2012 3 Round Mock NFL Mock Draft: Barkley staying and RGIII all but gone to the Cleveland Browns?

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If you’re interested in seeing the scouting reports for the players in this 2012 NFL mock draft check out our scouting report page which has nearly 200 scouting reports.

One other quick note, Alabama T Barrett Jones has reportedly decided to forego the N.F.L. draft and return to Alabama next year. He will not be included in any future updates.

1. Indianapolis Colts                  Andrew Luck            QB           Stanford

Andrew Luck is one of the better Quarterback prospects in recent memories.  His pre-snap recognition reminds many Colt fans of Peyton Manning.  I think Luck’s abilities and strengths are similar to Manning’s and will allow for a seamless transition.  Any downsides of Luck are nitpicking.  The Colts strike gold for the second time while picking first.


2. St. Louis Rams                  Matt Kalil                  OT            USC

Matt Kalil is an elite pass protector.  Kalil struggles a bit with his strength in the run game but has the build to gain weight without sacrificing his athleticism.  The Rams offensive line has been under achieving all season.  With high draft picks (Jason Smith and Roger Saffold) and pricey FA (Harvey Dahl and Jason Brown) playing well under their ability and struggling with numerous injures it is vital the Rams protect Bradford.      


3. Minnesota Vikings                Morris Claiborne      CB           LSU

Vikings are in a position they will likely trade down.  Vikings missed out on Khalil and do not need Griffin so to trade down and acquire some picks would be wise.  If they are to stay at 3 Morris Claiborne is the likely selection.  Claiborne has elite speed, size, and hands to matchup well with Megatron and other large targets.        


4. Cleveland Browns             Robert Griffin           QB           Baylor

I do not believe the Browns can wait for Colt McCoy to develop…besides I think he already has.  McCoy is an average starter and really sound backup.  Griffin has the ability to be a special player.  His speed, accuracy, arm strength, and intelligence are all near elite levels.  With his leadership the Browns could start competing with the other elite teams in the AFC North. 


5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers     Trent Richardson     RB           Alabama

The Buccaneers have given up.  To rebuild, it would be wise to ensure Josh Freeman has all the chances in the world to succeed.  He currently lacks speed in his playmakers as well as a sound offensive line.  Richardson would give the Buccaneers offense an elite running back similar to Adrian Peterson.  Richardson has great size and speed and has dominated the SEC.  His type of potential is not in every draft. 


6. Jacksonville Jaguars            Justin Blackmon       WR           Oklahoma State

Blaine Gabbert is not an NFL Quarterback.  His intangibles are lacking and his fear of pass pressure will not go away.  If Barkley would have declared early I think the Jaguars would be taking him or RG3.  That said the Jaguars have the worse wide receiver group in the NFL.  Justin Blackmon is a beast.  He has good size, he runs punishingly after receptions, and has good hands.  He is a Terrell Owens clone and will give Gabbert at least one good target.  Be prepared for a QB next season Jaguar fans.      


7. Washington Redskins         Dre Kirkpatrick         CB           Alabama

Bad spot for the Redskins…I do not think they will take Landry Jones.  No WR worth this spot either.  I think it this selection will be either an ILB or CB.  With most of the Redskin defensive backs being over 30 it is vital to get some young talent in their.  Kirkpatrick is a big, physical CB who is very sound.  He plays great press coverage and is a load when tackling ball carriers.  His hands are not great and he can get burned on occasion by small, quick WR’s but will give the Redskins defense a boost in both their pass and run defense.   


8. Carolina Panthers                 Quinton Coples        DE            NC

Panthers missed out on the top 2 Cornerbacks.  The Panther defense is riddled with holes on both the DL and DB positions.  Since there is no DT worth this spot I think the Panthers get another top notch DE.  Opposite Charles Johnson are talented but injury prone prospects.  Greg Hardy is a better rotation player than starter.  Coples is a big, active DE who can get after the QB and play the run very well.  He sometimes plays too aggressive and because of that loses containment…but that can be fixed by coaching.  


