Lions week 8 Recap: Tebow fed to the Lions

Lions Analysis:  Lions 45 (6-2)     Broncos 10 (2-5)

What Happened:

I guess the Tim Tebow bashers were right.  His mechanics are atrocious, his delivery is way too long, he does not see the field well, and besides his cheery demeanor he cannot get it done in the NFL as a drop back passer.  The Lions destroyed Tebow on Sunday.  I know the Lions defense almost gave up 200 yards of rushing but besides that they scored 2 touchdowns, buckled down on their side of the field, and got 7 sacks and almost many more pressures.  The offense rushed for over 100 yards and Matthew Stafford showed franchise QB potential.


Matchup outcomes:

  1. 1.       Jeff Backus vs. Von Miller: Advantage Jeff Backus.  Backus gave up some pressure but for the most part Matthew Stafford had enough time to throw down the field.  The Lions OL was far from elite, but only gave up 2 sacks and paved the way for the running backs to rush for over 100 yards.  For this OL, that is a win.

  1. 2.       Broncos Run Game vs. Lions Back Seven: Advantage: Tie.  The Broncos lost by 35 points but still ran for almost 200 yards.  It’s hard to say that either side lost.  Gun to my head I say the Lions back seven won since they only allowed 10 points and that’s less than their defense scored.  Still the Lions run defense is a real problem and Spievy and Tulloch need to step it up. 
  2. 3.       Calvin Johnson vs. Champ Bailey: Advantage: Calvin Johnson.  Calvin had his way with Bailey and the Broncos secondary on Sunday.  Besides going over 100 yards and scoring another long touchdown, he opened the field up and allowed the Lions to take advantage of 2-3 men committed to him.  The one time Bailey was left on an island Johnson scored a touchdown.       
  3. 4.       Lions Run Game vs. Broncos Run Defense: Advantage: Lions Run Game.  The Lions were effective running the ball.  They had reverses as well as a plethora of quick hitting run plays.  They rushed for over 100 yards, scored on a short TD run, and were effective in short yardage 3rd down situations.  As stated before ,Maurice Morris is the type of RB that can make this offense run.  He gets 3-4 yards every time as well as the occasional big play. 
  4. 5.       Lions DL vs. Broncos OL: Advantage: Lions OL.  7 sacks, 2 FF, 1 TD scored, and 10 points allowed.  I think that sells itself. 


Questions That Need Answers:

  1. 1.       Matthew Stafford was seen wincing on several occasions.  Why Would Lions coaching staff run a risk of injury by playing him well into the third quarter of a blow out?
  2. 2.       The Lions want Jahvid Best to return soon, that is a fact.  The question arises though should Maurice Morris still be an option to get 10-12 carries once he does?  His production suggests it.   
  3. 3.       This was more of a question answered.  After 2 losses I asked is this the same old Lions who would look flat on Sunday or  be the new Lions that Suh and Schwartz have suggested they are.  We have our answer.   

What’s Next?

A much needed bye week.  Time to get Stafford and others healthy.  Lions have to feel good being 6-2 going into the bye week.  After that it will be a show down at Chicago.

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