Nebraska Defensive Tackle Jared Crick Out for Season With Torn Pectoral, Draft Stock Plummeting

Nebraska Cornhuskers head coach Bo Pelini had to be the bearer of some very bad news on Wednesday when he let everyone know that star defensive lineman Jared Crick would miss the rest of the season with a torn pectoral.

Crick’s stock was falling already after a slightly pedestrian start to the 2011 campaign, and this will likely cause him to fall even further on draft boards, especially due to the nature of the injury. A torn pectoral is absolutely devastating for a defensive lineman, much like a torn achilles for a receiver or running back. Crick has to rely on his upper body to move offensive linemen out of the way, so he could potentially start of his NFL career on the physically unable to perform list.

Due to that unfortunate reality, Crick may not be able to participate in offseason workouts like the Senior Bowl and potentially even the NFL Scouting Combine fully with this type of an injury, as it is really not something you can mess around with and risk re-aggravating.

Still, as dominant as Crick has been throughout his career, it’s hard to imagine him falling out of the second round but I have seen weirder things happen. He came into the season as the top defensive tackle on our board and has the ability to play in a three or four man front.

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  • GoDogGo

    The guy is a beast. He reminds me of Steve Entmann from Washington in 1992 (I am a UW alum). He caused havoc for our OL all day in Lincoln. Jared and Entmann are very similar in style – look at some old YouTube videos of the 1991/1992 UW National Title team. Like Entmann, Crick often takes 2 OL and frees up another DL. That is SO key, and so many people don’t understant that.

    I disagree with the ‘doom and gloom’ article.

    There are players in the NFL who had far worse college injuries (remember Willis McGahee’s reverse knee job, and others), and they came back just fine.

    This kid is a tough bastard, never stops playing, plays at 110% on every play, and I wish he had played for the UW.

    He’ll be fine. I’m very sorry for him having to miss his last year, as he put so much time into these 13 games.

    Good luck Jared. Ignore the negative journalists with 10″ stick arms who never played the game. You’ll be there in 6 months bud.

    After the UW vs. Nebraska game, Jared became my favorite NU player. I wish him the best – and all the classy Nebraska fans who treated me and other UW fans with such class.

    I/we hope you can fin a way to win the BIG12. We need 2 losses from Wisconsin (yes, that is a longshot), but there are 7 games left, so who knows.

    Go Big Red~!

    I just hope we don’t play you guys in the Holiday Bowl again!

    Have a great season Huskers. Get well Jared.

  • sayre111589

    @GoDogGo Thanks for the comment, some really good stuff here. This isn’t really “doom and gloom” for Jared, I know what he has done on the field will largely determine his draft status, but this is a very tough injury to come back from. It took Elvis Dumervil pretty much a full year to recover from, so that’s where I’m basing that from.

    Guys heal differently though, so you never know. I’ve enjoyed watching Crick and believe he has a ton of talent!