9. Miami Dolphins                      Jonathan Martin       OT            Stanford

The Dolphins might consider trading up for a QB.  Matt Moore is a very good backup but has not did not do well when considered the opening day starter in Carolina.  If the Dolphins do not take Landry Jones than I believe they hit the Offensive Line.  Pouncey and Long are Pro Bowl talents but RT and RG are holes.  Martin would be a Pro Bowl caliber RT.  His pass protection needs some refinement but he is very strong and can open holes for Bush and Thomas to run through. 


10. Buffalo Bills                            Courtney Upshaw     OLB         Alabama

The Buffalo Bills are near the bottom of the league in sacks.  If the Bills want to stay in the 3-4 scheme than they desperately need to acquire LB talent in this draft.  Upshaw currently plays in a 3-4 scheme for the Crimson Tide.  He is a do it all LB who has great size, short area quickness, pass rush moves, and is a team leader who plays the game with passion. 


11. Kansas City Chiefs         Landry Jones           QB           Oklahoma

The Chiefs are entertaining a battle between Matt Cassell and Kyle Orton?  Is their really a winner in this competition.  Acquiring a young talented QB to sit for a season would be ideal for the Chiefs and for Jones.  Landry Jones has great size and arm strength.  What he lacks is great intangibles and struggles versus the Blitz…sounds a lot like Gabbert.  I would be wary of Jones but still teams always reach for potential franchise Quarter Backs.  Unlike Gabbert the Chiefs have a solid team and would let Jones develop before throwing him into the fire.   


12. Arizona Cardinals              Riley Reiff                                OT            Iowa

The Arizona Cardinals have needed to upgrade their offensive line forever.  Levi Brown was a bust and is a RT only.  The interior OL is mediocre.  Acquiring a LT and the move of Brown to RT would greatly upgrade the tackle position.  Riley Reiff is a technically sound consistent LT.  He shut down pass rushers week in and week out.  The bowl matchup verse Frank Alexander could propel him into the top 10 if he shuts him down.  I love Reiff’s foot speed and intelligence.  He will need to put on some weight and gain some muscle mass in the NFL.


13. Philadelphia Eagles         Luke Kuechly           MLB         BC

The Eagles usually avoid drafting LB’s on the first two days of the draft.  How is that working out for them?  Casey Matthews is simply too short to play MLB…he struggles to see over the line of scrimmage and that causes him to be out of position often.  Eagles have talent on defense but run short on leadership.  Luke Kuechly is the ultimate leader and is a tackling machine.  His preparation and instincts are among the elite at the position.  He also does very well in coverage.  Perfect fit for the player and team.   


14. Seattle Seahawks                 Whitney Mercilus      DE            Illinois

Seahawks are not going to draft Ryan Tannehill in Round 1.  Pete Carroll is too smart for that.  Besides QB the Defensive Line is a problem.  Besides Clemmons they have no other pass rushers.  The Seahawks utilize both the 3-4 and 4-3 defensive looks so it is imperative their DE can also play OLB.  Mercilus has a terrorizing first step and has a bevy of pass rush moves.  He also plays with great power and is only available do to him being a one year wonder, ala Nick Fairley.  Seahawks might get a big steal with this pick.    


15. San Diego Chargers        Peter Konz                               C              Wisconsin  

The Chargers Offensive Line has been devastated with injuries.  At center Nick Hardwick is a FA and if not retained the Offensive Line will be in some trouble at both C and RT.  If the Chargers are going to improve than OL has to be a priority this off season.  Peter Konz is an elite center prospect.  Not only is he an elite run blocker who combines great size and technique…he also has no flaws in pass protection.  He will instantly become the leader of the Charger Offensive Line.  


16. Chicago Bears                       Michael Floyd           WR           ND

The Bears team has some holes.  On offense they lack a true #1 WR and have OG problems.  On defensive they are aging and need some new blood at DT, LB, and CB.  I think the Bears will try and help Cutler out with Michael Floyd.  Floyd has great size, runs good routes, has strong hands, and is a vertical threat.  I was impressed with Floyd’s underneath production this season.  He has some attitude problems but appears to have put them behind him.  Bears could really use a weapon like Floyd in the passing game. 


