A talented WR prospect who's not a big diva? Yikes. Look out league

Alshon Jeffery Scouting Report, WR, South Carolina Gamecocks

This is our Alshon Jeffery scouting report. It will be continuously updated between now and the 2012 N.F.L. draft (and perhaps beyond). Jeffery is an immensely talented Wide receiver prospect who should go in the top ten in the N.F.L. draft because of his size, work-ethic, and talent.

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6’3″ 213 pounds

4.38 second 40 yd dash (unofficial from pro day) 36.5″ vertical jump, 10’2″ broad jump

“He was already so big and skilled, but he just had OK speed,” said Spurrier Jr. “A lot of times you don’t see guys get faster when they’re in college, but he lifted weights more and spent more time conditioning and he went from being a 4.65 or 4.7 (40-yard dash speed) guy to maybe a 4.5 guy.

Career Statistics
2009 13 46 763 16.6 6
2010 14 88 1,517 17.2 9
2011 13 49 762 15.6 8
Totals 40 183 3,042 16.6 23


NFLmocks preseason bio
Bar-none the best wide receiver in the class of 2012 if he decides to come out, in my opinion. Jeffery has the total package. He is a hard worker with fantastic size and athletic ability. Incredible body control and field vision. Sure-handed receiver prospect who is shifty after the catch. He’s not going to blow away anybody with his speed, but he can get downfield with the best of them and make plays. South Carolina really likes to get him the ball out in space and allow him to use his ability after the catch. Such a physically imposing player who dwarfs literally anyone and everyone who attempts to cover him. He will remind people of an even better version of Brandon Marshall. Good quickness in and out of his breaks, and great concentration. In just two seasons, he has an astounding 134 receptions for 2,280 yards and 15 total touchdowns. With every snap that I watch, his size and strength continue to impress. He’s always keeping his eyes downfield to gain that extra yard, and like I said before, he really reminds me of Brandon Marshall in that regard. Right now, he is averaging right around 17 yards per reception, which is phenomenal considering the amount of bubble screens designed for him. Able to absorb the big hit and is not afraid to take a shot in the middle of the field. Bottom line here is that Jeffery is a physical specimen who warrants a top 10 grade after just two seasons against the top competition in college football. His dominance is clear, and his physical abilities are unlike any other receiver even possibly entering the draft next year. I think the only thing that keeps him from being a top 10 pick as well as coming out in 2012 is a serious injury.

Pros--great size…good strength…good hand…nose for the end zone…ability to get open…consistency…good after the catch…such a wide catch radius…open even when he’s not…does a great job adjusting to the ball…hard worker and a great athlete…durable..big wingspan…big hands…Not a Diva…plus blocker…beats press coverage off the snap

Cons--No glaring weaknesses to his game…could be a better route runner…not blazing speed (plus speed for his height though)…will take time to adjust to speed of the NFL…not a return man…at least early in 2011 production is not great because of quarterback play..could be a better blocker for his size

Player comparison--Larry Fitzgerald, WR, Arizona Cardinals

Jesse’s player comparison: Brandon Marshall (a less volatile more dedicated version of)

Also check out a great “Tale of the Tape” Written by Matt Miller who compares Alshon Jeffery to Calvin Johnson

Final Thoughts

Jeffery is an excellent prospect for the N.F.L. He has the requisite size, athletic ability to be a dominant force in the N.F.L. and should be able to have his way with almost all cornerbacks in the national Football league. He’s not going to run by DeAngelo Hall on an spring or anything, but whoc ares. Jeffery is one of the few players in the league who is open even when he’s not open. He’s not a prototypical Diva that you find around the N.F.L. now. Jeffery is what Brandon Marshall could be if he really, really buckled down and applied himself. My favorite player in the league is Hakeem Nicks because he’s such a good player, but when you hear him talk all he talks about is what he could do better, what he didn’t do well in a game, or how he just needs to “keep improving”. This the mantra Jeffery seems to have from when I’ve heard him speak and that’s absolutely huge. Imagine if Jeffery ends up with Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers. That’ll be unreal and unfair for N.F.C. South cornerbacks (and the rest of the league), and is a lock for the top 10.

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