced pass rush moves I think Miller can play the SOLB position for the Dolphins and turn out to be a steal.  


12. Arizona Cardinals              Bruce Irvin                               DE/OLB    WV

Sam Acho and Daryl Washington are young studs on at the linebacker position for the Cardinals.  The other two positions are filled with mediocre veterans.  Bruce Miller was a highly regarded prospect going into the season (though I stated he was more athlete than football player) and he has disappointed.  I think the Combine will show Irvin’s potential and get him into the mid 3rd Round.  The Cardinals will take a risk on this speed demon and hope to teach him some pass rush moves.  


13. San Diego Chargers        LaMichael James      RB           Oregon   

The Chargers replace Sproles in this draft whose departure really hurt Rivers production.  LaMichael James would give some speed and big play potential at the Running Back position.  He would complement Ryan Matthews and go along with Konz and Jeffrey in the Chargers new offense.    


14. Chicago Bears                    Jake BeQuette           DE            Arkansas   

The Bears could use a replacement at LDE.  Corey Woottoon has not done enough to secure the position.  Jake BeQuette struggled with a hamstring injury earlier but has come on late.  He is very strong and very intelligent.  He has some speed too and will be highly regarded after showing off his skill set at the Senior Bowl.  Getting Travis Lewis and Jake BeQuette in Round 3 was a steal for the Bears.     


15. Dallas Cowboys               Kendall Reyes          DT            UCONN

The Cowboys have worked to improve the secondary in Rounds 1 and 2.  Now in Round 3 they can look for upgrades for their DL.  Jay Ratliff is winding down and has little help flanking him.  Reyes would be a very good 3-4 DE where his size and speed would come into play.  Reyes has performed well for UCONN and has made a living in the backfield this season.    


16. New York Jets                      Nick Foles                                QB           Arizona

It seems like the Jets are taking a bunch of risks in this draft doesn’t it?  Well, the Jets normally do and now that the pass rush and Offensive Line has been addressed I think the Jets take a risk on a QB to either push or replace Sanchez.  Nick Foles has a very strong arm and is very large and decently mobile.  Foles only problem is he checks down a lot and has bouts with inconsistencies.  Still, he carried a mediocre team every week and was forced to score a bunch of points to compete every week.  I think Foles could do well in New York.         


17. Philadelphia Eagles            Matt Reynolds          OT            BYU  

If Reynolds was not 25 years old I would have him in the mid 2nd Round.  The Eagles could use a RT and would love to put Herramens back to LG which is his preferred position.  Reynolds is very mature, intelligent, and has improved footwork.  At this stage he is a better pass blocker than run blocker but he is very sound at both.  I think Reynolds starts day 1. 


18. Seattle Seahawks                 Sean Spence             OLB         Miami   

Since trading Aaron Curry and releasing Lofa Tatupula the Seahawks have lacked LB depth.  Current OLB Leroy Hill is an up and coming FA and KJ Wright has played solid but could be improved.  Sean Spence is an incredible athlete who makes big plays but can be too aggressive and take himself out of plays…he is also under 230 pounds so he needs to bulk up.  Regardless he will push the starters and in time could be a big time player.   


19. Tennessee Titans             Donnie Fletcher        CB           BC   

The Titans will more than likely lose Courtland Finnegan this off season.  The Titans have a very sound young duo in Alteraun Verner and Jason McCourtney but lack depth and competition.  Donnie Fletcher is a big bodied press CB who has solid hands.  I think he would win the slot CB spot and push both starters.  In the NFL you can never have too many talented young Corner Backs. 


20. Atlanta Falcons               Orson Charles          TE            Georgia  

The Falcons need to prepare for the eventual departure of Tony Gonzalez.  I think Tony has one more season and it might be wise to get his replacement this off season so he can have a one year internship.  Orson Charles is an incredible athlete and play maker but is very raw and would be the ideal prospect for this team. 


21. New York Giants                                Lucas Nix                 OG           Pittsburgh  

On top of the hole at RT the Giants also need an upgrade at LG.  I think Jones and Nix who both are versatile would be great selections in this year’s draft.  Lucas Nix is a powerful run blocker who has solid athleticism and versatility.  The Giants love blue collar workers such as Nix and Jones and could be year 1 starters. 


