Washington Loses to Baylor Bears 67-56 in the Alamo Bowl: Keith Price A Star is Born?

Robert Griffin III

If you like offense and you went to sleep early last night, be sure to watch the Washington Huskies take on the Baylor Bears if you can get your hands on it. In a game that quickly tunred into a track meet, Washington Huskies Redshirt sophomore Keith Price had a breakout game. With his  strong arm and production, he’ll end up being on a lot of draft watch lists heading into the 2012 College Football Season.

Price entered the game with 2625 yards passing 29 touchdowns and 11 interceptions, but he doubled those totals in one game! well clearly that’s an exaggeration, but he had a monster game. At the time of this writing 12:07 eastern standard time (13 minutes left to go in the fourth quarter) Price already has 373 yards passing at an average of 12.9 yards per pass attempt with four interceptions. Having completed 19 of 29 passes.  He also has 4 carries for 31 yards and two touchdowns.

Price has a big arm, but is undersized at 6’1 195 pounds. Price has a lot of work to do before he can be considered a top quarterback prospect, but the Alamo Bowl may have been his breakout game. Price has good mobility, but isn’t a running quarterback. Heading into tonight’s game Price had -29 yards rushing on the season. Price made a lot of big throws and has done a good job of protecting the football this year. His future looks promising, but just keep an eye on him and let’s not annoint him yet.

Not to be outdone, Terrance Ganaway stepped up his game. He showed a bit more speed than I thought he had when he took a handoff the distance with an 89 yard run and added two more touchdowns (he lated added nearly a 40 yard run). Ganaway is a well built, thick running back that you would see drafted by San Diego (think Mike Tolbert and Micahel Turner). If Ganaway stays motivated he could have a nice future. I’ve had him projected as a fifth round pick for about a month, but I could see him going in the fourth, not much higher than that though. This running back class is deep.

Updated as of 12:12 Price now has 412 yards passing and 7 total touchdowns (4 passing and three rushing).

Griffin has not played poorly, but has been outshone. Through 12:13 Robert Griffin has 240 yards passing and a touchdown. What Griffin did struggle with was a bit of his decision making. Griffin makes a lot of great throws and is accurate, but he held onto the ball too long and needs to work on throwing the ball away or getting upfield when nothing is there. Something he’ll learn. Griffin at one point seemed to audible into a pass play and nearly connected on a long bomb. This is signicant because there was a report earlier in the week that Griffin doesn’t make any reads at the line and that it’s all done by the coaching staff or something silly to that effect.

The real loser of this game is Me, for having stayed up this late, but not being able to stay up any longer and falling alseep before the game is over, which I’m about to do in the next few minutes.

The score of these games don’t matter to me nearly as much as the way people play in the game and I think I’ve seen all I need to see from this game. I like watching football and not track meets.

Update: it’s 12:30 and only 6 minutes left to go so I’ll just stay up and give you the recap as soon as it ends

On fourth and 8 with 3:15 left to go Keith Price couldn’t make the one throw he needed to make most. It was too high and sailed out of bounds. The Baylor Bears took over on downs and are salting the clock away.

Update: as I write that Terrancce Ganaway has another huge rushing touchdown to get up to 199 yards rushing and 5 touchdowns.

Before I go though I’ll leave you with some of the best twitter quotes.

RT @MikeGarafolo: I mean, this is NUTS! They played better defense at the real Alamo! #NotTooSoon

Big 10 Basketball has to be jealous of how many points Baylor and Washington are able to score #Alamobowl
Ty Root
TyRootTy Root
The Huskies are taking too long to score. We aren’t gonna break 120 points if you take more than 11 seconds to score a TD. #AlamoBowl
Jill Montgomery
Jill_MontgomeryJill Montgomery
Seriously where are the 2 guys with the controllers who are really playing this game on PS3? #AlamoBowl
Joe Boyd
JoeBoydJoe Boyd
If you are late to the party, the Baylor and Washington game isn’t basketball, despite the score. #alamobowl #nodefense
The Baylor BASKETBALL team scored 54 points yesterday. Tonight, their FOOTBALL team has already put up 53 through 3Q’s. #AlamoBowl
bruce_arthurBruce Arthur
The punters are both drinking in Section 107. #alamobowl
Curt Popejoy
nfldraftboardCurt Popejoy
At this point, either of these teams could start their drives from the parking lot and still score in less than 5 plays. #alamobowl
Yousef Munayyer
YousefMunayyerYousef Munayyer
So this must be what a Packers-Patriots superbowl would look like #alamobowl
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