2012 NFL Mock Draft 2 Rounds

Round 1

1. Indianapolis Colts 0-4 Andrew Luck Quarterback Stanford Junior Redshirt Before Andrew Luck there were 2 once in a generation quarterback prospects who could be a teams franchise player.  Those quarterbacks were John Elway and Peyton Manning.  Ironically enough the Colts drafted both Elway and Manning.  History repeats itself as the Colts draft Luck with this pick.  The question in Indianapolis now becomes does Polian keep Luck and make him Manning’s successor or do the Colts trade Luck for a King’s Ransom of draft picks?

2. Minnesota Vikings 0-4 Matt Kalil Left Tackle USC Junior Redshirt I have watched more film of Kalil and have been really impressed with what he brings to the table.  The Vikings have to get Kalil and make him Ponder’s blindside if they pick this high.

3. Miami Dolphins 0-4 Matt Barkley Quarterback USC Junior The Dolphins need a franchise quarterback.  Matt Barkley is worthy of going in the top 5 with this pick.  Matt Barkley is a quarterback who could really boost the Miami Dolphins image long term.

4. St. Louis Rams 0-4 Dre Kirkpatrick Cornerback Alabama Junior The Rams need a shutdown cornerback.  Dre Kirkpatrick is a top 5 talent and he would really boost the Rams secondary.

5. Jacksonville Jaguars 1-3 Quinton Coples Right End North Carolina Senior The Jaguars need a 4-3 right end to boost their defensive line.  The Jaguars moved 4-3 right end Aaron Kampman to the left end role which suits Kampman better.  Now the Jaguars get a 4-3 right end who can become a game changer.  Once the Jaguars do this they will have a deadly bookend tandem of pass rushing defensive ends with Coples and Kampman.

6. Arizona Cardinals 1-3 Jonathan Martin Left Tackle Junior Redshirt The Arizona Cardinals need to get Kevin Kolb a left tackle.  Levi Brown is not the answer in Arizona.

7. Kansas City Chiefs 1-3 Robert Griffin III Quarterback Baylor Junior Redshirt Todd Haley was angry at Matt Cassel on Sunday so he may want a new quarterback if things continue.  If the Chiefs fire Todd Haley they will want to draft their own guy for the new regime.  Robert Griffin III is arguably the best quarterback available with this pick.

Griffin has 18 touchdowns and 1 interceptions through 4 games for the Baylor Bears.  Griffin has the speed, football IQ, arm, zip, GPA, and accuracy.

8. Carolina Panthers 1-3 Michael Floyd Wide Receiver Notre Dame Senior The Panthers will need to draft a receiver for Cam Newton to throw to.  The Panthers will likely part ways with Steve Smith after this season.  Even if Smith is retained, the Panthers will bring in Floyd, Blackmon, or Jeffery as a receiver who plays next to Steve Smith eventually taking Smith’s job.

9. Philadelphia Eagles 1-3 Ricky Wagner Right Tackle Wisconsin Junior Redshirt Wagner started 10 games at right tackle in 2010 and has started all 5 games for Wisconsin at left tackle this season in 2011.  Wagner would make a perfect blindside at right tackle for Eagles quarterback Michael Vick.

10. Seattle Seahawks 1-3 Landry Jones Quarterback Junior Redshirt The Seahawks use the 10th overall pick on a quarterback.  Pete Caroll gets his quarterback with Landry Jones.

11. Denver Broncos 1-3 Trent Richardson Running Back Alabama Junior John Fox loves to run the football.  Denver takes Trent Richardson if he falls this far.  The Broncos take Richardson here because no other quarterback prospects are available.

12. Pittsburgh Steelers 2-2 Vontaze Burfict 3-4 Middle Linebacker Arizona State Junior Vontaze Burfict is a pass rushing 3-4 middle linebacker with aggressive play.  Burfict is excellent at stopping the run and lining up in zone coverage.  Burfict’s one main specialty is his pass rushing ability.  Burfict has a habit of getting pressure on opposing quarterbacks.  When you see Burfict you think of Patrick Willis with the pass rushing ability of a Ndamukong Suh type player at middle linebacker.  Burfict does have a history of committing penalties.  At the same time Pittsburgh has the personnel to make Burfict a pro bowler.  Burfict has more potential than Timmons did coming out of college.  Imagine how scary the Steelers defense could be if they added a player with Burfict’s skill set.

So far this season Burfict has recorded 4 sacks and 1 interception for the Arizona State Sun Devils.  I realize left tackle may be the Steelers biggest need.  At the same time Burfict is the best player available and you cannot pass on a player with Burfict’s skill set.