17. Dallas Cowboys                    Alfonzo Dennard      CB           Nebraska  

Cowboys defense is lacking talent.  Their DL is devoid of talent besides Ratliff, their LB core could use another pass rusher, and their secondary needs to be completely upgraded.  Alfonzo Dennard is a great press CB who excels in man to man coverage.  He is able to shut his man down on a week to week basis.  The Cowboys would love to have him. Teams should not worry about his lack of interceptions this season since teams simply stopped throwing to him.       


18. Cincinnati Bengals (T)    David DeCastro        OG           Stanford  

The Bengals interior OL needs some work.  Center Kyle Cook is solid but at OG Bobbie Williams is injury prone and old and Nate Livings is simply mediocre.  With DeCastro the Bengals acquire the safest pick in the NFL draft.  DeCastro routinely opened holes and stoned his blocking assignment on pass plays.  He has great intelligence, possess great strength, and plays with controlled aggression.   


19. New York Jets                      Zack Brown              OLB         NC

I do not know if I like this pick but the Jets need speed in their LB core.  The Jets have to blitz in order to get pressure on opposing QB’s and this trend cannot continue.  Zack Brown is more athlete than football player but is a very sound blitzer and can drop back in coverage.  His lack of instincts can be masked in a 3-4 where he will simply blitz most of the time.  With Rex Ryan there to mold him, Zack Brown could be special…and he could be a flop.  I think he needs to show up to the Senior Bowl to warrant this kind of selection.   



20. Tennessee Titans             Nick Perry                                DE            USC

The Titans have struggled to pressure opposing Quarter Backs.  Derrick Morgan seems to spend more time in the IR than on the field and the Titans simply lack speed at the DE position.  Nick Perry has really developed under Monte Kiffen’s tutelage.  I think the Titans can use him at DE and at LB.  Perry possesses an unstoppable first step and has surprising strength.  While Perry might need some time to refine his play I think he will be special.   


21. Cleveland Browns (T)     Kendall Wright         WR           Baylor

The Browns just selected a QB earlier in Round 1 and it has become a trend to select help for that QB when teams have multiple first round picks (Falcons and Lions recently).  Browns are lacking speed at the offensive skill positions.  I think Greg Little is a decent WR but does not strike fear in the opposition.  Kendall Wright is a big time speed burner in the mold of Mike Wallace.  He also runs sound routes and has great body control and hands.  The cherry on the top is his familiarity with Griffin.  



22. New York Giants                                Barrett Jones           OL            Alabama  

Giants Offensive Line is aging and their young OL talent has been a disappointment so far (Petrus and Brewer).  Currently the Giants have holes at RT and LG.  If the Giants select Jones he can play both positions equally well.  Jones might go back to school but if not he is a very under rated prospect.  He has played both OG and LT for the Crimson Tide at first round level.  His intelligence, leadership, technique, and toughness would be welcomed on the Giants team.      


23. Denver Broncos                   Devon Still                               DT            Penn State

Broncos defense has played beyond their talent level and it is catching up with them.  The Broncos defensive line is a joke besides Dummerville.  At DT they have Bunkley who has played well and not much else.  Devon Still had a great year for Penn State.  Still excels at getting initial pressure and causing havoc over center.  His inside pressure would combine nicely with the Broncos outside speed rushers.    


24. Houston Texans                   Alemeda Ta’Amu       NT            Washington

Currently Shaun Cody has done nicely at NT.  That being said he is under sized and physical offensive lines have done well versus the Texans run defense.  Since the Texans are not in position to acquire a speedy WR or a play making FS; NT will be their next priority.  Ta’Amu is a monster of a man who is very athletic for his size.  He pushes the pile and can actually get after the QB on occasion.  He will be that missing piece in the middle of a very good Texan defense.  


