Jason Pierre Paul is Making a Push for Defensive M.V.P.

New York Giants vs Seattle Seahawks What to Watch For

Today, the Seattle Seahawks will travel across country to play the New York Giants at 1 o’clock Eastern Standard time. The New York Giants are 3-1 and are taking on the 1-3 Seattle Seahawks. The Giants are hoping to start the season 6-1 or 5-2 (they play the Bills have a bye and then play the Dolphins the next three weeks) while the Seahawks (at least he fans) are hoping to contend for Andrew Luck. Seattle is hampered by the fact that they have to play at 1 o’clock (on a side note there is one study that thinks that advantage is eliminated entirely and actually in favor for West Coast teams when they play on Monday Night Football).

Last year, when the Giants met the Seahawks in Seattle, they thoroughly embarrassed the Seahawks, which means the Seahwks should be looking for a little revenge. But these are different teams, the Giants have gotten much younger and the Seahawks have as much, if not more, roster turnover than any other team in the league under Pete Carroll. Will they get their revenge? Regardless, there are a lot of young players to watch from both teams in this game, so let’s break it down.

New York Giants injuries

Prince amukamara (rookie first round pick), Brandon Jacobs, and Justin Tuck will not play today. Davis Baas is also out.

Seattle Seahawks injuries: Mike Williams and Robert Gallery are out. Malcolm Smith and Bryon Maxwell are doubtful.

Who is this Doug Baldwin guy?

If you go to your fantasy football wavier wire you will probably notice that near the top of the list for most points this year is this guy named Doug Baldwin from Seattle. Who the heck is this guy? No one knew who he was leading up to the draft. And he was an afterthought even after he joined the Seahawks, but this year he  already has 12 catches for 194 yards and a touchdown. He had 5 catches for 84 yards last week vs the Falcons. Baldwin is 5’10 185 pounds and has been very impressive early this season, though no one outside of Seattle has even noticed. The Giants aren’t great vs the pass, but it’ll be interesting to see how he does this week as I get a much closer look at him.

James Carpenter vs Jason Pierre Paul

The time I’ve watched of the Seahawks this year hasn’t been pretty for James Carpenter. I thought (as many did) it was a reach pick when he was selected in the first round of the 2011 N.F.L. Draft. Today, he will have a big test facing one of the emerging young defensive ends in the league, last year’s first round pick for the Giants Jason Pierre Paul. Jason Pierre Paul has 4.5 sacks this season (and had 5 quarterback hurries last week according to Mike Garafolo of nj.com/Giants) to go along with 22 tackles, and multiple passes defensed. Pierre Paul is fast, strong, and has long arms to deflect the ball at the line of scrimmage. Carpenter has seen some talented pass rushers (Lamaar Woodley for one), but none have been as physically gifted as Pierre Paul. That is a key matchup for tomorrow’s game. if Pierre Paul has a big game the Seahakws  have little chance for victory.

Brandon Browner vs Hakeem Nicks/Mario Manningham/Hakeem Nicks

I haven’t followed the Seahawks defensive schemes closely this year so I’m not sure how they line up their cornerbacks, but what I do know is that Browner  is in his second year on an N.F.L. active  roster at the age of 27. After playing his first year with the Broncos in 2005, he joined the Seahawks in the offseason and won a starting spot at one cornerback position. He has started all four games for the Seahawks. The Giants have good quality at the WR position and Eli Manning will throw at all of his Wide Receivers so Browner is going to see plenty of action.

Earl Thomas vs Eli Manning

This is a matchup I’m very excited in seeing. Eli manning has been excellent ever since the second half of the Rams game. He has thrown six touchdowns and zero INT in his last two weeks. The Giants also throw a lot of balls over the top, but with that comes chances for interceptions. Will Earl Thomas be able to bait Eli Manning into a bad throw. Whenthe Giants played in St. Louis Quentin Mikell was able to bait Manning into a poor throw when he was looking for Mario manningham, Earl Thomas has the speed and ball skills to do the same today.

The Seahawks interior OL vs the Giants interior Defensive line

The Seahawks will start Max Hunger and John Moffitt at center and right guard. Linval Joseph and Chris Canty are two massive men who will be their primary opponents on Sunday. Joseph and Canty haven’t put up big numbers this year, but they’ve been a lot to handle in the middle and disruptive enough. Will the Seahawks be able to keep Joseph and Canty contained enough to have a successful running game.

Jacquian Williams or Greg Jones?

Jacquian Williams has been one of the biggest surprises early in the year (like Doug Baldwin) when he was drafted no one knew what to think. I think I even heard Mel Kiper Jr. whisper to the producers: “psst  who the hell is this guy…someone get my notes?” but through four games Williams has shown excellent blitzing ability and a plus feel in the passing game. Williams has 25 tackles this year which is second for all rookies…he is one behind Buccaneers rookie linebacker mason Foster.

Greg jones on the other hand hasn’t seen much time the last two weeks because the Giants have played a lot of nickel to stop the Eagles and Cardinals passing games. Will Jones get a big chance to shine tomorrow? He has been pretty good, but hasn’t done enough to show the Giants that he is the future at middle linebacker.


Da’rel Scott to carry the ball at all?

After a huge preseason, Da’Rel Scott has yet to be active for any games this season. Today, with Brandon Jacobs likely out Scott will probably get his first career game played register. Will he have any opportunities to carry the football. Scott is an unbelievable pure physical talent who had injury problems, and less production than his talent suggested he should have which is why he fell to the 7th round in the N.F.L. draft. After a very good preseason Scott has yet to touch the football int he regular season. Will he get his chance today.




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