13. Chicago Bears 2-2 Justin Blackmon Wide Receiver Oklahoma State Junior Redshirt Justin Blackmon is too talented in terms of production to fall to #13 overall.  If Blackmon slides this far then the Chicago Bears have to consider taking him with this pick.

14. Oakland Raiders 2-2 Morris Claiborne Cornerback LSU Junior


15. Dallas Cowboys 2-2 Jayron Hosley Cornerback Virginia Tech Junior The Cowboys love cover 2 zone coverage corners.  Jayron Hosley may be the best cover 2 corner in the entire 2012 NFL Draft.  The Cowboys will likely draft Hosley if he falls to #15 overall.

Hosley has also improved his man coverage ability so I can see this pick working out for the Dallas Cowboys.

16. Cleveland Browns from Atlanta Falcons 2-2 Brandon Lindsey Right End Pittsburgh Senior Redshirt Lindsey can be used as a 4-3 defensive end or a 3-4 outside linebacker.  Lindsey could play the 4-3 right end role since former Pittsburgh teammate Jabaal Sheard is moving over to the left end role for the Cleveland Browns.  I have the Browns picking 17th overall after this so they can pass on Alshon Jeffery with this pick and take him 17th overall.

17. Cleveland Browns 2-2 Alshon Jeffery Wide Receiver South Carolina Junior Alshon Jeffery is the best available player that fits a ned.  Drafting Jeffery gives Colt McCoy a blue chip target that he can throw to.

18. Cincinnati Bengals 2-2 Marcus Forston Defensive Tackle Miami FL Junior Redshirt Marcus Forston is considered the best player available on my draft board.  The Bengals have to take Forston if they cannot secure a top notch running back like Trent Richardson.

19. New York Jets 2-2 Riley Reiff Right Tackle Iowa Junior Redshirt Riley Reiff would make a nice complimentary bookend to Debrickishaw Ferguson.

20. New York Giants 3-1 Brandon Thompson Defensive Tackle Clemson Senior The Giants defensive line has been awful at times.  The Giants could afford to add some depth at the defensive tackle spot.  Brandon Thompson would be the best player available for the New York Giants to draft in this scenario.

21. Tennessee Titans 3-1 Luke Kuechly Middle Linebacker Boston College Junior The Titans could use an upgrade over Barrett Rudd at the middle linebacker position.  Luke Kuechly provides amazing value if he falls this far.

22. San Francisco 49ers 3-1 Stephon Gilmore Cornerback South Carolina Junior The 49ers need a shutdown cornerback to boost their secondary.  Stephon Gilmore is the best cornerback.

23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3-1 Chase Minnifield Cornerback Virginia Senior Redshirt Chase Minnifield is the best cornerback available.  The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have expressed a deep interest at cornerback.

24. New England Patriots 3-1 Brandon Jenkins Right End Florida State Junior Brandon Jenkins is a 4-3 right end who can be utilized as a 3-4 outside linebacker playing a hybrid pass rusher role.  Belicheck is running a combination of the 4-3 and the 3-4 so he may pursue a hybrid pass rusher who can play the 4-3 and the 3-4 with this pick.

25. Washington Redskins 3-1 Monte Teo 3-4 Middle Linebacker Notre Dame Junior The Washington Redskins need a 3-4 middle linebacker.  Monte Teo is the best 3-4 middle linebacker available.

26. Buffalo Bills 3-1 Bruce Irvin 3-4 Left Outside Linebacker West Virginia Senior The Buffalo Bills need a 3-4 pass rusher to compliment Shawn Meriman.  Bruce Irvin is the best pass rusher available at this point.

27. New England Patriots from New Orleans Saints 3-1 Mark Barron Strong Safety Alabama Senior The Patriots need a strong safety to boost their secondary.  Their current starter at strong safety is Josh Barrett.  The Patriots need to find an upgrade over Josh Barrett.

28. San Diego Chargers 3-1 Courtney Upshaw 3-4 Right Outside Linebacker Alabama Senior The San Diego Chargers need a 3-4 pass rusher for their 3-4 defense.  Courtney Upshaw is the best 3-4 pass rusher available.  Upshaw had a monster game against the Florida Gators on Saturday.

29. Houston Texans 3-1 Robert Lester Free Safety Alabama Junior Redshirt The Texans need a free safety.  Robert Lester is the best safety available.  The Texans cannot pass on Lester if he falls this far.

