Kansas City Chiefs' Rookie Review

Are the Chiefs Already ready to give up on Tyson Jackson (picture source kcchiefsblog.com)

I decided that in order to better fully grasp how well some of the rookies are doing around the league, I am only one man after all. I would reach out to different bloggers around the web to get a more critical and “in the know” version of rookie performances. This week I reached out to Patrick Allen of the Kansas City Chiefs blog Arrow Head Addict. This is what he had to say.

1) Are fans excited about the two recent two victories or depressed that they’ve lost ground in the “suck for luck” race?

While I am sure every Chiefs fan would be intrigued to have a QB with the potential of Andrew Luck, most don’t want to lose a season to get there. KC fans want wins and they want to see the boys they have on the field now do something special.
2) They say it takes three years to truly evaluate a draft class. How is the 2009 Draft class looking? Is Tyson Jackson a bust?

There isn’t really anyone from the 2009 class left. Most have been cut. Donald Washington, Ryan Succop and T-Jax are all that remain. Succop appears to be the best of them but Jackson appears to finally be coming around a bit. I doubt he’ll ever be as good as the Chiefs hoped when they drafted him and he certainly isn’t worth his salary but he is playing well enough now to stick around in the league. He could eventually develop into a solid run defender but he will likely always have trouble getting after the QB.

3) Is Dexter McCluster a long-term N.F.L. player or is he already being phased out in Kansas City?

McCluster is just so dang small. He is explosive but he is also a liability. I think he has a roll in the NFL but it is as a luxury player. Think Darren Sproles light.

4) How has this year’s rookie class looked so far?
They haven’t played much to be honest with you. Baldwin may get his first action this week. Rodney Hudson isn’t really needed a lot on the offensive line. Justin Houston was starting at OLB but he was playing pretty poorly and has now been moved to sub-packages. I like the potential of this class, especially Baldwin, Hudson and Houston. Jerrell Powe and Ricky Stanzi have yet to be active for a regular season game. There is loads of potential here but these guys are a year or two away from contributing I think.

5). What are your thoughts…draft for needs or best player available?

Depends on where the team is in my opinion. If you need a QB that should be top priority. If you are a veteran team and solid all over, you can draft for need (talent?). Young teams should take the best of what they can get because play makers can make up for holes in other areas.
6). Based on the play of the Chiefs this year what are their needs for the 2012 N.F.L. Draft?

The Chiefs are in a position now where they can really start drafting for depth. They need a starting tackle but after that they are in decent shape as far as starters go. They need depth at RB, S and linebacker.

Then there is the QB question. I still don’t think Matt Cassel is the guy they need to win it all but he keeps coming back every time I think he’s toast so maybe I’m wrong.

7). Is Todd Haley going to be fired after this season?

I think he really has to rally this team to win 8 games. I think if he can do that, he will buy himself a one-year extension. I think if the team wins 5 games or fewer he is a goner.
8). Just to be completely reactionary…knowing what the Chiefs know now who would they draft in the first round?

Matt Barclay if they can get him. If I amjust guessing, I think Cassel crashes and burns down the stretch and the Chiefs go QB. I could be wrong. I hope I’m wrong but that is my hunch.

8). Anything else to add?

I think that if Scott Pioli really thinks Andrew Luck is a sure-thing, franchise QB, then he should go all in to get him. I don’t know if anyone will be able to trade into the top spot to get this guy but it sure would be interesting to  see someone try.


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