Fantasy Football: Will it Last Fred Jackson, Eagles, Dolphins

Will it Last?


How many times do we see a team or a player exceed expectations in a football game and we think there is no way that can last.  That player is either too young or not that good.  That team had an easy week or the ball just bounced their way.  Most times it does not last, but every so often those early signs are premonitions of what is to come.  In this weekly column we will look at 3 players and 3 teams who  stood out and ponder their longevity.



  1. Fred Jackson:            Fred Jackson, before the 2011 season, was a solid player.  A player coaches believed could rush in tandem with CJ Spiller who would eventually replace him.  Well, it is CJ’s second year and there is no way Fred Jackson is giving up his spot.  Through five games Fred Jackson has rushed for 480 yards and 5 touchdowns.  He also is a big part in the passing game.  In fantasy terms he is a weekly starter.  Do I believe Jackson will rush for over 1400 yards?  Absolutely.  Will last all season.


  1.  Calvin Johnson:        Except for Chris Carter: the football community believed CJ was a top 5 WR going into this season.  Playing for a bad team and for multiple backup quarterbacks stunted his growth. Now  Calvin has a QB in Stafford who can keep up with him.  The results? 29 reception, 451 yards, 9 touchdowns, and a humbled Chris Carter.  While his touchdowns will probably slow down, I expect this type of production all season.  Will last all season. 


  1. Jackie Battle:              Battle was a forgotten running back until last week at Indianapolis.  He ran for 119 yards and was productive in the passing game.  With Jamal Charles out, Thomas Jones ineffective, and Dexter McCluster a trick play RB; Battle might have increased value.  To believe he is a viable week to week player though is not using sound judgment.  Remember, the Colts are giving up over 140 yards a week versus the run.  I would wait to see how he matches up after the bye before counting on him for your fantasy team.  Will not last.



  1. 1.      Philadelphia Eagles:        When I first started football my coach said, “Team, to win consistently we need to do three things.  Be able to run the football, stop other teams from running the football, and protect the football.”  Philadelphia Eagles are only doing 1 of the 3.  Eagles are turning the ball over and are unable to stop other teams from running the football.  I think after the Eagles bye week they will right the ship a bit…I do not see them winning more than 8-9 games.  Will improve, but won’t match preseas expectations


  1. 2.      Miami Dolphins:              This is embarrassing.  They are as bad of a team as they were when Sparano took over.  They were 1-15 then and I cannot see them winning more than 2 games this year.  The only difference is instead of taking a LT they will get Andrew Luck and turn their franchise around.  Their struggles will Last


Jacksonville Jaguars:            Wow, it is a good thing they won the first game of the year because I do not know who else they can beat.  Gabbert has few weapons and looks, well, like a rookie QB without a preseason.  The defense is getting no pressure on opposing QB’s and their secondary is sub-par.  Besides some games versus the Colts I cannot see the Jaguars winning more than 3-4 games.  Now, do they improve their pass rush or get more weapons for Gabbert next year?  Time will tell.    Will Last.



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