Unfair Expectations: Why Andrew Luck cannot Succeed

Why Andrew Luck Cannot Succeed


            Let me start off by saying I think Andrew Luck is an amazing talent; one of the best I have viewed but the product cannot match the hype.  From his sophomore season we have beenwondering how far a team would go to get a chance to select Luck.  We have deemed him a savior comparable to John Elway and Peyton Manning.  How is this at all fair to the kid?  According to the hype if he isn’t a multiple Super Bowl Winner and one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, is he a bust? 

            When has any NFL prospect ever received this much hype?  Vince Young?  Sam Bradford?  Rickey Williams?  Peyton Manning?  If you combined all of these prospects hype it isn’t even half of what we expect from Luck.  How did Luck get all of this hype?  Let’s review what he has done.

            First off Luck has great size and speed.  He is 6’4 and 235 pounds and is very mobile.  He is a three year starter.  Back in 2009 his RS freshmen season he threw for 2575 yards, completed 56% of his passes, had a 13-4 TD to INT ratio, and ran for 354 yards.  In 2010 his Sophomore season he threw for 3332 yards, completed 70% of his passes, had a 32-8 TD to INT ratio, and ran for 453 yards.  This season through 10 games he has thrown for 2695 yards, completed near 71% of his passes, has a 29-7 TD to INT ratio, and has run for 134 yards.  His numbers are amazing. He is well coached (by Jim Harbaugh).  He plays in a pro style offense that people crave and he brought Stanford back from being obsolete.

            With all of this why do I think he has no chance to meet the hype.  Two reasons. 

  1. His team is not bad.  He has NFL talent all around him.  He has had a very sound running game, a complement of targets to throw the ball to, and the best OL in college football.  To think he saved Stanford all by himself is purely fictional.
  2. I think he will be a multiple Pro Bowler and win a Super Bowl but this isn’t the expectations of him…he needs to be the best ever.


This leads me to why he won’t meet his expectations.  Luck is going to the Indianapolis Colts.  He will not only have the pressure to replace Peyton Manning, but is going to a team  bankrupt of talent.  The Colts will only win 0-1 games this season.  They are as bad as the 08 Lions.  When the Lions took Matthew Stafford he had the same kind of pressure as Luck will have.  Since Stafford has been selected he has been beaten to a pulp and has faced hard times…but Stafford was prepared for that playing at Georgia in the SEC.  Luck has never had to struggle.  With the Colts he will…Colts have no run game, average to below average targets to throw to, a bad offensive line, and no defense.  The Colts have done a horrible job the past 3-4 years drafting and it is unclear who will coach this team.  I want to believe in Luck since he has passed the eyeball test to me and I love the kid….I just think he is over hyped and is not being given a chance to meet these expectations….I mean John Elway comparisons?????  Come on, Elway might be the best sports player ever.  Lets just say Luck is a great prospect who has the potential to be great and let him earn it in the NFL before we dictate he already is.



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