2012 NFL Mock Draft (3 rounds): Peter Konz moving up the board

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1. Indianapolis Colts                   Andrew Luck             QB           Stanford

Pulling a San Antonio Spurs move here…going from Manning to Luck.  That’s about as “lucky” as a team can get.


2. Miami Dolphins                 Robert Griffin           QB           Baylor

So close to Luck……but Griffin is talented enough and intelligent enough to make the Dolphins into a contender.  Not sure if he will leave early, but if he does he is a lock for a top 5 pick.  Very exciting player with smarts, speed, arm strength, and great accuracy. Cam Newton’s good rookie season can only help Griffin’s stock.


3. St. Louis Rams                         Matt Kalil                  OT            USC

Now that the Rams have traded for Brandon Lloyd, they should have decent weapons.  As much as I want to give them more pass catchers, Bradford is just getting beat down.  Jason Smith is a bust and Saffold would be a better RT.  Kalil gives Bradford an elite Franchise LT.


4. Jacksonville Jaguars         Justin Blackmon       WR           Oklahoma State

I am not sure Gene Smith would make this kind of a pick but he needs to give Gabbert more weapons.   Gabbert is throwing the ball to a bunch of #2’s and depth players.  If he wants Gabbert to take a Stafford like leap…he needs his own CJ.


5. Carolina Panthers   Alshon Jeffrey           WR           SC

The Carolina Panthers’ future is in the hands of Cam Newton.  So far it is in good hands.  However, Steve Smith is aging and besides Greg Olsen there are no other receivers worth mentioning.  Jeffrey would grow with Newton and give the NFL another elite QB-WR combo.

6. Minnesota Vikings                Jonathan Martin        OT            Stanford

Vikings are not too far away from being competitors again.  OL and some youth and speed in the defense and this team could be right back in the mix.  Martin gives the Vikings a Franchise LT and would give Ponder some time to pass the ball to his weapons.


7. Arizona Cardinals                   DJ Fluker                 OT            Alabama

Cardinals OL is in shambles…particularly at OT.  Fluker has the ability to be a dominate RT right now and would in time be able to play LT.  He reminds me a lot of Jeff Otah with his size, strength, and surprisingly nimble feet.


8. Denver Broncos                      Matt Barkley              QB           USC

Tebow and Orton will not get it done in Denver.  Elway wants his guy there and he will like Barkley.  Barkley’s completion percentage has risen over the years as his interception totals have lowered.  I think he is rock solid and a better pro prospect than Locker, Ponder, and Gabbert were last season.


9. Philadelphia Eagles               Quinton Coples        DE            NC

Coples dominate game versus the Miami Hurricanes has his stock back on the rise.  He had no where to go but down at the beginning of the year but has worked his way back up.  While not registering a ton of sacks he has been productive and would bring the size and strength missing on this Eagles defense.


10. Seattle Seahawks                 Trent Richardson      RB           Alabama

With no QB worth the pick here (I have Landry returning) I go with another position that is void of talent.  Richardson is the elite RB prospect that has been missing in the past 3-4 drafts.  He has an Adrian Peterson like combination of power and speed.  He will give the Seahawks offense balance. 

11. Kansas City Chiefs             Riley Reiff                                OT            Iowa

Reiff is rocketing up the draft boards.   I think Big Ten prospects are always looked over when compared to the other conferences.  I am okay with that usually, but not with lineman.  Midwest knows how to grow big men.  Reiff will provide solid play and has the attitude to endear himself to Pioli.


12. Dallas Cowboys                    Vontaze Burfict         ILB           Arizona State

Burfict was meant to be coached by a Ryan.  Rob Ryan will move this guy all around the field and fully use his skill set.  He will also unleash his crazy side and give the Cowboys one of the more feared defenses in the league.


13. Cleveland Browns            Lamar Miller             RB           Miami

Since the Browns are not in position to acquire a new QB…the Browns must surround McCoy with weapons.  Hillis is as good as gone.  He is a head case who thinks he is better than he actually is.  Miller will provide an upgrade over him and allow the Browns to build some semblance of a run game.


14. Houston Texans                   Morris Claiborne      CB           LSU

Injuries and Kubiak keep this team back.  I also have some reservations on Matt Schuab but it is hard to acquire a QB better than him.  Claiborne is an elite talent who will team with Joseph to give the Texans a dominate shut down CB duo.


15. New York Jets                 Alemeda Ta’Amu

Jets are being run over on a frequent basis.  One of the fundamentals of Rex Ryan’s defenses is the ability to shut down the run game.  NT is a problem currently, as is LB youth.  It is a toss up, but I think NT is the most important position in a 3-4 defense.  Ta’Amu will team with Wilkerson to give the Jets a young powerful DL.


16. Cleveland Browns (T)       Manti Te’o                 MLB         ND

The Browns LB core is mediocre.   Manti offers scheme versatility in both 4-3 and 3-4.  He is more than adequate in all phases of the game and provides great leadership.


