2013 NFL Mock Draft: Chiefs Get Their Franchise Quarterback

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The Thing I like most about Tyler Wilson is that He's tough as nails (picture source zimbio.com)

This is my 2013 NFL mock draft debut. There are still a lot of questions about who will stay in College Football for another season. There is a lot of speculation, but I’m going to say that QB Landry Jones returns to school because he’s had a bad year. Redshirt sophomores other than Tyler Eifert and Lamar Miller (who have either filed paper work to the NFL Draft advisory committee or are rumored to be entering the N.F.L. draft)  will also be assumed to be returning for their redshirt junior years.

Let’s try not to get caught up in the order here, please! And focus more on the player.

Well in fact to avoid that I’ve taken the order from Charlie Campbell’s 2013 NFL Mock draft:  so problems with the orders can be addressed directly to him.

The 2012 picks are from my most recent (as of 12/7/2011) 2012 NFL Mock draft

1. Kansas City Chiefs-Tyler Wilson QB, Arkansas

(2012 NFL Pick Riley Reiff, T, Iowa)

If the Chiefs are picking first overall they have to go with a Quarterback here at the top of the draft. The Quarterback class could be a really, really impressive one depending on who declares this year considering that Robert Griffin III, and Matt Barkley are at least seemingly considering returning to school next year. Wilson is a tough man and could be in line for a huge season. Tennessee QB Tyler Bray has all the tools, but got hurt and didn’t quite take the step forward the Vols had expected. I’m going to leave him out of this mock draft (he’ll be a true junior next year).

2. Cleveland Browns- Landry Jones, QB, Oklahoma Sooners

(2012 pick: Dre Kirkpatrick, Luke Kuechly)

Jones had a bead year this year, but has some big time tools. Perhaps he has a huge bounce back year in 2012 and gets his stock back up in this  area. I know Browns fans will argue that Holmgren doesn’t want to take a QB in the first round, but they have two first round picks this year, if they end up picking 2nd in 2013. He’ll Have to take a QB because it means for 100 percent certain that McCoy is not the answer.

3. Carolina Panthers-Robert Woods, WR, USC

(2012 Pick Quinton Coples)

In the 2012 mock I had the Panthers grabbing Coples because they need to get better up front and Coples is versatile enough to help out whether they move to the 34 in 2012 season, or stay in the 43. He can also play DE or DT. In 2013 the Panthers grab a big time weapon for Cam Newton. Though I imagine they could do that early in this upcoming 2012 N.F.L. draft. Woods has had a huge season with Barkley this year and if Barkley did return to USC to get them to a Bowl Game, he’d probably have a huge season during the 2012 college football season as well.

4. Arizona Cardinals-Jarvis Jones, OLB, Georgia

(2012 pick: Jon Martin)

Jarvis Jones recently said that he didn’t think he was ready for the N.F.L. I’m going to trust him on his own word (though I disagree with his assessment). If Jones does return he has to be a favorite to end up high in the 2013 NFL draft. This year Jones has been un-blockable at times and his talent is undeniable.  If the Cardinals don’t address OLB early in 2012 they must in 2013.

5. Jacksonville Jaguars-D.J. Fluker, T, Alabama

(Justin Blackmon, WR, Oklahoma State)

Fluker could enter the draft in 2012, but with another season in refinement (and a season to prove he can play LT) Fluker’s stock could go through the root. I expect him to return and make a push to be a top 10 pick in 2013.

6. Minnesota Vikings-Xavier Rhodes, CB, FSU

(2012 pick Matt Kalil, T, USC)

I love me some Xavier Rhodes. I really do. He didn’t have the huge season this year I was hoping he would, but his talent is exceptional. He’s a cornerback in a safeties body and plays like a safety too. Don’t be surprised if he’s the big cornerback name next season.