30. Detroit Lions 4-0 Andrew Datko Left Tackle Florida State Senior The Lions will take the best player available.  That would be Andrew Datko who is ranked 22nd overall on my top 100 draft board.  The Lions need a left tackle who can be Stafford’s blindside in the long term anyway.

31. Baltimore Ravens 3-1 Michael Brewster Center Ohio State Senior The Ravens need a center who can be a successor to Matt Birk.  Michael Brewster is the best player available who fits a need for the Baltimore Ravens.

32. Green Bay Packers 4-0 Kheeston Randall 3-4 Right End Texas Senior The Packers could use a 3-4 right end for depth in the wake of Kheeston Randall’s departure.

Round 2

33. Minnesota Vikings 0-4  Mohammed Sanu Wide Receiver Rutgers Junior The Vikings need a secondary receiver to pair up with Percy Harvin.  Mohammed Sanu is the best player available.

34. Miami Dolphins 0-4 Dwayne Allen Tight End Clemson Junior Redshirt I could see Tyler Eifert being the pick here.  For now I will keep him off this pick because I think he could end up returning to Notre Dame for his senior year.  He has a good chance of being a 2013 first rounder if he returns.  If Eifert declares he will be a 2012 2nd round pick.  Matt Barkley will need a tight end to throw to.

35. St. Louis Rams 0-4 Mike Adams Left Tackle Ohio State Senior Rams left tackle Roger Saffold only allowed one sack as a rookie.  Sam Bradford has been sacked 19 times.  Saffold has entered a sophomore slump at left tackle and right tackle Jason Smith just needs to be cut by the team.  Mike Adams is the best available left tackle at this point.  The Rams should take him with this pick.

36. Indianapolis Colts 0-4 Matt Reynolds Left Tackle BYU Senior Redshirt The Colts will have to get Andrew Luck a blindside at left tackle.  Anthony Costanzo has struggled so far at left tackle.  Ben Ijalana is injured and Ryan Diem moved from right tackle to right guard.  The Colts need to get Luck a blindside.

37. Philadelphia Eagles from Arizona Cardinals 1-3 Jerel Worthy Defensive Tackle Michigan State Junior Redshirt Worthy provides amazing value for the Eagles if he falls to round 2.  The Eagles could use more depth at defensive tackle.

38. Kansas City Chiefs 1-3 Bobbie Massie Right Tackle Ole Miss Junior The Chiefs get an offensive tackle for depth on the offensive line.  With no left tackles available, the Chiefs settle for right tackle Bobbie Massie of Ole Miss.

39. Carolina Panthers 1-3 Andre Branch Right End Clemson Senior Redshirt The Panthers get a right end who can compliment Charles Johnson on the other side.  Johnson plays a 4-3 left end role.  The Panthers would have a deadly defensive line with 2 pass rushing defensive ends.

40. Philadelphia Eagles 1-3 Melvin Ingram Right End South Carolina Senior Redshirt The Eagles use this pick to add a pass rusher for depth.  The Eagles already have Trent Cole, Jason Babin, and Brandon Graham when healthy.  Adding Ingram to this trio of pass rushers only makes the Eagles pass rush that much more dangerous.

41. Seattle Seahawks 1-3 David DeCastro Right Guard Stanford Junior Redshirt The Seahawks need a right guard for the future.  John Moffitt needs to move to left guard the position he played in college.  Adding a right guard like David DeCastro allows the Seahawks to plug Moffitt into that left guard spot.

42. Denver Broncos 1-3 Jared Crick Defensive Tackle Nebraska Senior Redshirt The Broncos need to draft a defensive tackle to shore up their defensive line.  Jared Crick is the best available defensive tackle at this point.

43. Jacksonville Jaguars 1-3 Janoris Jenkins Cornerback Northern Alabama Senior Janoris Jenkins is the best available player.  He fills a huge need at cornerback for the Jaguars.  Jacksonville needs a cornerback and Jenkins is the best player available.

44. Chicago Bears 2-2 Casey Heyward Cornerback Vanderbilt Senior The Bears decide to draft another Vanderbilt player to their team.  Jay Cutler, Chris Williams, Earl Bennett, and DJ Moore all attended Vanderbilt.  Besides Vanderbilt cornerback Myron Lewis these are the only NFL prospects on teams since Jay Cutler was a first round pick.

45. New England Patriots from Oakland Raiders 2-2 Baker Steinkuhler Defensive Tackle Nebraska Junior Redshirt The Patriots get a defensive tackle who can also play the 5 technique in the 3-4 with this pick.