25. Cincinnati Bengals       Janoris Jenkins        CB           Northern Alabama

Losing Jonathon Joseph in FA and than having a plethora of injuries has limited the effectiveness of the Bengals defense.  The Bengals have Leon Hall and Reggie Nelson who are solid talents but are lacking a SS and CB talent.  Jenkins is the best CB in this draft but he simply cannot get out of his own way.  Numerous substance abuse problems and troubling twittering posts have lowered his stock.  The Bengals have done a good job at rehabilitating troubled players and would be a good landing spot for Jenkins.  Jenkins has great speed, quickness, hip movement, quick back pedal, and great anticipation.  He has shut down elite SEC WR such as Julio Jones, AJ Green, and Alshon Jeffrey.  Enough said.  


26. Detroit Lions                      Melvin Ingram          DE            SC

The Lions desperately need to improve the Offensive Line but there is no one worth this selection.  I think the Lions will pursue some OL FA and than target Round 2 and 3 for the offensive line.  That leaves the defense to work on.  No OLB worth this pick so it comes down to Chase Minnifield and Melvin Ingram.   Lions have chosen the DL to be the backbone of their defense.  With KVB winding down and Avril a likely Franchise player…the Lion elect the ultra versatile, athletic, angry DE from SC…Melvin Ingram.  Reminds many of Justin Tuck.  


27. Pittsburgh Steelers          Don’t’ a Hightower

Steelers interior defense is aging.  Casey Hamilton and James Farriors are on their last legs and replacements are needed soon.  Steelers like to groom their players for a season and now it a good time as any.  With the interior of the defense the Steelers claim to fame it is wise to select Don’t’a Hightower.  Hightower is a big bodied defender who blitzes well, clogs up running lanes, and is incredibly intelligent in defense line calls.  Hightower and Timmons would be an awesome duo at ILB.          


28. San Francisco 49ers        Chase Minnifield      CB           Virginia

49ers have one of the better defenses in the league.  The secondary is sound but do not possess young talent in the secondary.  Rogers is a FA who I believe will be resigned but other than him they lack CB talent.  Minnifield would be a great fit on this defense.  He plays a physical brand of defense and has big play potential on defense and Special Teams.  Minnifield and Rogers would be a good duo at CB. 


29. New England Pats              Brandon Jenkins      DE/OLB    FSU  

The Patriots crave versatility on both offense and defense.  The Patriots use both the 3-4 and 4-3 defensive looks almost equally.  This year the Patriots have gotten sacks from journey men who they cannot fully count on next year.  Brandon Jenkins plays in a 403 but has the athletic ability to play 3-4 OLB.  Jenkins has good size and has great speed.  His numbers are down due to the amount of attention he has received this season. 


30. Green Bay Packers            Ronnell Lewis          DE/OLB    Oklahoma  

Packers only have 27 sacks so far this season.  Clay Matthews only has 6 sacks.  This is due to the fact the Packers only have one pass rusher on their roster and can roll blockers to Clay Matthews every down without fear of someone else.  Ronnell Lewis is a physical beast.  He has played both DE and OLB at a high level.  There are some concerns about his ability to grasp complex defensive schemes but based on his potential I think the Packers need to take this risk.  Lewis reminds many of James Harrison. 


31. Baltimore Ravens                Vontaze Burfict         ILB           Arizona State   

Ravens need youth in their defense.  Perhaps most importantly in LB units which the Ravens always have one of the top units in the NFL.  Ravens finally get a prospect who can replace Lewis without a huge drop off.  Vontaze Burfict’s athleticism and aggression is off the charts.  His passion has led to many personal fouls and in the Arizona State’s dog house.  The Ravens will embrace this style of play and with Lewis’ tutelage Burfict will be a major sleeper.  If Burfict does not impress at the interview process at the combine he could fall to late 2nd round.      


32. New England Pats (T)      Dwight Jones           WR           NC

Patriots currently lack a big, physical down field threat at the Wide Receiver position.  Patriots also lack youth since many of their recent draft picks have failed (Brandon Tate and Taylor Price).  Jones has inconsistent hands but has great size, body control, and has big play potential.  With Tom Brady throwing the ball I think Jones will have a big impact.     

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