Would the Giants Consider Trent Richardon if he was available in the first round?

2012 NFL Mock Drafts: New York Giants Options

Every week on Wednesday and Thursday I try to focus on the New York Giants as it relates to the N.F.L. draft, but last week I was so focused on writing up scouting reports that I didn’t do as much as I would like to, but fear not, Giants and draft fans it’s back. Today I’ll roll out a look at the mock drafts around the web and what they think the Giants might do, tomorrow I’ll do a rookie review of the last two football games, a positional needs update, and a look at late round prospects (this is good for you non Giants) draft fans who could fill those needs.

Today we’ll do an all fansided edition to see what other fansided (non Giants followers) think the Giants should do.


The first one is from Jamie Kelly of Bloggingdirty (An Atlanta Falcons Blog)


The Giants are picking 17th in this one

the pick: Trent Richardson, RB, Alabama

The explanation: I wanted to put Richardson higher because I think he should be in the top 10, but I couldn’t find a good fit. The giants would love to have him.

My thoughts (after the jump)

You can’t argue with the philosophy of the pick, which is best player available. Richardson is a consensus (as much as these things can be consensus) top 10 prospect and the Giants are struggling this year in the running game. The question is of course is that because of an ineffective Bradshaw and Jacobs or the blocking up front. Clearly David Diehl is struggling, as is Kareem Mackenzie.

The best interior offensive linemen available here is C Mike Brewster, a name I haven’t brought up a lot. Perhaps the Giants nab Brewster and place him at center and move Baas to guard thus upgrading two positions in one swoop. And then if they don’t bring back Mackenzie they could even put Diehl at right guard and maybe he’ll step his play up.

The other pick I like is Stephon Gilmore out of South Carolina. Gilmore has return ability and would provide more talent at the cornerback position (Ross and Thomas are free agents). The Giants secondary has been pretty bad all year.


With the first pick is another Fansided blog. Let’s take a look at their most recent mock draft

The Giants are picking 17th in this one

the pick: Mike Brester

My thoughts (no explanation offered)

Looks like Ty and I are on a little bit of the same page here with Brewster as a possibility for the New York Giants, a pick I don’t love, but will settle for. The center position is gaining value in the NFL draft as centers are keeping further and further up into the draft (Eric Wood went in the late twenties, Alex Mack in the low 20’s, Maurkice Pouncey was 18th, I believe and Mike Pouncey was 15th last year).

Now, to throw some cold water on this pick. First even though the Giants showed interest in Mike Pouncey, they have been very reluctant to use high draft picks on offensive linemen ever since Jerry Reese took the reigns as General manager (and even when he was director of scouting).  History is against this pick. I believe that stems from a strong conviction that their offensive line coach can turn “water into wine” so to speak. On top of that, especially under Jerry Reese the Giants have shown a penchant to be most interested in extremely talented high-upside players with excellent size/speed ratios (Kenny Phillips official 4.48 his fast for a 6’2 safety. They were rumored to be heavily interested in Darrius heyward Bey, Jason Pierre Paul is a freak athlete, and Prince Amukamara has a very good size/speed combo). I’ll have to watch more Brewster but I don’t remember ever thinking him of a remarkable athlete. I’m not arguing that Brewster doesn’t make sense or is not a viable option for the Giants, but what I am is conveing is that based on the Giants recent history there is a legetimate argument against the Giants drafting Brewster.




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