2012 Scouting Report: Nick Foles, QB, Arizona

This is our Nick Foles scouting report. For all of our other scouting reports go to our scouting report page.


6’5 , 243 pounds , 34 1/4 inch long arms, 10 5/8 hands.

5.14 40 second dash,  30.5 inch vertical jump, 112.0 inch broad jump.


2011 Season: (through 11/8/2011)

G Att Comp Pct. Yards Yards/Att TD Int Rating Att/G Yards/G
12 560 387 69.1 4329 7.7 28 14 145.54 46.7 360.8
G Att Yards Avg. TD Att/G Yards/G
12 43 -103 -2.40 0 3.58 -8.58




Great Size

Deep Accuracy i s a plus

Possess a strong Arm, can make all the throws

Productive 3 year Starter

Very sound Leader

Played in a very difficult conference

Solid in short to medium range accuracy

Can throw on the run a little bit

Looks the part

Plus arm mechanics

Has a plus feel for pressure in the pocket

Will still in the pocket and take a hit


Does not go through his progressions well

Locks onto his primary receiver far too often

Is not agile in the pocket

Has inconsistent deep ball accuracy

Footowork could improve

 A lot of dump off passes, swing passes which inflate his stats

Long in his delivery, though it is over the top

Player Comparison:           David Garrard

(Jesse’ Bartolis comparison-I’d go more with Byron Leftwhich-big arm, a little slow delivery, slow in the pocket, but gritty)


Round Projection:               Mid 2nd Round to Early 3rd Rounder



Foles has been a three year starter in a very competitive PAC-10.  Foles has great size and cannon for an arm.  Problem is he checks down far too often and isn’t consistent with his accuracy deep. He has thrown over 65% completion percentage for 3 seasons which is very good.  It is a tad bit inflated due to the offensive scheme.  I believe Foles will have a similar career as Garrard who was a big bodied accurate QB who was far too conservative to win consistently.  Teams needing a QB and missed out on the top talent should take a look at Foles,  Teams such as Broncos, Seahawks, Chiefs, Cowboys, and Redskins could be interested in Round 2-3.

(Bartolis’ addition)

Foles looks the part of a N.F.L. quarterback, but his offensive system has limited some of his ability to showcase is N.F.L. talent. He throws pretty well on the run (despite not being an extremely athletic quarterback), he can make all the throws placing good touch on the football though like many quarterbacks he’ll miss some throws  His ball placement, especially in the short passing game is good, but not on the level of a player like Matt Barkley, and really looks clunky in the pocket. Foles is a prospect who could be considered on  par with the non-Cameron Newton 2011 quarterbacks by man.

NFLMocks preseason bio

Foles likely will finish his college career as the best quarterback in Arizona history, or at least he will be very, very close to the top of the list, and will find himself holding many school records. One thing that I have noticed about Foles is that he’s a bit overrated, even by myself going into this season. He has the size to hold up in the NFL, and he’s been fairly consistent over the last two seasons as a starter, completing 64 and 67 percent of his passes, throwing 39 touchdowns and 19 interceptions. The biggest issue I take with Foles right now is his yards per attempt (6.08 and 7.49 over last two years), and the fact that he took 23 sacks in 2010 compared to 11 in 2009. I think he’s a better athlete than that, and I’d like to see him become a star player like he showed he could be against Iowa early last season. He has good accuracy, but that’s to be expected as a lot of the throws I saw him make were short passes and underneath routes as well as check downs. When Arizona hit the meat of its schedule last year, Foles was putting up big numbers but the Wildcats were not winning. They finished the season with five straight losses, and I’d like to see Foles come of with an upset or two this year and show he is capable of winning games for his team rather than put up hollow statistics.


vs Oklahoma State (JMPASQ)

vs USC (AloAloysius-www.draftbreakdown.com)

Vs Arizona State 2010 (JMPASQ)

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