2012 NFL Mock Draft: Minnesota Vikings: Full 7 Round Mock

Can the Vikigns Steal Lester in the Second Round?

We here at NFLmocks are all football all the time. One of the things I enjoy doing is full team mock drafts for all the teams. With a few team mock drafts already completed I thought I’d give another one a go, the Minnesota Vikings. Right now the Vikings have all of their draft picks and an extra seventh. I like what the Vikings did in the draft last (outside the first round) and think another solid draft could have them right back on track.

I’m going to assume the Vikings are picking around 8th, which I think is fair. If they lost tonight they will be 2-7, but are a better team than a few of the other losing teams.

Most of these players have scouting reports done for them so click on their names. For all of our other scouting reports (100+) head to our scouting report page.

1st Round: Jonathan Martin, OT, Stanford Cardinal

I think there are only two real possibilities here that match this pick with value and need and that’s going to be a LT like Jonatham martin, Riley Reiff, Mike Adams (Chad Reuter heard from scouts he could end up in top 10 seems high for me), or a WR like Justin Blackmon, Alshon Jefferey, Michael Floyd. It just makes too much sense to do otherweise. Percy Harvin has shwon he’s a nice weapon, but he’s not a number one wide receiver. And the Vikings really need a LT to protect Christian Ponder. It’s one or the other.

2nd round: Robert Lester, S, Alabama

I think that either T.J. McDonald or Robert Lester could be available at this point, and if so the Vikings should pounce on one of them to get value and also fill a need for the Vikings. The Vikings are going to have the next decade trying to cover Calvin Johnson Jr. and Titus Young


3rd Round:Marvin McNutt, Iowa

Based on this daft class’s depth at the Wide receiver position I think the Vikings can feel comfortable going WR here in the third round, unless a player they really like is here. Here they grab a player we like a lot at NFLmocks, Marvin McNutt. Mcnutt is tall and has deceptive speed to get down the field. I’ve compared him to Jordy Nelson, Sayre has compared him to a poor man’s Hakeem Nicks. I think ideally the Vikings would love to land Dwight Jones in the second round, but I think he’ll be gone. I like Mohamed Sanu a lot, but he’s like a bigger Percy harvin and could be gone by this point as well. So they turn to Mcnutt who has the body positioning skills and length to make plays over the top.

4th round: Ryan Steed, CB, Furman.

The best player you’ve never heard of. Steed is absolutely dominating the competition he’s facing at Fruman. This is a passing league at corneback talent it is at a premium. With Chris Cooks “issues” and Antoine Winfield’s age the Vikings need to consider adding cornerback talent early. Steed will need time to adjust to the higher competition level, but he’ll blossom into a very quality cornerback in the N.F.L.

5th round: Lucas Nix, G, Pittsburgh

Nix is 6’6 310 pounds and has been a versatile offensive linemen for the Pitt Panthers. The Vikings don’t just have issues at LT they have issues along their offensive line with both depth and talent issues. Nix can help alleviate that problem a little bit. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Vikings draft offensive linemen in many rounds in this draft.

6th round: Edwin Baker, RB, Michigan State

Baker has been inconsistent in his time at Michigan State but has flashed. When you get to this point in the N.F.L. draft, all teams want to do is find players who can mak erosters and hopefully contribute on Special teams. Teams can’t be looking for starters at this point because often they will be disappointed. Baker has a shot at playing at the N.F.L. level which is why he is the pick here.

7th round: Jelani Jenkins, LB, Florida Gators

I haven’t excluded Jenkins yet, but he is a redshirt sophmore who is likely to return for his junior season. He’s a fast udnersized linebacker who could find a home in the N.F.L. because of his uncommon abilities. He’s likely to return and try to boost his draft stock, he was once a very highly recruited player. At this point the Vikings will be looking for LB depth and players hwo can contribute on special teams

7th round: Donnie Fletcher, CB, Boston College.

A rough season has really dropped Fletcher’s draft status. In chatting with the BC webpage Soaring to Glory he described Fletcher as a guy who has good ball skills, but is not great in coverage. He has excellent size and is fairly talented though and is worth the risk here.

Thoughts Vikings fans?

I also know that with the loss of Syndey Rice and Ray Edwards the Vikings are likely to end up with a third round compensatory pick, but I didn’t want to speculate on that right now.

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For all of our other scouting reports (100+) head to our scouting report page.

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