NFL Power Rankings Week 13: Giants Plummeting, Saints Rising

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Don't Let the Eco Citizen Watch Fool You, in the 2nd Half of the Season, the Giants are Far From Unstoppable

The New York Giants look like they are on their way to a fourth straight late season collapse. Is it possible that Tom Coughlin survives this? Meanwhile the Saints are clicking and have had some good games since their terrible loss to the St. Louis Rams (how in the world did that happen). The New England Patriots put an end to the misery that is the Eagles season and the Jets are clinging on for dear life to make the playoffs squeaking out a win vs the Bills.

Read on to find out where all the teams rank.

#32. Indianapolis Colts-
The Colts are so bad that I’m not even going to give them the time to finish a senten…

#31 St. Louis Rams

I wonder if Steve Spagolou will last through the season at their current pace. Spags is supposed to be a defensive wizard and while they don’t have great personnel their defense has gotten abused through the ground and through the air.

#30 Minnesota Vikings

I think the Vikings probably have more talent than the Carolina Panthers, but they have lost to a weak strength of schedule and would be picking third overall if the draft were to happen today. Christian Ponder has shown some flashes, but he was considered the most pro-ready quarterback of the bunch and I think his upside is much less than the other quarterbacks in his class.

#29 Jacksonville Jaguars

Blaine Gabbert has been so bad for much of the season that people are seriously questioning whether or not Blaine Gabbert can already be considered a bust. That’s a bit crazy, I had Gabbert has a mid 2nd round talent to begin with last year so I never thought very highly of him, but he has ability. The thing that has disappointed people most is how skittish he looks in the pocket, he’s been unwilling to stand in the pocket and deliver a throw when the pressure is in his face, if he can’t learn to do that he will be a bust, but he’s not a bust now. Maurice Jones Drew deserves better.

#28 Carolina Panthers

Cam Newton is impressive on and off the field this year. He says all the right things in press conferences and does a wonderful job making plays. Part of the big problem for the Panthers to me is that they are not running the football enough with their talented running backs. Consider this DeAngelo Williams is averaging 5 yards per carry this season and he has 108 total carries in 11 games. That’s less than 10 carries per game, that’s ridiculous. A good running game helps limit a weaker defense and the Panthers could win some more if they’d be more willing to be balance on offense, but perhaps they are thinking about getting Newton as many practice throws as possible. The Panthers have some nice talent and are an exciting team for the future.

#27 Kansas City Chiefs

They showed some life on Sunday, but lost. They have lost four games in a row and now that they are going to be playing in the limelight I don’t expect much the rest of the season. One of the most intriguing off-season storylines will revolve around whether or not the Chiefs, if picking ahead of the Dolphins, will be looking to grab a signal caller for the future (Barkley, Robert Griffin III?)

#26 Arizona cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals are up an down, they almost lost to the Rams despite Beanie Wells going over 200 yards how in the world did that happen? The Cardinals are like the Ravens who play up to the competition and down to the competition, but the problem is unlike the Ravens they aren’t going to compete for the Superbowl. The Cardinals need more consistency, pass rushers, and offensive line upgrades to compete in the west next year.

#25 Washington Redskins

One thing I’m sure of is that I will never bet for or against Rex Grossman he just can’t be trusted. Grossman is the little girl with the curl and very good or very bad. It would not surprise me that much if they beat the Jets this weekend or if Grossman threw two pick sixes and the Redskins get walloped. Only time will tell. This team is not that far away, they need playmakers on both sides of the ball though, and of course a consistent quarterback.

#24 Miami Dolphins

The biggest winner this season has been Matt Moore who had an all right showing last year with the Carolina Panthers, but has been good enough this year to possibly convince a team that he is a viable transition starting quarterback. He’s not a franchise quarterback, but he could be a guy who handles the reigns for one season while the team transitions to a new young quarterback. He could start again for the Dolphins if they draft Robert Griffin III. Or maybe he’ll just be a backup quarterback/spot starter, but he’s shown there is a place in the league for Matt Moor#23. And kudos to Sparano for getting his team to play hard, I thought they would mail it in.

 #23 Cleveland Browns

The Browns have some nice pieces, and I’m curious as to whether or not they think that Colt McCoy is their franchise quarterback or not. Browns fans like to point out that Holmgren likes to draft quarterbacks late but there are an awful lot of good ones in this class so they should consider one early if McCoy is not the answer.

#22 Seattle Seahawks

I think the Seahawks aren’t that good, but underrated. People think this team is terrible, but they have a lot of the pieces. They have a pretty active linebacker corps, they have big physical cornerbacks and athletic safeties, they have a big punishing offensive line and weapons at WR and TE. They need a quarterback real bad, if they get one they could be competing for the division in two years.


#21 San Diego Chargers

My #21 through #19 spots are reserved for the biggest disappointments of the season. The Chargers are trying very very hard to ensure that they won’t make the playoffs and at 4-7 they are doing a really good job, but with games still remaining vs the Raiders someway, somehow they can still win this division, but I’d be amazed.
 #20 Philadelphia Eagles

The Dream team? Wow. Will they play out the rest of the season? They still have some games with huge playoff implications and could really play spoiler. Tha’s not the role they wanted  heading into the season, but that’s what they are looking at now.

(Games left with the Jets and Cowboys). If they embrace that role it will add some excitement to the final weeks of the season.

 #19 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

They have had a pretty brutal schedule this year, but this seaosn still has to be considered a huge disappointment. This team was expected to compete for the playoffs, but Josh Freeman has had a bad year as have many of their young players. They are still young and talented so they should bounce back next year, but a bad season for them this year.

 #18 Buffalo Bills

Where’d that inspiring performance come from? So close to winning that game, the Bills are much improved from last year, but still have a long ways to go. They need to continue to shore up their run defense, they need to add someone
on offense who can stretch the field consistently. They need, desperately, to find someone who can rush the passer (maybe that was Aaron Maybin…who had 2 sacks on Sunday?).

Is Ryan Fitzpatrick still the answer at QB they have a clause that would allow them to get out of that contract, but might not be picking high enough to get someone they like.

 #17 Tennessee Titans

Despite trying to get themselves out of the playoff race early in the season they are still in the hunt for the playoffs. If Chris Johnson continues to play well they could just sneak in.

 #16 New York Giants

This team is not that far away from being a really good team, but there are things that hold them back like their inconsistency and their inability to win late season games. They have a franchise (dare I say Elite) quarterback, talented WR, a great pass rush, and a lot of talent in the secondary (Amukamara, Rolle, Webster, Thomas, Phillips, Ross are all 1st or second round picks). What is the missing ingredient? Offensive line this year. Coaching? I’m not sure they need to figure it out though.

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