Can the Vikigns Steal Lester in the Second Round?

2012 Scouting Report: Robert Lester, FS, Alabama

This is our Robert Lester Scouting report. Lester is a talented safety that plays with Alabama, a defense some people have considered one of the most talented defenses in the College Football history. For all of our other scouting reports head on over to our scouting report page.



210 pounds

(combine numbers will be posted here after combine happens)




2011 Season:

Games: 9

Tackles: 24

TFL: 0

Int: 2

Sacks: 0



Games: 30

Tackles: 84

TFL: 1.5

Int: 10

Sacks: 0


Very intelligent cerebral player

Great center field ability

Always around the ball in the air

Created numerous turnovers

Good return ability after interception

Solid pass coverage when placed on slot WR

 Great coaching

scheme versatility, covers well in zone coverage or man

Good athlete


Decent tackler but far from great

Does not attack the line of scrimmage on run plays

Sometimes tries too hard to get interception, leaving him vulnerable over the top

Does not jam wide receivers when covering slot WR

Has good but not great speed


 Player Comparison:           Rahim Moore


Round Projection:               Late 2nd to early third



It is uncertain that Lester will leave early.  If I were him I would.  I do not think he will improve much next season.  He is your classic center field safety prospect.  He is always around the ball when it is in the air.  He is a great student of the game and prepares well.  My problem with him is he is not a great tackling safety and can get exposed because of that.  I do like his ability to cover slot WR’s when teams play spread.  He also plays well in big games.  Teams looking in the late 2nd to early third to gain more turnovers should select him.  Teams like Miami, Jets, Steelers, Cowboys, Vikings, 49ers, and Texans.


Vs Penn State 2011 (JPdraftjedi)

2010 TMB Draft

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