22. Denver Broncos                   Andrew Datko           OT            FSU

The Denver Offensive Line has done a solid job in run blocking but has given up a ton of sacks.  This number is inflated due largely in part of Tebow’s long throwing motion.  Still I think RT Orlando Franklin would be a much better OG and could slide into the LG spot and Datko could play RT if healthy.  Datko was a borderline Late 1st Round early 2nd Round player.  I think he is more suited for RT and would give the Broncos upgrades at 2 positions.   


23. Houston Texans                   Zebrie Sanders         OT            FSU  

Everyone has Sanders moving up in recent mocks.  I admit Sanders has done a decent job at LT since Datko’s injury but is still more suited to play RT.  Let’s not remember he was stuck at RT because of Datko.  I like his foot work and athletic ability and his versatility to play both Offensive Tackle spots is a nice luxury. With the Texans starting Offensive Tackles nearing FA it might be nice to bring in some insurance before it is needed. 


24. Cincinnati Bengals       Danny Trevethan      OLB         Kentucky  

I fully admit after the Senior Bowl and off season workouts the name Danny Trevethan will become more widely known and might go in Round 2.  Trevethan is an animal that does it all…sack the quarterback, blow up ball carries, and drop back in coverage.  Playing at Kentucky has left him in the shadows but some intelligent and lucky GM will get a steal.  The Bengals would love his aggressive play and pair him with Maulugua and Rivers to form a great trio.  


25. Detroit Lions                      Lonnie Edwards       OG           Texas Tech

The Lions might not be able to replace Backus and Cherlius this off season.  That doesn’t mean they can’t replace the interior Offensive Lineman though.  Ben Jones and Lonnie Edwards would replace an aging Raiola and an inconsistent Peterman.  Edwards is a large man who is a mauler with deceptive athletic ability in his pass protection.  Lions get a pair of mean, nasty interior offensive lineman they have been missing for some time.  Matthew Stafford, you are welcome.        


26. Pittsburgh Steelers          Levy Adcock             OL            Oklahoma State

The Steelers Offensive Line has done an okay job this season but LT and RG are still a problem.  Adcock was a dominant Offensive Guard until Okung left and has done admirably at LT.  It appears Adcock has too sluggish of feet to stay at LT but would become a more than adequate RG with great power and strong hands.   


27. San Francisco 49ers        Chase Thomas        OLB         Stanford  

This late in the third round, Chase Thomas, is a steal.  He is similar to Brooks Reed and has a non-stop motor and has the intelligence to pick up complicated schemes very early on.  With Ahmad Brooks being a FA it is wise for the 49ers to obtain another rush Linebacker to pair with Aldon Smith. 


28. New England Patriots      Juron Criner            WR           Arizona

The Patriots double dip again but this time at WR.  Criner has great size, deceptive speed, big hands, and is very good at jump balls utilizing great body control.  Criner had early problems with his behavior but has grown up in the last year.  Criner and Jones could be the difference next season for the Patriots. 


29. Green Bay Packers            Winston Guy Jr        SS            Kentucky

Another Kentucky sleeper, Winston Guy Jr, is a very complete SS.  With Nick Collins’ career in question it might be wise for the Packers to acquire a possible replacement.  Morgan Burnett is a very solid young FS and Guy Jr would complement him well.  Guy hits like a truck and is developing in pass coverage.  More than likely Guy will have to sit for 1-2 years but could be a Pro Bowl talent afterwards.    


30. Baltimore Ravens                William Vlachos        C              Alabama  

Center Matt Birk and LT Bryant McKinnie are nearing the end and replacements need to be found soon.  William Vlachos is the leader of the Crimson Tide OL and would be a welcomed student for Birk to train.  Vlachos is very intelligent and plays with nastiness.  He needs to work on his pass protection but is a very sound run blocker.       


31. New Orleans Saints            David Molk                               C              Michigan

The Saints have two questions on the Offensive Line.  First, can they resign Carl Nicks?  Secondly who is going to play Center next season?  The Saints would like a center like David Molk.  Molk is very intelligent and very mobile.  He is very good at pass protection….his weakness is his size.  Molk would need 1-2 years bulking up and the Saints would be wise to get a veteran to bridge the gap.   

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