17. Chicago Bears                       Peter Konz                               C              Wisconsin

Bears need to have an entire line out of Wisconsin OL.  This would indicate a bigger commitment to the run game.  Carimi and Konz are both great pickups that both fit the city….nasty and ill tempered.


18. Washington Redskins      Luke Kuechly           ILB           BC

Redskins love this kind of player.  Physical, smart and tough-that fits their new mantra.  Teamed with Orakapo and Kerrigan, Kuechly would give them a very good, young LB core.  Perfect replacement for London Fletcher.


19. Cincinnati Bengals (T)      Brandon Thompson  DT            Clemson

With the trade of Carson Palmer the Bengals acquire a very strong, disrupting, DT in Thompson.   The Bengals defense is near the top of the league, but could use some youthful talent at DT and in the secondary.  Look for that to be their focus in this draft.


20. Buffalo Bills                     Courtney Upshaw     OLB         Alabama

Marcell Dareus has been a major hit with Buffalo….so why not get some more nasty Crimson Tide defenders?  Upshaw has shown the nastiness, versatility, and pass rush abilities to be a dominate 3-4 LB.  Bills defense is on the rise with this pick.


21. Cincinnati Bengals           Dre Kirkpatrick         CB           Alabama

Last year’s draft rebuilt the offense and it has been a homerun so far.  The Bengals 2012 draft so far has been a major hit on the defense.  Thompson and Kirkpatrick give the Bengals two big, physical defenders to keep Zimmer happy.


22. New York Giants                  Zack Brown             OLB         NC

Giants’ defense is not getting elite production from the LB core.  Usually, the Giants do not use this high of a pick on a LB, but I think they will make an exception with Brown who has tremendous upside.  Brown is an elite pass rusher and very productive in coverage.


23. Tampa Bay Buccs                Jayron Hosley          CB           VT

I know the Buccs would love to draft Dennard since he plays in the Midwest and everyone thinks that is how they will go….well injuries have prevented Dennard showcasing his talent so I think they go a different direction.  Hosley would be perfect in their scheme and would give the Buccs a big time playmaker in the secondary.


24. San Diego Chargers           Michael Floyd           WR           ND

Chargers have not done a good job surrounding Rivers with weapons recently.  Who knows if Vincent Jackson will get a long term deal with the Chargers and even if he does it is about time a second good receiver joins this team.  Floyd has the size and speed the team looks for.


25. New England Pats (T) David DeCasto         OG           Stanford

The injuries to Koppen have made the Patriots interior OL far from dominate.  I think with Koppen’s age it is impetrative the Patriots upgrade the youth, talent, and depth of their interior OL.   DeCasto is a dominate OG prospect and would give the Patriots a very sound OL all around.


26. Pittsburgh Steelers      Josh Chapman         NT            Alabama

Steelers run defense is showing cracks.  These cracks come in the place of aging NT and ILB.  Hamilton and Farrior were the backbone of this defense but it’s about time the Steelers draft their replacements.   Chapman is a clone of Hamilton and will not show up much on the stat sheet….but the coaches and players know the importance of a dominate NT.


27. Tennessee Titans             Jerel Worthy             DT            MSU

Titans have been missing a big, nasty presence in the middle of their defense since Haynesworth left.   Worthy is more than capable of filling that void.  If Worthy has a good game versus Wisconsin’s OL…he will move up into the first half of the draft.


28. San Francisco 49ers         TJ McDonald             FS            USC

49ers are filled with young, fast, physical, and smart players on defense.  If the 49ers have a weakness it is in the secondary where a CB and a FS are needed.  McDonald and Whitner will make life hard on opposing offenses.


29. Detroit Lions                          Michael Brewster      C              Ohio State

Is their really a Lions OL starter who is safe?  They all could be replaced.  With that being said, it is best to start with center.  Brewster would give the Lions a new captain of the OL.  He is big, smart, and physical.  Too long have the Lions had to throw the ball on third and one.  No more…time to protect the Lions  investment in Stafford.


30. New England Pats               Melvin Ingram           DE            SC

Melvin Ingram is a Patriot type player.  Hard working and versatile.  He can play DT, DE, and some LB.  Reminds me of Adalius Thomas.  I think he would fit well with the Patriots and their needs.  Patriots finally have upgraded their lines of scrimmage.


31. Baltimore Ravens                Dwight Jones           WR           NC

The more I watch College Football this season the more impressed I am with Dwight Jones.  He is a clone of Hakeem Nicks with his big body, huge hands, and physical playing style.  I think Jones would combine with Torrey Smith very well and give Flacco more than enough weapons to work with.


32. Green Bay Packers            Brandon Jenkins      DE/OLB    FSU

Jenkins will probably stay in school unless he can dominate at the end of the season.  If he does come out I believe the Packers would take the risk that he will one day capitalize on his potential and give the Packers a pair of dominate pass rushers.

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