7.  Miami Dolphins-Marcus Lattimore, RB, South Carolina

(2012 pick Matt Barkley, QB, USC)

I wasn’t sure where to put Lattimore so he ends up with the Dolphins even though they grabbed both Reggie Bush and Daniel Thomas this past off-season. They could go a 100 different directions here, but Lattimore is a really good prospect so maybe they don’t pass him up.

8. San Diego Chargers-Tyrann Mathieu, CB, LSU

(2012 pick Donta Hightower, LB, Alabama)

Mathieu had a huge season for the Tigers and he is not only a good coverage guy he’s a playmaker. His return abilities (coupled with his coverage abilities) could get him drafted in the top 10 in 2013.

9. Washington Redskins-Ricky Wagner, T, Wisconsin

(2012 pick Robert Griffin III)

Wagner is a really nice prospect who needs a little more refinement and another year to prove that he’s athletic enough to play LT in the N.F.L. Though on the Redskins with Trent Williams he might be playing RT anyway. If the Redskins draft a QB in 2012, they won’t need one here. They also don’t need pass rushers. So what’s the position that offers the next best positional value? CB or OL. That’s my reasoning for this pick. I don’t love the WR

10. St. Louis Rams- Seantrell Henderson, OT, Miami Hurricanes

(Trent Richardson, RB, Alabama)

The Rams are in real hot pursuit of the number two overall pick for the 2012 NFL Draft where they will get to select the talented offensive linemen Matt Kalil out of USC. Well right now they are just behind (ahead?) of the Vikings so they go  a different route. I’d be shocked if they passed up a talented offensive linemen again in 2013.

11. Buffalo Bills-Geno Smith, QB, West Virginia university

(Alshon Jeffery, WR, South Carolina)

I’m convinced that the Bills will fall in love with a mobile quarterback like Geno Smith and draft him in 2013 if they miss the playoffs badly again in the 2012 NFL season. But if Chan Gailey is no longer the coach (which would be possible) they could definitely look in a different direction.

12. Indianapolis Colts-Kareem Martin, DE, North Carolina

(2012 pick: Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford Cardinal)

The Colts could easily grab a WR here with Reggie Wayne entering the twilight of his career, but I don’t think they’ll grab an offensive linemen. I’m also expecting the Colts to have an overhaul of their front office if they are picking here again and definitely a new coach. It’s like clockwork now that a Tarheel defensive linemen goes in the top 20, right?

13. Seattle Seahawks-Aaron Murray, QB, Georgia Bulldogs

(2012 pick Zach Brown, LB, UNC)

If the Seahawks aren’t able to secure their QB of the future in the 2012 Draft, they will have to do whatever it takes in 2013 (and they will also likely be drafting about here again!). Aaron Murray has many fanboys and it’s easy to see why, he’s shorter than ideal, but a very nice QB prospect.

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Jake Matthews, T, Texas A and M

(2012 pick Michael Floyd, WR, Norte Dame)

I haven’t watched the Buccaneers closely enough to know how big LT is as a need, But I’m pretty sure they are not so good at T that they wouldn’t consider one early in the 2013 draft.

15. Philadelphia Eagles-Keenan Allen, WR, California Golden Bears

(Morris Claiborne, CB, LSU)

If the Eagles lose DeSean Jackson they will be left with Jeremy Maclin, Riley Cooper, Jason Avant (steve smith?). Which isn’t a pretty picture. Maybe they decide to get a talented large wide receiver. It’s just coincidence that Jackson and Allen have the same alma mater

16. New York Jets-Sean Porter, OLB, Texas A and M

(2012 pick Lamar Miller, RB, Miami Hurricanes)

Sean Porter is really coming on strong this year, but would benefit from another year in college football. With a big season in 2012 Porter could shoot his draft stock up into the middle of the first round. The Jets really need a pass rusher now, but the need didn’t match up with the value in my last mock draft so I bypased it for one of my favorite players in the draft to give the Jets someone to play the ground and pound as Shonne Green hasn’t been great, Joe McKnight can’t hang onto the footbal, and Ladanian Tomlinson is about at his end.


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