46. Dallas Cowboys 2-2 TJ McDonald Free Safety USC Junior TJ McDonald provides excellent safety depth.  McDonald could really help boost the Dallas Cowboys secondary long term.

47. Atlanta Falcons 2-2 Michael Egnew Tight End Missouri Senior The Atlanta Falcons need a tight end to succeed Tony Gonzalez.  They may find their successor with Missouri tight end Michael Egnew.

48. Cleveland Browns 2-2 Travis Lewis Right Outside Linebacker Oklahoma Senior Redshirt Travis Lewis recovered from his injury pretty fast.  That kind of toughness impresses coaches.  Lewis could go in the first round.  At the same time, Travis Lewis could fall to this spot for the Cleveland Browns.

49. Cincinnati Bengals 2-2 Ronnell Lewis Left Outside Linebacker Oklahoma Junior After Travis Lewis Ronnell Lewis is the best 4-3 outside linebacker prospect in this draft.  Travis Lewis anchors the weak side while Ronnell Lewis plays the strong side.  Both Travis Lewis and Ronnell Lewis can play WILL, MIKE, or SAM roles in 4-3 defenses.

50. New York Jets 2-2 Jeff Fuller Wide Receiver Texas A&M Senior Plaxico Burress is not a long term wide receiver option for the New York Jets.  Jeff Fuller could develop into a secondary receiver behind Santonio Holmes on the Jets depth chart.

51. Pittsburgh Steelers 2-2 Alameda Ta’amu Nose Tackle Washington Senior There is only one nose tackle who has the ability to develop into a pro bowler.  At this point that player is Alameda Ta’amu.  Ta’amu could become an excellent successor to Casey Hampton.

52. New York Giants 3-1 Zach Brown Right Outside Linebacker North Carolina Senior Zach Brown would provide the New York Giants with a weak side linebacker that their defense desperately needs.  Zach Brown got suspended against Georgia Tech a few weeks ago which is why he gets bumped down from a late first round pick to a mid to late 2nd round pick.

53. San Francisco 49ers 3-1 Cliff Harris Cornerback Oregon Junior Cliff Harris is such a good value pick at this point.  I really would not blame the 49ers for double dipping at cornerback if Harris fell this far.

54. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3-1 Chris Polk Running Back Washington Junior Redshirt Tampa Bay needs a running back to compliment LeGarrette Blount.  Chris Polk provides good value around this range.

55. New England Patriots 3-1 Alfonzo Dennard Cornerback Nebraska Senior The Patriots have drafted a cornerback in the first 2 rounds every year since the 2008 NFL Draft.

56. Tennessee Titans 3-1 William Vlachos Center Alabama Senior Redshirt The Titans could develop Vlachos into a pro bowl center if they bulk him up.

57. Buffalo Bills 3-1 Ryan Broyles Wide Receiver Oklahoma Senior Redshirt Ryan Broyles is the best available player at this point in round 2.  Broyles would make a great complimentary receiver to Stevie Johnson.

58. New Orleans Saints 3-1 Levi Adcock Right Tackle Oklahoma State Senior Redshirt The Saints could use an upgrade at right tackle.  Levi Adcock is the best player available at this point.

59. San Diego Chargers 3-1 Desmond Trufant Cornerback Washington Junior The Chargers draft Desmond Trufant as a nickel cornerback for depth on their roster.

60. Washington Redskins 3-1 Nick Foles Quarterback Arizona Senior Redshirt Nick Foles would be  a good developmental quarterback with Rex Grossman only being a short term starter.  Foles is the best player available at this point.

61. Houston Texans 3-1 Juron Criner Wide Receiver Arizona Senior Juron Criner is the best player available for Houston.  The Texans will eventually add a receiver for depth and Juron Criner provides amazing value if he falls to #61 overall.

62. Detroit Lions 4-0 Devin Taylor Left End South Carolina Junior Redshirt The Lions usually draft the best available player at this point.  In round 2 that player would be South Carolina’s Devin Taylor.

63. Baltimore Ravens 3-1 Donta Hightower 3-4 Middle Linebacker Alabama Junior Redshirt the Ravens use this pick to add a 3-4 middle linebacker to their roster.  Donta Hightower provides amazing value near the end of round 2.

64. Green Bay Packers 4-0 Nico Johnson 3-4 Right Outside Linebacker Alabama Junior Nico Johnson can play inside or outside in the 3-4 defense at the linebacker position.  Pairing Nico Johnson next to Clay Matthews would allow teams to stop double teamming Clay Matthews.

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